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HELP! School has me hostage...

Well guys, I've said it one and i'll say it again… I went rouge on the blog. I really do love this blog, it just takes the back burner at this point in my life. I really want to continue writing to update y'all on the wedding photos, details, little life events and what not, so I won't stop now! For this week I am SWAMPED in finals and papers, so a little Instagram round-up is all you'll get!

I finally framed our wedding invites and a bridal portrait, I hung them over our bedside tables and I love it! Our room still has do far to go in the decorating department...

I pulled out these comfy Christmas leggings and decorated the tree long before Thanksgiving… oops!

Finally ordered a cape for the winter and my first red cup! #basicwhitegirl

I hosted a Pinterest party, yepp, Pinterest party! More on that next week…

I took an evening off of studying and had a large beer with my soul sister, Morgan. I love this girl so much! 

We had our first married Thanksgiving in Charlotte and it was wonderful, more on that next week as well! 

I officially dubbed December the best month, my birthday, Christmas, end of semester, Leslie's bachelorette and tons of relaxation and family time= BEST MONTH EVER! So naturally I had to dub that with a #selfie...



  1. You are just too cute. I mean, your selfie looks professional. So pretty! Can't wait to hear more about that Pinterest party!

  2. Your gorgeous!! And I love the pillows on the bed! They are perfect!!


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