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Current Beauty Crushes

I'm not the usual gal to try and dip into new beauty products. Some I currently used I've used since high school, and some since college, most are just my favorites and I have no use to find something new. Nails and lips however, I will always try something new! 

This Revlon color is my go-to for cooler weather months, it's dark and pretty but the perfect color to still have "color" on your nails, catch my drift? 
I've always been a lover of bareMinerals and this Summer when I worked with the launch of bareSkin I got to try out their fabulous Marvelous Moxie lipsticks and I fell in love with their lipsticks! I recently went to Sephora to do some browsing and found this perfect wine color, lead the way! I urge you to try it, so deep and yummy for fall! 

Obviously my third choice here isn't a polish or lip color, but my new crack. Not literal crack, even though it may look that way, hair crack. Dry shampoo in non-aersol form, angels are singing! Lush has once again, taken my money and made me one freakin' happy customer! This dry shampoo is a powder that you can sprinkle right onto your head or into your hand, and it's amazing. I hate how aerosol feels and smells so this stuff is a life-saver for me! I use it even when I don't need to, I recently started using it before I go to bed and my hair has volume when I wake up!!

Fall Faves

What are your favorite fall beauty products?



  1. I had no clue Lush made dry shampoo! That will be on my Christmas list. I love their Grass shower gel....have you ever tried that? It's perfect for winter.


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