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Breathe In, Breathe Out!

Basically what I've been telling myself for the past two weeks, deep breaths, in and out! Life has been 112% cray-cray! Just when I thought I had three days in a row off to blog, relax and do some homework, I remembered I am also planning a wedding. So that happened. 

Wedding planning is stressful, I find no joy and excitement in it, don't even try and tell me its fun. I could vomit from headache it gives me and the amount of wine I need to consume to even deal with it. 

In other news, I went blonde again, It's not where I want it but were getting there! Baby steps...

School is beyond stressful, I decided to take on two more classes than planned so that just sent me into a tizzy! I have mastered being a student at this point so I just have to cut back at work to focus, no biggie, who needs to work? Thank goodness for mass amounts of Starbucks and comfy clothes lately!

 If it weren't for this man right here I would have committed myself last week before it all began! He is my ROCK! He makes me laugh when I'm stressed or down and he always knows the right thing to say! He has really helped me get through the first two weeks of the next two years!
(you know you love me in a flat bill!)

After a much needed and lovely two weeks off I decided I want to continue to juggle work, school, wedding planning AND blogging! I have decided to keep blogging- why quit on something you love? I will not be blogging as much but I do not want to quit, I can do this!

 I have a few things coming up for y'all in the next week but my question is- what do y'all wanna see on Baubles & Bubbly??



  1. So happy that you're back blogging and blonde!! You look so happy in all your pictures, just glowing! I'll be thinking of you during the stressful time. My classes for the semester start tonight, yuck!

  2. Love your hair, you always look great but I'm partial to the blonde! And I'm so glad you're back to blogging!


  3. Love that "Wine is poetry in a bottle" sign!

  4. Glad your back, life after the holidays can always be super stressful! Love the blonde and your turquoise necklace!!

  5. What are you studying in school? I did health sciences as well.. :) Keep your head up with all the wedding planning! (I don't personally know what it's like- but I suck at decisions so I can see where it can be stressful!)

    xo Amanda


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