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Weekend via iPhone

My unexpected day off on Friday was fabulous, I was able to tidy up our little home and make room to decorate for Christmas! I have two days off this week I could have decorated but I was just in the Christmas mood on Friday

My favorite new little decoration to our home is my makeshift "bar." When we bought out home and it was staged they had a tray on the island with wine glasses, corks and other bar-related items. I just loved the idea of have a tray on the counter with my favorite glasses and my collection of corks. The only tray I had around the house was this leopard one, I will be replacing it shortly with a gold one on my Christmas list! 

Friday evening we spent time with some friends and had a few cocktails in our pajamas! A much needed, relaxing evening!

Saturday I slept in and had lunch with my Sister, she was in town for her boyfriends swim meet! After lunch I headed to a little bar up the street and met a friend from Raleigh for a drink! It was so good catching up and laughing at so many old memories!

Saturday evening we headed to a surprise dinner party for one of Jeremy's friend! It was a chilly 28 degrees Saturday evening so I bundled up in one of my favorite winter sweaters!
 Sweater: Forever 21/ Leggings: Daily Chic/ Shoes: Target/ 
Necklace: The Jewel Box c/o

Saturday night I decided to put my prude self away and just let-go. I decided to not count my drinks (as well as Jeremy's) and just have fun! This is a new one for me, any time we go out I'm constantly making sure I don't get drunk or have one too many, I also make sure Jeremy does the same. It's bad I know, I just have had such bad past relationships that revolved around drinking and night-life that I try so hard to not go back to that! But anyways, I had fun! I danced, sang, drank, laughed and honestly had the most fun I've had going out in a long time!!!

...and Sunday sucked. 

That is all. 
I'm still recovering. 

How was y'alls weekend?


  1. Your decorations are awesome! Love!

  2. Love your top + lipstick combo. Your dark hair is so chic!! I obviously love the blonde, but you wear both so well!

    We decorated this weekend, too. It's super early but how much fun is having the tree up with all of the lights? It makes me so happy!

  3. The Christmas decor looks great - makes me want to get ours out!! Love the outfit too! Great color!

  4. You always look so pretty! Love the Christmas decor! :)


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