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Life re-caps via Instagram!

I recently bought the most incredible v-neck ever, in a few colors actually and I plan to wear them all summer long! 

I got a few blonde highlights last week around my face and decided to part my hair a little differently! It's more towards the center, as one sided that it looks. I'm still trying to get used to it and to train my hair! 

Emily and I are hosting a Girl's Night Out at Petal Boutique on April 17th! I will update y'all about it later this week but keep your calendars open!

I got this Old Navy drop-waist dress a few weeks ago and it has been my go-to for the warm Spring days we've been having! It's also currently on sale!

I painted my nails and got dressed today in something besides sweats. Once I was dressed I realized every single thing I had on made me very happy! 

Nails- Urban Outfitters "cocktail" | Petal shirt, in stores | Jewel Box necklace 


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  1. Hands down, Petal is my favorite boutique in Charlotte I'm ashamed to say, well not really, I go almost once a week - looking forward to the update on girls night out!


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