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A Southern Snow Storm

A southern snow storm, not something I have ever been a part of and not so sure I want to be again! Charlotte has record setting snow falling as I type and wow y'all, it's insane! 
If any of y'all are in the south right now then you understand, those of you who aren't, the south can't handle this weather. We don't know what to do and the city of Charlotte has literally shut down. I had to cut my trip short at my moms this week and rush home yesterday morning to avoid getting snowed in. If I would have left 30 minutes later I wouldn't have made it into Charlotte, they started closing highways and blocking off exits right after I got home. The 277 loop of highway has been closed down and many other major roads. The city made a statement that if you are on the road and you aren't an essential employee you will face a fine! Basically Charlotte is a snowy scene from The Walking Dead, stranded cars and not a person in sight! Considering I am an "essential" employee I will be walking to the hospital tonight to sleepover and work my shift tomorrow, yay nurse sleepover! 

This was Wednesday around 3pm...

and this is Thursday at 10am...

My sister got caught in the panic of the storm driving home from Raleigh and my step-dad had to go find her on the highway and make sure she was ok. A 1.5 hour trip took her over 5 hours! My mom snapped a pic once they both got home, we were both so worried about them! 

I started charging everything we owned once the ice started in case we lost power, I then realized we wouldn't have wifi. At least my phone would work! 

We decided to brave the storm and walk to a bar in our neighborhood. It was the only thing open and well worth the trip!  

We ended up dragging all our friends to the bar too, a bar snow party! 

 After the bar Jeremy just had to snowboard in our neighborhood, he was like a kid on Christmas!

At this point it was sleeting and freezing bad, I was a popsicle but it was fun!

Sorry to bore everyone with snow pics but I just can't believe we are getting this much snow! I hope everyone is safe and warm! Say a prayer for me walking to work this afternoon!!! 



  1. Good luck getting to work today!! We have had snow storm after snow storm in New York and I am on my 3rd snow day in two weeks (Two last week and today). Fourth snow day total. All our snow was not melted and now we had huge flakes plus it's raining! I am SO OVER SNOW!! But loved your pictures! :)

  2. This looks so fun! It's been snowing in NYC but it's not nearly as magical as snow in the SOUTH! miss it! Xx.


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