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After The Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Portraits

I'm still waiting on the professional pictures from our wedding, it's killing me y'all! Apparently the wait is about two months from your wedding day, two months far too long! Two weeks before our wedding I had Emily snap some bridal portraits of me. I never planned on having pictures of myself hung up all over our house or anywhere for that matter, so having Emily snap some pics of me was perfect! I wanted the pictures very laid back, very simple, nothing too elaborate or posed. 
We shoved my huge dress in my car and drove around my moms little town, I spotted someone's driveway and made them stop, so we did a little trespassing, so what? I think they turned out perfect and even though I only hung one up in our house I'm so happy with them!

Of course my mom was telling me what to do and had no idea what I really wanted, so I quickly reminded her who the bride was...



  1. I love your dress! It's my dream dress! Pockets, bows, I mean, what more could you need!

  2. Beautiful! Who is the dress designer?!


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