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5 on Friday

1. I painted my nails gold for childhood cancer awareness month! I truly feel blessed I get to work with the amazing children everyday that are fighting the nasty cancer monster everyday. They have blessed my life in ways I could have never imagined! 

2. A new park opened uptown and I took Jake there earlier this week! I've heard it's a really cool park and I've been dying to go! 
It was so gorgeous and neat! 

There was this amazing waterfall thing that had lights under the water changing colors, I suppose it would look way better at night!

Behind Jake there are copper squares that play piano tunes when you stomp on them! 

I can't wait to head to this park and have a picnic one day with Jeremy!

3. I am OBSESSING over these leopard loafers from Target! I mean how perfect??

4. Um it's gonna be fall y'all, in two days! Gah I need sweater weather like STAT. 
& please go watch this.

5. And now I must put the coffee down and un-cork the wine. 

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