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In Da Hood

Lemme tell y'all about my hood. Neighborhood that is, it's a pretty one but a loud one. After many run-ins with the noise I decided I should type it out, my story about calling 911 almost 6 times in a year. 

So if y'all follow me on Twitter then you must know about the noisy neighbor rants...

See I live in a town home, which shares walls with two other homes. People to my left, golden, people to right, going to die. They are two young men, who drive cars costing more than my home and I have never seen either in a suit or work clothes. The rant above was rant three of three, also two of three times I decided to call the cops on said neighbors. They like to party. These kids wouldn't just party, they would RAGE. I'm talking their party would start around 12-1am on any given week night, not weekend. Most weeks it was raging loud techno/dub step music, so loud my picture frames would rattle and my blood pressure would sky rocket. After incident #1 I called our HOA the next day, they told me to call the cops next time, they would be able to do more. Incident #2 I called the cops. Of course they knocked on the door, they turned the music down, watched the cops pull away and proceeded to turn the music back up. Bitches. Incident #24 was above Twitter rant, I couldn't wait for the cops, I couldn't sleep and I refused to let their party go on. I walked my happy ass over there and BANGED on the door for a solid 3 minutes before anyone realized it wasn't the bass dropping, it was the door a knocking. Frat star had no idea what day or time it was, no respect for the working people and just told me that he liked to party. Well no shit sherlock. Cops it was. 

Said neighbors have now been evicted/maybe willingly moved. PRAISE JESUS!

Noisy neighborhood story #2...

Oh this dog. This just started last week, homer over here decided to start showing us his talents around 3am, for three nights in a row. Night one didn't bother me, night two was obnoxious but I dealt. Night three, I had work at 6am on Sunday, he decided that 3:45 was a good time to start. This massive dog starts barking, I'm talking full on WOOF. No yippy bark, no squeal, a BARK. I let it go but couldn't sleep, 30 minutes later I was pissed and got out of bed to cause a scene. AN HOUR later I was furious. Around 5:15 I got the glorious call that I was being put on call for work, good thing, I was still awake from 3:45. Around 5:30 I decided to call animal control (which just so happened to be a recording telling me to call 911), they couldn't come out till after 7, which is precisely when this dog finally stopped barking. 7 freaking am. Now you might think I'm just a light sleeper, you're wrong, I once slept through my neighbors house catching fire and 11 fire trucks. I sleep soundly. This dog was LOUD, in my backyard non-stop barking loud. Next time this dog barks he's going to be greeted with a hot-dog, a fine hot-dog laced with Benadryl. 

I have no Twitter snap shot from last nights events only because they happened so quickly and so abruptly, I thought I was actually in danger. 
12:40am both Jeremy and I (notice how J actually woke up for this one) We heard a banging, not a light tap or knock, BANGING. I instantly think, "OH MY GOD OUR HOUSE IS BEING BROKEN INTO!" Because that's exactly what I think when I hear anything that happens in the night. Except this time, I start to believe it. Our porch and front doors have massive windows and when one bangs on those windows it makes the sound we were hearing last night. We both go into survival mode, I grab my phone (duh) and Jeremy puts on pants to then turn off the fan (obviously) and try and save us. Once the loud and so necessary floor fan was off, we sat in silence to decided if we needed to call 911 or jump out the window. Neither was necessary, you see across the highway that's in out front yard is a construction site. Those silly construction workers were cracking up the crane with a attached drill that was pounding into the night. Thank you Mecklenburg County for making me pee the bed and dial 911 for yet another night. You can rot in a hole, preferably the one they pounded out at nearly 1am last night. 

So that y'all is my hood. That is where I live and I kinda love it. 


  1. Thank goodness for evictions and sleepy pills! I feel your pain oh so much. Here it is dogs as well and also that f'ing train. I swear I think it plows through town 10 times each night and day! What can I do about that train??

  2. Hey, maybe it's not a bad thing to be on a first name basis with the 911 operators?? I'm so glad your frat neighbs moved out!


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