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Wedding Wednesday: The Vendors

Monday was a huge day for this bride and I am more than ready for my big day! Our venue is pretty remote and distant from any city or area, therefore they kind of have an "all-inclusive" type deal. Every detail, rental, bite and snap of a camera is taken care of by them! All we have had to do is literally show-up places! 

We were able to book our caterer and as I thought, this was a difficult decision!  We ate so much food all day long I seriously wasn't even hungry the day after! We both wanted an italian dinner served at the wedding, I love lasagna and a good italian salad is always perfect! We ate so much amazing food that we still can't decide on just two entrees, can we have four?

I think the number one thing I have been worried about was the photographer, I have seen way too many friends and fellow bloggers end up with lousy photos! The first photographer we met with I instantly clicked with, I loved her personality, she was young and got my "vision" for everything. 

 Surprisingly, our hardest decision was picking out a DJ! I have never wanted a DJ at my wedding, I always wanted a live band. After not wanting to shell out more money for a band I decided to give the DJ a shot. We loved both of them so much and I almost had someone else make the decision for me it was so difficult! I can't wait to party the night away now!

After the 7 hours of eating, talking and finally a cake tasting we decided to make it a 9 hour day and plan every seat in the house! I loved that we were able to customize everything about our reception, we have so much planned out and I feel so much better now! 

Monday was an amazing and exhausting day but I am so excited for our wedding! Getting to picture every second of our wedding was wonderful and I just can't wait to marry my best friend!



  1. Your venue is SO pretty!! I can't wait to see all the details come together! xO

  2. That is awesome that y'all have already planned so much! I just love this venue, so gorgeous and I can't wait to see more details!

  3. That venue is absolutely gorgeous, doll! Where is it?! Love, love, love it! Picking out a photographer was one of the most relieving things for important to LOVE your photos--those pics are for life and I 100% agree that lousy photos just aren't an option! Exciting times, doll! Yay for being brides :) Xx.

  4. Beautiful venue! Can't wait to see how the rest turns out! I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Please check it out on my Thursday 2/20/2014 post!
    — Caroline at


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