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A LOVEly Weekend

Whoa, it's Tuesday? Where did this weekend go?!? Friday evening Jeremy & I jumped in the car and headed to my moms house, after having a really off week we needed some relaxation! Even though it was Valentine's Day we decided to celebrate next week for our anniversary and we knew my mom would show us plenty of love! 

Or at least we thought she would... Somehow we got the family joke of being "loving pieces of sh*t"

She made up for it with the heart pizzas!

and mama sent me flowers at work, such a loving woman!

 Saturday was full of snuggles and food and oddly enough, errands! We did a few things for the wedding and booked a rehearsal dinner venue. It was SO cold Saturday that I slipped on my Uggs to run to my car and ended up never switching into my leather boots, such an odd look! 

Saturday evening my mom & set-dad had en event to go to so Jeremy & I went to see Emily & Brian and their new pup!

We were all dressed and ready to go out but we ended up having a big 'ol sleepover! Sometimes wine and pizza are all you need to have fun!

Sunday was literally a day full of snuggles! We watched Church on TV in our pi's, drank three bottles of champagne in our PJ's and almost went to dinner in our PJ's! When we finally ventured out of the house we tried a different mexican place in our town and all I know is, the drinks were good & huge!

Monday was the big day, interview day at our wedding venue! We had a 9 hour day ahead of us, interviewing caterers, photographers, DJ's, tasting cakes and planning our reception! More on this tomorrow! 



  1. Your weekend sounded fabulous doll! And girl...I live in NYC and I wear uggs with probably everything you shouldn't...oops! Happy Tuesday night, sweets! Xx.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I wish I could've celebrated with my boyfriend, but I sure had big drinks too. Haha.



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