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5 on Friday

1. This weekend in Christmas with my family since I have to work on Christmas day. This will be the first Christmas of my entire lifetime I haven't been with my mom and sister, I'm sad but I know my job is one for the books. I literally would laugh in any other managers face who asked me to work 1 of 6 on Christmas day, but this job I gladly would. I can't imagine spending Christmas in a hospital as a child, I hope I can make a difference in their day! 

2. Speaking of going home, I'm so excited!!!! Everyone will be at my moms house this weekend and she has so graciously basically "moved" Christmas to this Saturday for me! Not to mention I will be getting to spend time with my Sister, she really means a lot to me and I feel like I finally am getting to be at a great relationship place with her. I cherish my time with her and I can't wait for the family madness that will happen this weekend involving her! 

3. I've been wearing some great outfits lately, basically out of comfort and laziness is what makes them so great...

Leggings: My Fiore Boutique

Sweater: Old Navy (aka THE comfiest sweatshirt everrrrr)

4. My mom got prettttyyyy tipsy Monday night and told us her thoughts on underage girls getting drunk in college, emphasis on the underage and my sister! Hilarious! 

5. How perfect are there earrings? I'm thinking a must for the wedding day! 


  1. I have to work Christmas Day too! That's the only bad part about nursing sometimes is that it's a 24 hour 7 day a week job. But you are right so rewarding! And I love the leggings!

  2. You have such a great attitude for working on Christmas. I hope it goes well for you and you brighten everyone's day :)

  3. Funny story: I wake up pretty early in the mornings (like 6AM), way before Connor does, and I go through IG while I'm trying to wake up. Your mom's hilarious video started playing and totally woke Connor up! Whoops!

    Have a fabulous Christmas visit this weekend! Glad they're working around your schedule. Enjoy the holidays xo

  4. I hope you still had a very Merry Christmas, that was sweet of your mom to move it to another day. I love those leggings, and those earrings are adorable!


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