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Gifts for the Grad

It's that time of year again, graduation time!
This year my little sister is graduating high school along with her best friend! Also one a good family friends of ours is moving out of her parents house and moving up in life and going to a University! I am so proud of all three of them and how far they have come and how much they have grown! I wanted to do something special for all three of them as they graduate and move on in life so where else would I go besides Marley Lilly

Gifts for the Grad | with MARLEY LILLY

Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket- Every college kid needs a rain jacket, throw it on with some rain boots for that dreary day on campus! A monogram rain jacket is sure to brighten up any gloomy day!

Baseball Cap- Now we all know 8am classes are the worst! Who wants to wake up and get ready for an 8am, not I! I know I sure didn't! Put on an adorable monogrammed baseball cap to hide the bed head and run to that 8am lab, obviously wearing your Monogrammed Running Shorts!

I know for a fact the number one thing I had too many of in college were tumblers! So obviously a monogrammed acrylic tumbler is exactly what a new college kid needs! Fill it up with some infused water to keep you hydrated on those long across-campus walks!

And of course you cannot go off to college without the perfect monogrammed essential tote! This tote is perfect to toss all your books and laptop in and also has a pocket on the outside for your cell phone, because I know you won't be on it in class, it needs to be somewhere safe! Right?

So of course after your long day of classes and running around campus you're going to want to come home and take a nice shower in those community bathrooms you got over there! Walk in style to your group shower in a monogrammed towel wrap!

What are y'all getting grads this year?


Makeover Monday: A Blank Wall

Ever since we moved in back in November I have really wanted to keep all family photos in one place instead of scattered around the house. I also didn't want any family or personal photos in the guest room, I want my guest to feel comfortable and to not feel like they're staying in someone else's bedroom. I decided that the big blank wall downstairs would be perfect to fill up with family pictures! 

The walls were bare and I thought that one large picture would just look silly, I figured another gallery wall in the house couldn't hurt!

 I used some photos that I've always had up wherever I have lived of my family, and then I added some of Jeremy and his family that they got professionally taken last year! The three little mirrors I had back in college and almost threw them out when we moved, once again, glad I'm a packrat! 

I really like that I can easily add to this wall as the years go on and since it is at the staircase, I can always go up! 


Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is May 12th, oh crap. Yes that's close! I am in a serious Etsy obsession lately so I decided to spend about two hours picking out the perfect mom's day gifts! 

Mother's Day Gifts

1. Keep Calm & Mother On wine glass from Scissor Mill
 For the mommy who likes a good glass of wine, this is so perfect! I will be purchasing this for mom this year! 

2. Funny, Eco friendly Mother's Day card from Sweet Potato Shop
 Molly makes adorable and eco friendly cards for all occasions! She also has to-die-for prints and paper products! I ordered this card for my momma and it arrived within days and is so darn cute! 

3. Personalized ring & jewelry holder from Palomas Nest
 This is such a cute idea for the momma that takes her rings off at night or to wash the dishes! I love that you can customize the holder with a saying or phrase that is special to you and mom! They recommend three weeks for shipping so order now!

4. Special dates print from Between Everything
 I love this idea for wedding dates or kids birthdays! Dates for just about anything could be listed to serve as a special memory of the past! Once we're married and start having kids this will be something I am going to have to do!

5. Family tree pillow from Simply French Market
I have never been a huge fan of the family tree idea but I kinda love it on this pillow! So cute and such a different idea! Not to mention the burlap look is always a perfect accessory to a couch!  


How To Make Your Man Sweat

So I saw this cute little "how well does your hubby know you" questionnaire on Carolina Charm the other day and I knew I just had to answer it! Except I changed a few questions and might have taken one or two out!

How long have you been together?
Jeremy: 2 years 2 months
Me: 2 years 2 months 

Where was your first date?
Jeremy: Mizu. "oh wait, no, in Raleigh in your living room!" (Mizu was our 2nd date!)
Me: my apartment in Raleigh

Where was your first kiss?
Jeremy: outside of Tate's
Me: back seat of Leslie's car after Tate's one night (I was wrong here, it was at Tate's, at the bar!)

Who first said, "I love you" & where was it said?
Jeremy: Bre, in Charleston, on the beach
Me: Me, in Charleston

What is her favorite TV show?
Jeremy: Law & Order, CSI
Me: Big Bang Theory or Law & Order:SVU

What is her most commonly used phrase?
Jeremy: "WHATEVER!"
Me: "whatever!"

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
Jeremy: vodka tonic & Fat Tire
Me: Fat Tire for Jerms & vodka tonic for me

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
Jeremy: homemade pizza or baked BBQ chicken
Me: ground beef & sautéed veggies in worcestershire sauce with couscous 
(they're honestly all amazing meals that I add my own little twist to!)

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
Jeremy: some pasta dish sometime
Me: I cooked pasta and put chicken in it and it was AWFUL

What is the most-played song on her iPod?
Jeremy: Michael Buble or Elevation Worship
Me: anything a cappella or Michael Buble 

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
Jeremy: being ADD
Me: forgetting things or mis-placing things

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
Jeremy: play on her phone
Me: look a my phone & plug it in

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
Jeremy: any of her ex's t-shirts
Me: leggings that show my butt (which is all of them)

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
Jeremy: how much she loves me
Me: the way I love him and kiss him

What's her go to outfit on the weekend?
Jeremy: heels, big necklaces, colored jeans and long flowy shirt
Me: colored skinnies and a blouse

What's her blog's name?!
Jeremy: Bre Nicole... BASICALLY BRE!
Me: Basically Bre

I really have to give Jeremy props! I mean dang, he knows me a little better than I thought! Way to go babe! 

**ps. I know this isn't what I had scheduled for this week but I had a mishap with my camera and some pictures for the DIY & green thumb failure. ugh I'll explain later, I can't catch a break here!


Currently Loving

Currently Loving

one. Orange polish, I am just loving the bright & bold look of orange nails right now!

two. Michael Kors Wrap Watches I LOVE the simple but classy look of these watches and once again, my man MK has provided us with one impressive watch! I seriously need one, yesterday.

three. Neon cross body bags. We all know I am a sucker for anything bright and neon colored! I think I need to ass a little neon bag or two!
Michael Kors / Tory Burch

four. Jessica Simpson Summer shoes, I have never been a huge JS shoe fan but I recently saw her new summer shoes in store and I had to resist buying quite a few pairs! I just love the prints with the bold colors, but yet the simplicity of the nude leather wedge! LOVE!

What are y'all loving currently?


Pinks & Bows

 About a month ago my sister & I ventured to J. Crew factory during their 50% sale and I went a little wild! I had been lusting over this neon pink blouse for months before and these flats were also on the same list but I couldn't justify the price tag of either... until 50% off weekend. duh. Also that weekend I just so happened to be near an H&M, obvs had to stop by there! These pants, oh geez!!! 

I give you, the most perfect outfit, in my opinion.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory/ Necklace: Sister's/ Pants: H&M/ Shoes: J. Crew Factory


While I was Away

Well, I tried to be a blogger. I sat down this past weekend and scheduled posts and tried to be a blogger. And then I realized everything was scheduled for NEXT week, because obviously, I don't know what day it is!
So I meant to post this this morning, but its ok, better late than never?!?


So my little week long spring break turned into a two week vacay. Oops, I can't believe I left my beloved laptop in Wilmington! Such a blonde move! I literally told myself Monday morning while getting ready "Breanne, your laptop is in the living room, don't forget it." I forgot it. 

So anyways, what have I been up to for the past two weeks?
I have no idea. 
I feel like I blinked and two weeks passed. And honestly if you really are curious, just follow me on Instagram and find out. 

I added a follow me via Bloglovin button over here to the right of your screen! So go push it and follow me on Bloglovin since Google is gonna go all ham on us and not use Google reader anymore. le sigh. 

And it appears as if it's already gone so go ahead and leave your blog URL in a comment below so I can keep up with y'all! 

I promise I have some awesome stuff in store for y'all this week
-one of my favorite outfits to date, I've worn it about six times in two weeks
-a cute state outline tutorial 
-my attempt at being a green thumb (and admitting failure)
-some Etsy favs and some awesome gifts for grads & mothers day

I hope I haven't lost yall's faith in me as a blogger, I promise I just needed a break! I'm back and so ready to dump my mind on this little blog here!


Blonde Move

Hey dolls!
 Blondie here, left my laptop in Wilmington this past weekend so I'm currently sans my lifeline. Sad, I know. Typing from the ipad (which is AWFUL) so ill be back later this week! 

Love ya! 


Neon on Neon

One trend I was wildly obsessed with last year was neon (one & two), and I haven't changed my opinion on it this year either! 

I just love all the pops of neon with the touch of leopard, because no outfit is complete without some animal print!

Sweater: Gap/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Shoes: Steve Madden/ Scarf: Nordstrom/ Earrings: Target (current)/ Lips: MAC Quick Sizzle


Spring Break

This blog is going on spring break! I will be taking the week off from blogging!

I am not actually going to be on SB, I am working, but at least I can dream that I will be far off in the sun!
Wishing I looked like this on the beach...

See ya next week dolls!


Project Polka Dot

I like my polka dots simple, I can't look like minnie mouse from head to toe if ya know what I mean! This dreary day in NC calls for polka dots & Hunters!

Project Polka Dot

Link up with AV from Long Distance Loving for #projectpolkadot


Blue Sequins

When I saw this shirt at Target I knew I had to have to have it, along with the rest of the blogging world! With the price tag of $80 I decided it really wasn't in my budget! However I am engaged to such an amazing man, and he surprised me on Christmas with this beauty! I have been saving it since it's been so cold, but this weather currently is just about perfect for it! I love it paired with the blue pants and gold shoes, so perfect!! You can really dress-down or dress-up this gorgeous top, add pumps or a few more accessories for a night out!

(Side-note: this outfit is a walking advertisement for Target)

I mean, seriously? How awesome is this shirt! I just adore it! I love the detail and blue is one of my favorite colors to wear!

 Shirt: Neiman Marcus for Target/ Pants: Target/ Shoes: Target/ Bag: Michael Kors


Easter Weekend

Ugh Monday already? NO!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, mine was full of family, drinks, relaxation and delicious food!

Thursday I took my sister to NC State, gave her a little insider tour and she signed her lease for where she will be living! I loved being back in Raleigh and being on campus, I miss it so much! On the way home we did a little shopping at the J. Crew Factory since everything was 50% off!! I have seriously been eyeing that blouse and those shoes for months now!
Blouse: J. Crew Factory/ Shoes: J. Crew Factory/ Shorts: J. Crew Factory/ Pants: H&M/ Blazer: Vestique/ Earrings: Vestique 

Thursday evening my sister was busy packing for spring break and so I went to my favorite mexican restaurant with my friend Lindsay! The margaritas they make at this place are seriously the best you will ever drink!! Later that evening we had a little dance party at my house including some sing-along to Corey Smith. guilty. 

Friday morning my mom and Paul came back from Vegas and picked up Jeremy on their way into town! They took a red eye and hadn't slept since Wednesday so all day Friday was spent napping, eating and lounging around! 
Mom brought me an awesome surprise from Vegas! 
These babies have also been on my wish-list for a long time! 

Frida night we went to dinner at the Bistro in town and then had some family game action... I lost so bad. I just can't drink wine and play games that use your brain!!

Saturday we went out to the new lake place and just lounged around! Had a few drinks and soaked up the sun! I got a little sunburnt actually!

Easter Sunday we headed to church and then had a nice lunch at a local restaurant. The weekend caught up with me after lunch and I took one of the best naps ever! We headed back to Charlotte Sunday night and I am so glad to be home! 10 days away is too much! 

How was yall's Easter weekend?