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Wedding Wednesday: The Bride's Details

The brides details are everything, I need to find the perfect accessories and the create the look I have in my head!
 Lately I have been surfing Pinterest and looking through a few magazines and decided that I want bold jewelry on my wedding day! My wedding dress is a simple sweetheart neckline (shocker) so I'm thinking the bigger the necklace, the better!

I also want to make everything fun and mean something on my big day, no fancy traditions or "but that's what you do." I want everything I wear and do to mean something to me or us and to have a purpose. I really want to wear or carry something that resembles my dad and him being by my side throughout the entire day! 
I had a friend tell me about putting a heart from her father's old ties in her dress on her heart, I might have shed a tear when she told me but I love that idea. 

Once again this Wedding Wednesday kind of turned into a "y'all help me plan my wedding" post! I need ideas, if any of y'all have lost a loved one and did something to honor them at your wedding what was it? Also if you come across any ideas or pictures of big bold necklaces, I wanna see them!! Send me the links! 



  1. I'm planning to leave a seat open beside my dad for my grandmother (his mom) who passed away about 6 years ago and when we pass "her seat" I'm going to stop and leave a rose in her favorite color on her chair. I'm also wrapping a ribbon with a ring of hers around my bouquet. And I love the idea of sewing the heart into your dress!!

  2. I love the idea mentioned above of leaving a seat open for your Dad! How special!! Also, I think the heart in your dress is really sweet. We need to look at the Mart for a necklace for you when you come back in July!!! <3

  3. I wore a larger than most necklace and think it was the best decision! nothing worse than a naked neck! I carried a hankie of my grandmothers around my flowers, it was a memory of her and a something old

  4. I did the same thing, cut a heart from my moms blue bathing suit as my something blue and was sewn into my dress

  5. I love the statement necklace idea!!! and I'm sure you'll think of the perfect way to honor your Dad on your special day!

  6. I love all of the ideas especially leaving the open seat! I know someone who lit a candle at the beginning of the ceremony with his mom in honor of his dad and the lit candle symbolized his dad being there in spirit throughout the ceremony! I thought it was so cute and such a great way to recognize him! I'm sure anything you do will be a great way to honor your dad on your big day! xo,

  7. My best friend's father passed away unexpectedly a few months before her wedding and she also sewed a blue heart from one of her father's shirts into her dress for her "something blue." She also had a locket with a picture of her and her father strapped to her bouquet! It was really sweet and made her feel like he was with her :)

  8. Love this! Will definitely be keeping up :) Starting to plan my wedding now!

    xo, Bekka
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