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A girl can dream, right?

Every girl dreams about her wedding day, well I was sadly never one of those girls. I don't know why but I was never daydreaming about dresses, colors, shoes or cakes, until recently. About a year ago I was walking downtown and passed a bridal gown store, I literally gasped and almost cried at the sight of the perfect wedding dress. The dress is designed by Jim Hjelm from his JLM collection, found here.

As in love with this dress as I am I recently wore a bridesmaid dress similar to the wedding dress above, nottt a fan. My neck was super itchy all day and apparently the slightest bend in my spine and you could see the lady lumps! oopsie! So after being kinda of sad I started looking at different wedding dress, currently loving these:

I don't know exactly what I want but I know I do not want pure white, I would like a vintage older look, possibly almost a ivory/tan color. I also would love intense beading like the first picture or feathers! AH too much to think about and I am not even sporting a ring! ha! 

So looking at dresses got me thinking about shoes, obviously. After researching I really think I am going to do the "something blue" by wearing blue shoes. Haven't decided on bright, dark or pale blue but I love the idea of the blue shoes...
These are PERFECTION! 

And just to keep going I am in LOVE with this reception set up and decor!
How gorg & classy is that?

Ok, one last picture! I have decided that the most difficult task for me if I ever do plan a wedding will be the pictures, I am SO picky about some pictures! This is precious and something that I will for sure request of my photographer! 

Before the wedding but they haven't seen each other, ah! loves! 

So now I just gotta actually get him to put a ring on it! haha just kidding! Maybe one day?!?



Oh Bobbi, how I love you!

Hello lovies! So for my very few followers and consistent readers, you probably know that I don't talk much about makeup. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some makeup, dolling myself up and looking fabulous on a Friday night, BUT I am not one who usually spends all my dough on some foundation. Well I think today I have changed my mind, forever. In the past I have been a snob for Chanel, I mainly think because my very first "make-over" was done with all Chanel makeup. So naturally I was in love, I threw away my poor high school paycheck on that Chanel bag of goodies and never looked back. So long story short, college happened, I became one broke a college kid and CoverGirl became my bff.

So here is how I fell back in love... This semester I have classes 9-12 everyday, I am not working due to the extreme studying I, uh, should be putting into each class?!? Anyways, after class today I passed a Belk, thought to myself, "hmm I really need some black jeans, I'll stop in and window shop." HA famous last words! While browsing for said black jeans I stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown... all the sorority sisters would swear upon this man but I never knew the true power of it, until today.

A face full of Bobbi and an hour later I was sucked back into the world of oh la la makeup! I really thought I looked good every morning as I stepped out of the house but man was I wrong! My concealer was whack, eyeliner thicker than one of the earth's crusts and foundation about 3 shades darker than my actual face. oopsie. So to end this saga of a sad story here is what I purchased from Bobbi Brown...

Corrector in Bisque, light and airy for under my eyes. I have serious probs with the dark circles!
Mineral foundation in Light. I have never been a huge fan of foundations, I always feel heavy and like my skin is sliding off of my face, but after wearing this all day I feel like I'm wearing nothing! Loves it! 
Blush in Peony, very adorbs girl that applied Bobbi on me said this stuff will last you up to TWO years if applied correctly! Um for $24 I can do that! 
Eyeliner, black. So apparently this stuff is ah-mah-zing! Award winner for best eyeliner from The Knot magazine, and honey if they say this is the best eyeliner to wear at my wedding then I'm wearing it! I love how light it is and didn't smear toward the end of the day down my precious face. 

So yes ridiculous amount of $$ spent today but OH so worth it! As soon as my mom walked in the door this afternoon her immediate response was "Oh my gosh Bre your makeup looks amazing! What did you do differently today?" Oh yea, I'm loving the recent purchases! 

Here is the finished product...

and just if anyone wonders... those eyelashes are mine, all mine. And I will never spend more than $10 on mascara... this is my secret, incredibleee! Maybelline One by One mascara, the BEST I have ever seen/used and only about $7! 

I also did a little clothing shopping today buttt I'll save that for later, ps. I went a little retro! haha

I hope everyone in the dear ol' south is okay from horrid Irene, I am so thankful  my friends and family are ok! 

Love & Prayers


Ran to the Dom...

Oh hello Thursday, so nice to see you!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! So I have tried to compile my thoughts and blog butttt I have been bouncing around, as well as my mind, and here is whats going on in the brain of Breanne...

First off: I bought a new curling iron...
I had the small 1" one before and if anyone remembers this post then I would advise to NOT buy the 1"! I was browsing the aisles of Target and stumbled upon the 2" version of this little tool and Viola...
SO much more my style! Good buy! 

So next on my mind is GAMEDAY! We are a little over a week away from kickoff and I am so very excited!! I would absolutely love to purchase this adorbs dress for a gameday! Vestique is my favorite place to find football attire for your school!

Next in the wild mind of mine I  have been LUSTING after necklaces of all sorts 
Found this little gem from Francescas Collections

This one is also From Vestique
And last for my random rambling today I had been lusting over these boots for about two days and Jeremy took the hint that I was dying for them! My oh so wonderful man purchased these babies for me :) I just love him so much!

Tomorrow is Fridayyyyy and I can't wait for our double date we have planned! Have a good evening dolls!



Back to school!

Happy Monday dolls!
So today I started the fall semester! Well as ready as I am to start having a set schedule now I am not ready to start writing long, boring papers, studying for hours and hearing about calculations that sound like foreign languages to me, ugh! I had 3 classes this morning and so far so good! Unfortunately one teacher scared the crud out of the whole class with her "I'm a super grouch and I hate you all" attitude but I am really excited to start this semester! 
On to more fun and fashion things I have been debating on if I want to purchase a new tote for the school year. I have always carried either my Lilly tote or my Vineyard Vines tote, always reliable and cute but I am thinking of something a little more sassy this year! 

Of course this Michael Kors tote is on the top of my list! 

I am LOVE, LOVE, Lovinggg this tote from Banana Republic but I can't decide if I would go with the brown or Nickel color??

I love the colors in this Tory Burch tote! 
Tory Burch 'Small Jaden' Nylon Tote

As soon as I get a minute to sit down and breathe I will blog away! Have a fabulous week and good luck to anyone starting school this week!



7 Fall Lustworthy Trends

Happy Wednesday dolls! I am skipping the WILW post because well I get kind of bored with them! I haven't been blogging much this week due to my close to 50 hour work week! whew! I have about an hour break right now so I decided I would devote this time to blogging and online window shopping! 

I am stealing Cosmo's September fashion trend and re-vamping it according to MY style! I love my Cosmo that comes every month but I am not so wild about their fashion every month. I usually disagree with a few choices and have nothing in common with the 6 foot devilish looking model sporting the latest trends. I'm a southern girl, I have southern charm and a cute smile, I just don't get the "I'm going to melt you with my eyeliner and fluffy hair look." So any-who back on subject: 7 Fall Lustworthy Trends according to this lady! 
& ps. I tried to keep everything $100 and below, I mean I can sympathize with all the broke fashionistas out there! 
pss. I nixed the last fall trend from Cosmo, just wasn't my style at all! 

1. Something Sheer
Now obviously American Apparel has NO issue with nudity but I do... so I covered her lady lumps for y'all! This is an awesome sheer top, I love the nude color and paired with the right undergarments this fits my description for "something sheer."

2. A Shortie Sweater
I really don't love the idea of a cropped sweater but pairing it with a crisp white collared shirt could really make this item pop! This sweater is girly and I love the color, don't know if it is the best choice with a crisp white collared shirt but who cares? A little pricey, from Top Shop
This cropped sweater is in my kind of broke-college-kid price range from Old Navy and once again, I am loving this fall color!

3. Going Monochromatic 
Self Explanatory. I LOVE this look...

Simple silk shirt from Banana Republic
paired with these pants from H&M 
sidenote: I would switch up the belt for a gold or platinum one to make it a little more "mono."
Add your own nude heel and you've got my idea of a monochromatic outfit!

4. Seductive Lace 
This simple sexy black lace dress from H&M instantly caught my eye. So Sexy! 

5. Deep Red

I had a hard time choosing on this one, I really liked the flow of this dress, you can easily throw it on for a day of running around or pair it with a sexy nude or black heel for a night out! Found this gem from LuLu's

6. A Touch Of Faux Fur
If I am going to give into this trend I think I instantly fell for Rachel Zoe's line. Her newest line can be found at

um, YES PLEASE! I am a sucker for something be dazzled! This one really excites me! I would definitely have to go with a holiday dress for numero seven, since my birthday is also in the month of December I need more than one party dress! I'm going to splurge one this one from Nordstrom

Hope this gets the fashion going for fall, I am dying to go shopping now! ah! 
Have a fabulous rest of the day!



Happy Birthday to the best man in the world!

Happy 24th Birthday Jeremy!

Today is my honey's 24th birthday! After a few celebratory drinks last night I caved in and gave him his present at midnight! I just couldn't wait any longer!!! ahhh! So he recently has been eyeballing watches everywhere we go, if he sees one he likes he makes sure to point it out so I can remember what it looks like! After a few hours of searching and some overnight shipping because I am a procrastinator I ended up purchasing this one...
It is so him and SO perfect! He lovesss it and keeps telling me that every time he looks at he he likes it a little more! I love giving presents and this one makes me smile, real big! 

We are off to the mountains tonight to meet up with a few of his friends to celebrate and enjoy time together! 
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



h2o, aqua, water, I need it!

Hey dolls! So this is not a usual post for me but it has taken me almost 23 years to realize my body has been craving water for about 5 of those years. oopsie. So I confess I am an addict to Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper and I drink about 4 a day, yea I know I can hear the "oh my lord child" right now.I have never been a fan of water, its boring, quite bland and has no carbonation, which I am also an addict of. So honestly unless I am trying to kill off a massive hangover or just extremely thirsty I refuse to drink water. I've tried the carbonated and flavored waters and they just aren't the same as an ice cold, from the can Diet Coke.
Makes your mouth just water right?? ahhh...

 Well these past two weeks I have been feeling super blah, kinda dragging and just ick. I have been running a little and even thought I have been getting great sleep I kept blaming my ickyness on stress?!? Then last night I went to dinner with Jeremy and had two glasses of wine, the usual. I literally woke up this morning feeling like I drank twelve glasses of wine and a few shots. ew. I showered, got ready (drank a Diet Coke) and then it hit me like a ton of bricks... my body is craving water! I seriously don't know the last day I actually drank a glass of water, so I sat down and told myself I need to change this, STAT! I grabbed my pink Camelbak water bottle and filled that baby up, twice. I have made a promise to myself to drink at least two Camelbaks a day and push for three if I will be consuming an adult beverage later on that evening at dinner! 

I am sure a few of you are saying "this girl must be half stupid to just now realize she needed water!" The answer is yes I am a little stupid, I have always believed a DC could cure anything. Well I am committed to this water thing because I can already tell a difference in my mood and energy today just by drinking two Camelbaks! whooo go me! I want to really keep this up! 

A little secret, I've added a strawberry-kiwi Crystal Light packet to one and it went down much easier! My favorite is the green tea ones, none were handy this morning but they're perfect in the 24 oz bottles, not too strong and still taste yummy! 

I got my Camelbak from a sports store a few years back but you can find them here!
I really love my Camelbak but I also loveee the double wall acrylic cups with the straws! I had one monogrammed back in March and it was stolen at school last semester, sadness. You can get them from Marley Lilly!! 

My sister just recently purchased a Bobble water bottle, they have some kind of filtration system in them and is perfect for her since shes always on the tennis courts drinking nasty water fountain water! I found them for $10 at Target!!

What do you ladies do to keep yourselves hydrated? What do y'all like to drink out of?




Lovely Wednesday it is down here in the south! Hope everyone has had an easy going week so far! I have been a little slack lately on the posts, or should I say I'm a little slack ALL the time! I have a hard time coming up with posts and once I do I have a hard time actually finding the time to sit down and compose them all! But enough complaining on my part, on to what I am loving this week! 

First and foremost I am loving that Jeremy's birthday is on Friday! I am wayyyyyyy excited about his present, which should be here today, and  just incase he does ever read my bloggy blog I will refrain from posting what I got him! But omg y'all I am so excited to give it to him! 

I am loving this nail polish color from Forever 21. I think it was only $1, what a steal! It called Jade and is the perfect August/end of summer color! 

I am loving all the sleep I have been getting lately, I am a sleeper and I love it! Come August 22nd my sleep is going out with window with a full school schedule and work schedule, boooo. I have been sleeping so well and so deep the past couple of weeks I have felt great! 

I am super loving that Jeremy and I chose the top five places he wants to get placed in his job. Come December his company has the option to place him in any one of their offices all over the east coast. After much consideration, a few intense talks and a couple tears we decided on the top five. He will most likely get his top one of two choices but there is also about an even chance he could get three, four or five! Ekk! In order we chose: Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Tampa FL and Asheville NC. Wish us luck, we will find out in September! 



oh la la leopard!

Hello dolls and possibly the occasional Ken that reads? So I have been might busy this week but I have felt like I've gotten nothing done! Crazy how that happens! Before I start my post about my obsession with leopard print I need to tell you a little background here. So I don't know if anyone really knows my current situation but I live with my parents, whomp whomp. After quitting my job I realized I could not afford my luxury apartment and luxurious life. and again whomp. So I packed up and moved home until I find just exactly where I want to start my life and new career.
 So my boyfriend Jeremy lives about 30 minutes away from my parents new house so I spend quite a bit of time there. Every Friday I pack up a bag and head to the next city to enjoy a night or two out on the town with my man! I usually pack in a hurry and never really pay attention to what I'm packing which eventually leads to a Target trip or two due to lack of organization. So today I had some extra time on my hands and started really packing with total outfits and goals in mind. While packing I looked down into my bag and realized all I saw was leopard print....
These were the contents of the bag, including a leopard print bra I am currently wearing! I'm telling you, I'm obsessed!

PJ shorts that I got for a total of $2 last summer!
 My favorite bathing suit ever thanks to VS!
Some undergarments ;)

So then it got me thinking, what else do I own leopard?
Well here goes...

My favorite winter coat! Obviously NOT wearing this anytime soon!
I look down and I'm wearing these, a little ugly but possibly the most comfortable flat EVER!
These are on my top shelf for pumps
And the last thing I decided to pull out was My Betsy Johnson bag, a little edgy but a perfect going out bag! 

So I have come to realize I have an obsession, I might need to cut back before I start looking like Snooki. Dang it! Well I'm off to double date at my favorite restaurant! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!