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Wedding Wednesday: Venue & Date!

The day is finally here, we have set a date and secured our venue! I am so, so, so excited! I have been on cloud 9 for a day now! 

So about 7 months ago we were on the lake with my mom and she pointed out this house. She told me it was where everyone around town was getting married and I laughed, out loud. I was dead set on getting married in Charlotte or at least in a city, not out in the literal middle of nowhere! I mean I hastagged #overmydeadbody

Well, lets hope I don't die on my wedding day because yes, I am getting married there!

We toured the venue about two weeks ago and just fell in love! I'm not one for options, I want black & white, this one or that one. We have only seen one venue and we went with it! It felt right, it was gorgeous, it was in our budget and I could picture myself getting married there!

 We will get married on the lawn overlooking the lake at 5pm! The views are just breath-taking! 

I will walk down the staircase...

After the ceremony we will all go take pictures and there will be a cocktail hour in the lower level of the mansion! I love the look and feel of this house, every room and corner is even more gorgeous as you go through!

The reception will be held on the deck I'm standing on and inside the main floor of the mansion!

Food and the bartender will be inside along with the tables!

Just a few more pictures, I'm obsessed!

I am so excited and I cannot believe we have booked and found the perfect place! I am in love with our date also, 10.10 just has the perfect ring to it! Yes, a Friday but I just couldn't throw an odd number in there with my even month and year! #OCD

I am so thankful for my amazing family and their support with everything! I have an incredible family and future in-laws that are so very excited for us! I can't wait to marry my best friend!

At dinner last night celebrating! Almost a year after engagement we have finally started our wedding planning!


  1. what a beautiful venue!! i love anything by the water...what fun! and i love how wedding planning turns out like that...sometimes your favorite things are the ones you'd never expect to love!

  2. This looks beautiful! Such a fun place to celebrate! xo

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  4. Wow!!! That place is pretty darn incredible!!! After the wedding, you should just move in. Yes?

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful place! Now I want to get married there!!

    10/10 is perfect! I totally would not go for 10/11 either, so I get it. Weekday weddings are in now anyway! Plus, people love missing work!

  6. beautiful! now your can really start to put your plans together! October weddings rock!

  7. It's gorgeous! Perfect for a fun wedding! Enjoy the planning!

  8. Congratulations! That venue is gorgeous! The perfect backdrop for a wedding.

  9. GORGEOUS. And the best date! I feel like date is one of the hard parts... I'm definitely doing an all even number day - you're not alone.

    Congrats! :)

  10. YAYY so exciting to have a date and venue!! That place is GORGEOUS! We secured ours today: 10/19/14!! Just a few days after yours :)

  11. I came here on a Sunday after a football game, got contained to upstairs. Service was prompt and food was awesome. It has become my favorite bar over the last year.


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