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Wedding Wednesday: 30 days

I know y'all are probably SO sick of me talking about my wedding, but hey, only 30 more days! Then give me like 30 more days after the wedding to share pictures and gush about my amazing day. Then I will be done with wedding talk. Promise. 

So it's 30 days away, and as of Monday I was in a complete panic. I felt like I had nothing done and had a list about three pages long of things that had to be done ASAP. Yesterday I sat down and just decided to knock it out, just choke it down and do it. So I did! 

-I confirmed the menu, which was very difficult to do via email. I can't meet with my caterer until later this month so I sure hope everything taste good that I confirmed! 
-I confirmed my cake lady and all the different desserts were having. Think cake, ice cream and chocolate dipped pretzels! Oh heavens! 
-I ordered our cake topper
-I ordered the groomsmen gifts, which I LOVE!
-I ordered my wedding shoes
-I ordered Jeremy's wedding gift and received another one of his gifts in the mail. The one I ordered I'm so excited about I've almost told him like 6 times. Y'all SO EXCITED!
-I organized my Pinterest board and got my wedding must have pictures lined up
-I ordered another little gift for my bridesmaids, yes, another. I spoil them!
-I filled out a 10 page questionnaire for our venue and that brought up about 8 more to-do's
-I typed up walking orders, hair services and printed out our inventory of rentals, which took me an hour to go through and verify!
-I made an appointment for catering, cake tasting, a walk-though and my hair and makeup trial! (yes I still need to do all of that)
-Then I had a cocktail, a very strong one.

So Bre, what's left to do? Oh let me tell you…
-Ceremony itinerary
-Weekend itinerary
-Final dinner tasting
-Initial cake tasting
-Hair makeup and hair trial
-Bridal portraits
-Music for reception 
-Last dress fitting
-Dress & accessory details
-Make lists for things to pack and bring to location
-Various and numerous DIY projects
-Transportation for my drunky bridal party
-Choose ceremony readings

So am I behind? Did anyone else wait until the last minute? Can I get some pointers? 



  1. Trust me when I say you will have that moment, just as you're about to walk down the aisle, where it feels like it all falls into place ... meanwhile, simply get $hit done, breathe and ENJOY the process! {the strong drinks do help!}

  2. Yay! It's almost here! Sounds like it's all coming together!


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