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5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

Linking-up with Erin today for her impromptu "5 things I'd rather do than celebrate halloween." 
You see, I've never really been into Halloween, I don't like getting drunk in an unfamiliar costume, I don't like spending the money on said costume and I just don't like being scared!

In college I never was a slutty cat (is that possible?) or anything slutty! One year I dressed up in a tutu from my actual 17 years of ballet...

and another year I went as a glow stick?!? (pretty sure my hair is the only thing that was glowing...)

Last year I actually purchased a costume (regret the price) and only because we were invited to a huge party...

This year, I work with sick kids who obviously are bummed about being held up in a hospital on a holiday, so I dressed up! Obvs I went with my go-to ballerina idea.

So here are my 5 things I would rather do on halloween than dress-up and all that jazz...

1. Drink wine. 
No explanation needed. 

2. Shop! 
Can we go ahead and move my Nordstrom Event up to tonight??

3. Drink wine and/or beer and/or vodka with friends!
Oh wait, I'm going to actually do that tonight, with girl in dino costume above. 

4. Travel to Florida and lay by the pool, at the Hard Rock and not give a ____. 
& drink.
This event really is fun, I've done it for about six years now. So yes, when I was 19 I was sneaking fifths in my suitcase and party-rocking with my mom, poolside. 

5. Be at home, in my huge sweat pants, eating a bowl of chili, with my honey. & wine. 

...So basically you get the idea of what I would rather be doing. 

Happy Halloween Y'all! 


  1. I'm not a big fan of Halloween either. Dressing up is the worst (I've never bought a costume and I can't even remember the last time I dressed up) and the drunk masses of dumb college kids were enough to send me home for the holiday back in the day. Ugh. Not to mention being scared is ALWAYS the worst. I've seen literally 2 scary movies and when I was a kid I cried when my family wanted to watch Young Frankenstein, not knowing it was a comedy. Ha!

  2. totally feel ya on the halloween thing, girl! i'm right there with ya!!!

  3. I am more or less doing number 5 right now! The only good thing about Halloween is that we are that much closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  4. #5 is exactly how my night went last night and it was the perfect! I'm not a big Halloween person either, so a relaxing night in was just fine by me :)

  5. YES! Hate Halloween and all scary things. I'm all for sweatpants and chili with my guy!


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