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Current Beauty Crushes

I have found some new beauty products that I just can't keep to myself! If y'all aren't currently using any of these products then you need to make a trip honey, they are amazing!

Current Beauty Crushes

Watt's UpbareMineralsNYX 'Monte Carlo'Denman ClassicStroke of Light

I got a small sample of Benefit's Watt's Up for my birthday from Sephora and I am addicted. I didn't really know what to do with it at first so I just started playing around, however, my first instinct was to highlight my cheeks! I love the way it gives your cheek bones that "lifted" look, a defined line and a little shimmer! Has anyone else used this and if so, where?

 I used to use bareMinerals back when I had a good paying job and never realized how great it was until now. I picked up a small sample one day just to see if I still liked it and my heavens, I do! I've been caking my face with tons of drug store powders and never like any of them like I adore bareMinerals! Once I tried it on again I was hooked, it gives my face such an even and perfected look! Plus side, it has SPF in it!

As y'all should know by now, I love lip color! I got a ton of these little NYX matte lip creams a few years back and stuck to one color of them, throwing all the rest in a bag somewhere. Well I found that bag last week and pulled out Monte Carlo, A deep cranberry red that I just adore! I love how the matte look pairs so well with this deep color! Not to mention I can wear this for hours without having to re-apply and no smudging!

When I got my hair colored a few weeks back my hair-guru-godess, Rachel, used the Denman Classic brush on my nappy hair. I have never been one to even give a thought about what kind of brush I have been using until I met this beaut. When she used this brush my hair didn't pull or fall out in clumps when wet! I don't know what the brush does or why it does it but it ran straight though my freshly colored and wet hair! While ordering one online I also read that the rubber part on the brush reduces static and fly aways! Bonus!

I have come to the terms that my eyes will forever have dark circles under them, I'm talking real dark! I have always used a drug store brand of under eye canceler until now! I got the bareMinerals Stoke of Light canceler in my little birthday goody bag as well and I currently have 2-3 tubes on their way to my house as we speak. I have never, ever been able to cover my dark circles with anything else besides this stuff! It covers so well and last all day long! I didn't notice the dark creeping though at any point in the day when I used this! Simply amazing, you need some, like yesterday sister!

What are y'alls current beauty crushes?


  1. I always love to hear about products people love!

  2. Thanks for the beauty tips, I use drug store concealer for under my eyes but I am going to try out bareMinerals Stroke of Light!

  3. Im going to have to check out that brush, I am having major brush issues!

  4. I gotta try and find that brush!

  5. Looks like I have some new goodies to try! I've been loving the Batiste dry shampoo (I usually hate the feeling most of them leave my hair with), the cover girl clump crusher mascara, a buxom lipgloss in the color Hot Mama (you need to try it!), and a sample of the ExfoliKate stuff that has worked wonders during this freezing month (however, I'm still not sold on the price tag.. maybe with a girl card)!



Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo