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Boom Boom Room

I've never done any "Tunes Tuesday" post or anything, I'm not huge on playlist for things and what not. Lately I have been really relying on music to get me through my days! Yesterday I had the entire day to myself, nothing planned, but lots to do! I decided the only way I was going to tackle housework, homework and general happiness was to create a playlist! I rightfully so titled it "boom boom room," I need something to get my living room bumping! 

What songs are super motivation for y'all right now? I know there has to be something I need to add to make a day a little better!


  1. I am loving this playlist! I use most of these songs as part of my Workout Mix, but I also have Counting Stars by One Republic on it. It's a great feel good song and helps me stay motivated!

  2. I'm so so obsessed with Wake Me Up. I usually get tired of songs when they're played too much, but not this one! I also really love Royals, Timber and The Monster. Good choices :)

  3. I love all these songs! What a great playlist to put you in a productive mood!


  4. Most of these songs are on my running playlist! Avicii is my go-to for "pump up" music for sure!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo