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This weekend flew by, thankfully I am still in Wilmington but have no fear, it's back to reality in just a few hours!

 Thursday my mom and Sister came into town to help me with the last of the wedding invites and to get my sisters hair chopped off! Mom and I spent most of the evening on our front porch just talking over a great bottle of red! My shorts for those of you that asked, are from H&M, last year. 

Mid-day Friday Jeremy and I headed to the beach to see his family and attend his sisters graduation party. Friday night we headed to Britt's Donuts, because what's a trip to CB without it? 

Being lame and touristy at CB...

Saturday was Brittany's graduation party and it also rained all day long! I think we all ate so much food we were just in food comas all day long.

Sunday it was perfect, so beautiful and clear! We took the boat to the north end of CB and just enjoyed the beautiful sun. Unfortunately I got fried, like totally lobster-sunburnt-fried. 

Sunday before dinner we saw this plant, it's apparently an Agave Americana plant, or a century plant. The "bush" at the bottom is always growing, however the stalk and bloom at the top only blooms about once in 8-10 years. It was kind of really cool to see, it made me think of something from a Dr. Seuss book!

How was y'alls weekend?



  1. Yay for wedding invites! And those scalloped shorts are so cute!


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