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Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids

OMG Y'ALL, we've finally started seriously planning! Like have a venue and a date and it's all coming together!!!!!!!!!! 

So obviously my first matter to tend to will be asking my girls to stand by my side! All 11 of them...
Yes, 11. 
It's gonna be one lopsided wedding, Jeremy only has 6 guys. I just couldn't cut my list down and after having our engagement party I just had to add two girls who really came through and showed me just how much they love me! The 11 includes my flower girl but still, 11 freaking girls! 

So I have been making big decisions on the way I will ask them and the dresses they will wear! 

I decided on using Bill Levkoff for the dresses! They have a huge selection and the most accurate shade of blush pink I was looking for! I decided to pick the color but the bridesmaids can pick the style! The only thing I request is they all either choose long or short! 

These are a few of my favorites! (Clearly I favor the long ones!)

I spent around 4 hours yesterday on the bridesmaids stuff and I had tears in my eyes around 6 times. I think about the person I am today and I think of the people who got me here, the 11 girls by side on my wedding day are the girls who made me who I am. They are my everything, I can't imagine spending such an exciting and incredible day without these ladies! I am currently bawling crying typing this! I love you girls and soon enough you all will know who you are! (If you don't already!)

As far as how I am asking my girls to stand by me, thats a secret! I am not letting ANYONE know! But I promise I will share once the big reveal is out there! I am working with some amazing girls to make this perfect and I can't wait! 


  1. I was so excited to ask my bridesmaids! I had little cards designed and sent to them and my fiancé just called his boys up. The difference between men and women with these little details make me laugh.

    happy planning!

  2. I was recently a bridesmaid and wore Bill Levkoff. Great choice! I found that NY Bride & Groom off South Blvd. had the most reasonable prices out of all the bridal shops. I paid about $70 less than the other bridesmaids for the same dress. They also have an option for in-house alterations if your bridesmaids live in town. You should check it out!

  3. YAYYYYYY you are about to be a wedding planning machine!

  4. I didn't purchase anything from NY Bride & Groom but I did visit there any can say they were very nice.
    We ended up lopsided the day of the wedding, one bridesmaid couldn't make it due to a death in her family so its ok to be uneven!
    Unsolicited advice, but it may be easier on you and the girls if you tell them which length, 11 is a lot to make a decision and I know when I told mine I didn't care what their hair looked like as long as it was up they had questions.

    Have fun planning but trust me, the actual day goes so fast!

  5. oooohhhh I love those dresses! I never thought I would want long dresses for bridesmaids but I've been really into them lately, they make the pics look so great!

  6. love these!!!! we are wearing the same color at my little sister's wedding this may! :) :) :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Bill Levkoff dresses!!! And the last one is my favorite!

  8. Love long dresses for bridesmaids! You have some really great picks--the last one is my favorite! Congrats on picking a date and a venue! Looking forward to many more Wedding Wednesday posts!

  9. My bridesmaids wore B.L. dresses! LOVED them!


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