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A girl can dream, right?

Every girl dreams about her wedding day, well I was sadly never one of those girls. I don't know why but I was never daydreaming about dresses, colors, shoes or cakes, until recently. About a year ago I was walking downtown and passed a bridal gown store, I literally gasped and almost cried at the sight of the perfect wedding dress. The dress is designed by Jim Hjelm from his JLM collection, found here.

As in love with this dress as I am I recently wore a bridesmaid dress similar to the wedding dress above, nottt a fan. My neck was super itchy all day and apparently the slightest bend in my spine and you could see the lady lumps! oopsie! So after being kinda of sad I started looking at different wedding dress, currently loving these:

I don't know exactly what I want but I know I do not want pure white, I would like a vintage older look, possibly almost a ivory/tan color. I also would love intense beading like the first picture or feathers! AH too much to think about and I am not even sporting a ring! ha! 

So looking at dresses got me thinking about shoes, obviously. After researching I really think I am going to do the "something blue" by wearing blue shoes. Haven't decided on bright, dark or pale blue but I love the idea of the blue shoes...
These are PERFECTION! 

And just to keep going I am in LOVE with this reception set up and decor!
How gorg & classy is that?

Ok, one last picture! I have decided that the most difficult task for me if I ever do plan a wedding will be the pictures, I am SO picky about some pictures! This is precious and something that I will for sure request of my photographer! 

Before the wedding but they haven't seen each other, ah! loves! 

So now I just gotta actually get him to put a ring on it! haha just kidding! Maybe one day?!?


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  1. We are doing a picture like that before the wedding, I have a feeling it will be one of my favorites :)


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