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Wedding Wednesday: Pre-Wedding Separation

Not really talking wedding on here today, more of what's happening pre-wedding and why. I moved out of our home for the remainder of the time before our wedding. That's 65 days if anyone is counting, because I sure am!

So why you ask- it's about our faith. We met with our pastor a few weeks back and one request of him and our church was to live in separate houses until we are married. At first we were dead set against it, we both have so much going on and we're so busy that it just wasn't possible. Which is exactly what made us realize maybe this would be for the best, to live separate. Take time to focus on ourselves as one before we go into a marriage where it's not longer just about you. We would be honoring our pastor, church and most importantly, God, that's all that mattered to us. We want to honor our Lord and have a blessed marriage, and we both strongly feel that by separating where we sleep will make a difference in our marriage. I am so glad we chose to do this, I know some nights will be hard to separate and not be together, but it's all for the better!

Out of respect for my family that I am living with I won't be sharing where I am in South Charlotte, but just know I am fine! I made myself comfortable Monday afternoon and added a few touches of home in my room! I mean this is my backyard, how can I be too upset?

So there ya have it, why I moved! I promise you I will be blogging about the after of not living together, I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about! Has anyone else done this or have to do this? I would love to hear others stories!



  1. What a great idea! It'll be that much sweeter when you're back in the same home.

  2. That is hard but you can do it!

  3. Go girl! Just to encourage you - I got married two months ago, and we didn't live together beforehand. We have friends who have done it your way too, though, and took a break from living together leading up to the wedding! It was a really intentional decision for us, and it has made marriage feel so sweet and special to move in together and start building the home that's finally 'ours.' I think you'll be so glad that you made this decision - it will make marriage all the more exciting, and it's definitely worth the wait :)


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