I have really been wanting to blog every day for a month again, I tried it last February and loved it! It really pushed me to be creative, write about things I loved and venture to find new blogs! I feel like I have been hitting a wall lately with blogging and found Blogtember

A blog every day challenge with topics!

I decided that I still want to blog about things I want to blog about so I'm either going to post twice a day or just skip out on a topic I'm not a huge fan of!

Who wants to join in?


  1. I want to do this!! I have been a terrible blogger lately I have a blogging block or something.

  2. Eep! This is perfect! Usually I'm not a huge fan of these but this one looks like lots of fun!! :)

  3. I'm definitely going to write on a few of these prompts! Seeing everyone's different posts is always a lot of fun!


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