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Five on Friday

1. If you're feeling like you need a dose of nature check out my friends blog, Trees and JDs. Him and his girlfriend just traveled the nation, hiking one national forrest at a time. Their travels sound incredible and pictures are just breathtaking! 

2. I am officially over summer, totally 100% over it. Yesterday got to 93 and felt like 103, o v e r i t. Bring me fall and some freakin' pumpkin everything. 

3. My Bachelorette weekend is exactly one week away, that's seven days between me and a wildly fun time with my bridesmaids! I still don't know anything that's happening or where I'm going. For once I actually am enjoying the surprise, I like kind of not knowing for now! 

4. I still haven't had my trial hair and makeup for the wedding. Am I panicked, yes. Do I have time, no. Can I just wing it? I also don't have a cake yet. So you could say I'm behind. 

5. I have been on a root beer kick lately. I haven't had a Diet Coke since May 30th, but I still have crazy cravings for root beer! So weird!



  1. I am over summer too!! I have been dying to put up my fall decorations... September 1st, all my fall decorations will be up!!

  2. ONE WEEK!!!!!! so freakin' excited! Also the PSL starts on Monday at Starbucks- so I know what we're drinking ont he way to our tip-top secret location! :)

  3. Yay for bachelorette party!! Youll have so much fun! And that starbucks quote couldnt be more true!


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