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Wedding Wednesday: The Shoes

Wedding Shoes, Oh the shoes!  I think this is seriously the only thing I have ever dreamed of when it comes to a wedding, the shoes i'm gonna wear. 

I want to wear amazing, beautiful, elegant shoes, preferably pumps. However this is not logical, my ceremony is in the grass and lets be honest, I do not want to wear heels for hours! 

I'll be wearing flats. Whomp.

Here are a few I am crushing over...
Girly & gorgeous!

Classic white plus some amazing scallops!

I can't think of any better reason than a wedding to pop, fizz, clink!

Also a good excuse to buy a classic pair of TB's!

What did y'all wear on your wedding day? 


  1. So cute!!! I love the scallop detail of the Betsy Johnson flats but of course you can never go wring with Kate Spade!

  2. I was crazy and did 4.5 inch heels and ended up in my rainbows at my reception. I still regret not having a cute pair if flats picked out for dancing. Rainbows and a wedding dress....not very classy haha

  3. I wore baby blue three inchers. They were my something blue! Then...I too switched to Rainbows! Pretty flats are a great plan!!

  4. Love love the first one! So cute! These need to make their way into my closet!

  5. totally agree, im definitely wearing flats on my wedding day! more comfortable and no one will know anyway!



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