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Happy Tuesday y'all! 

So today isn't going to be a normal post for me, no outfits or current style crushes going on today. Today I would like to share an accomplishment with y'all... I stopped drinking Diet Coke. Yes, for real. I didn't quit yesterday or even last week, My last Diet Coke was May 30th, MAY 30th Y'ALL!

But why quit Bre? It was simple for me, it's all I drank, it's all I wanted to drink. I never drank water and I started noticing small things about myself that were affected by the constant DC addiction. My teeth looked awful, I could never fall asleep if I drank one after lunch, I would get headaches if I didn't drink one, the list goes on! 
So May 30th I woke up and had a Diet Coke, literally looked at myself in the mirror and decided that was my last one. Y'all probably think I'm crazy, talking like I quit crack, but if you're a DC drinker then you know the struggle is real! 

The first week was hard, I had a few sips of one at the lake one day because my mom had bought a whole case for me, then this past weekend I had a few drinks of a Diet Pepsi (ew) just to have some carbonation in my belly. But overall I don't crave it anymore and I honestly think I feel better! I got some stains on my teeth removed, I can 100% say I sleep better and fall asleep faster and my headaches are gone! The headaches was the biggest thing, I would get one daily and now I rarely get one!

So this in all is a huge accomplishment for me and I've been drinking things like diet green tea, La Croix and pink lemonade instead! (I still HATE water) Now, coffee is still my daily occurrence, only one cup a day now but it's still there, and will probably never be replaced! 

So there it is guys, I quit Diet Coke. Have y'all struggled the same struggle I did, because Lord, it is real! 



  1. Congrats on the accomplishment! I used to drink crazy Mtn. Dew in high school but now all I drink is water and seriously don't even like soft drinks anymore. Have a great day :)

  2. I quit last year and Lord what a difference it made. I had constant headaches like you did too. Now if I want something I will drink a Sprite but that's rare. La Croix nips that need for fizz in the buzz. I honestly can't drink DC now bc I think it tastes too sweet and just gross. And yes, the struggle is REAL.

  3. That's amazing!! I love my diet coke! I always say that I should give up diet coke, but I just can't do it!

  4. Great job! I tried to stop drinking soda in college but couldn't give up the carbonation. Keep up the good work!

  5. I used to be a hard core Diet Coke drinker but I've cut back a LOT. I would have 2-3 per day and now I MIGHT have 1 or 2 a week. I'm not sure I'll ever cut it out entirely but it's a start! Also, Arizona tea makes this peach green tea water additive thing and it's delicious!


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