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Birthday Weekend

Birthday weekend re-cap via iPhone! Woot woot! 

Friday night I rallied some of my best friends together for dinner at Nikko Sushi. I was super excited to sport my new heels, then I thought my feet were dying while sitting so I didn't even wear them out, sad. 

After dinner we headed uptown to dance the night away! I requested a dance party at Roxbury and Phil's! Morgan danced with a pregnant girl and we both got our faces BIT by an interesting character. I would say the night was a total success!

Saturday was spent recovering from Friday night (dang 25) and Saturday evening Emily came into town! We went to Rock Bottom and once again headed to Roxbury. It is just so fun! 

Saturday night got SO cold so we whipped the fur out and apparently thought we were fuuurocious! 

Sunday was my actual birthday and I woke up feeling great! I laid around since it was only about 30 degrees and Jeremy watched a movie! I decided that I couldn't spend my birthday in bed so I pulled myself together and headed to the mall! Jeremy and I had another amazing meal at Cheesecake Factory then we did some Christmas shopping! 

I've had a really difficult time this year deciding on what to ask for my birthday and Christmas, I ended up asking Jeremy to just take me out to eat to four or five of my favorite restaurants and let me eat/drink whatever I wanted! Ummm this is going to be my gift every year from now on, I got to eat Cabo Fish Taco, Nikko's, Rock Bottom and Cheesecake Factory! Oh heavens that was literally the best birthday present! 

I wasn't able to be with my mom on my birthday so she sent me some gorgeous flowers that had a hidden sunflower in them from my daddy! 

Jeremy's parents sent me a West Elm giftcard so obviously I had to head there Sunday afternoon and pick up the gold tray I've been wanting! It looks so perfect! 

I had such an amazing birthday and I am so blessed and thankful! Thank you to all my friends who came out all weekend and who celebrated with me! Thank you for all the gifts, sweet texts, instagrams and tweets, y'all are amazing! 

Cheers to 25!

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  1. This sounds like a great birthday weekend! You're making me hungry now :)


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