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Lust List & Blogtember!

I am so ready for fall fashion and one place I have been obsessing over items is H&M. Charlotte is getting a H&M in a few months but for now I can shop online and obsess over a few pieces!

ps. I'm gonna need that cat shirt-dress asap.

Fall at H&M

Yay! I'm so excited for this Blogtember challenge!
Today's topic is where or what you came from? What or who makes up you?

Well, I was born in Orlando, Florida and moved to NC sometime in middle school. I have a mom, sister and fiancĂ©! 

I come from the south, a family that believes in love and the strength of a family. I like to think I got my strong personality and the ability to talk to anyone from my momma! She's the most strong, loving and outgoing person I know! I think I got my sense of humor and love for beer from my daddy, he could make anyone laugh and knew how to throw back a 6-pack! I was raised to be a believer in the Lord and he is my rock, my world. Family is my number two and Jeremy feels the same way, we are such an amazing team. We support each other where each other lacks and every nook-and-cranny in-between! 
I like to think the people and the places I came from have made me the woman I am today, I am so thankful for my family and fiancĂ© every day! 

Where do y'all come from? Are you participating in Blogtember!?


  1. We are getting a H&M?!?! OMG, that just made my day!!! Where will it be??

  2. Yes I am, but I am starting tomorrow!


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