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Fashion Friday: Scalloped Skirt

Scalloped edge skirts and shorts are very in right now! I actually purchased this skirt last summer and have yet to wear it! Guess its time I break it out!  
Shirt- F21/Skirt- F21/ Necklace- Target/ Shoes- LuLu's

Or even better, throw a big bow on it! 

Happy Friday Dolls! 


My long lost BFF

Today I realized that it has been almost one year since I began blogging, that got me thinking about my life one year ago. Which then got me thinking about my job last year. I miss my job, I miss it terribly! I was a nanny to the sweetest little girl on earth! She was such a joy to be with everyday! I worked for such an amazing family and I really miss working for them!   

So let's take stroll down memory lane shall we? Oh and please don't comment on my extreme hair colors in these pictures, I went through a lot of personal stuff during this job and that always lead to some extreme hair color?!?

Meet my BFF Sophie...

We went to Florida together to watch her parents get married, so fun! 

We would often have photo shoots on my macbook

She loved to show people how much she loved them!

Being a dog was a daily activity, it included crawling, barking and licking...

Which brings me to this picture, licking people? really Soph?

Getting her nails did was a must... Thanks Amanda! 

 When I started my clinicals last spring she got a kick out of my stethoscope and ID badge, she would hide them from me so I wouldn't leave her for the hospital

Then she got too cool for me and thats where we went our separate ways. haha

This is her today! So grown up!

Ok I know that was so cheesy and yes I just pretended like a 1 year old and I were best friends, but we were and I miss her!!


DIY: Color- Blocked Nails

I am being bold today! Trying this color-blocking trend, on my nails! 

I used two polishes for the color-blocking, Essie Haute As Hello and Essie Watermelon! I use OPI base coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti-chip top coat

 I put the Haute As Hello color as the base color, whichever colors you use make sure the lightest color goes on first! 

I let the coral color dry for about 20-30 minutes, do not put a top coat on just yet! 
Next I used the Watermelon color and kind of just drew lines all over my nails in different directions! The brush on this particular polish was very skinny so I had no problem getting precise lines. If your brush is thicker or wide then you could use a very skinny painting brush sold at craft stores to create precise lines! Apply the top coat last! 

 Here is my finished product! I love the two colors together, I am not really an artist so it is a little sloppy but it's a fun and different look! 

I tried to paint the other hand and it was awful so I decided to just do the one nail trend, I painted it the darker watermelon color and I love this look also! Fun, Fun!

Would you guys try out the color block trend on your nails?


Outfits of Days Past

Here's how todays post will go. I'm going to upload pictures of my outfits, y'all can look and comment if you choose and then I am going back to bed. This virus/cough cold thing can kiss my butt, I am not feeling too hot and to make matters worse I can't seem to eat anything! 

BUT before we start the outfits let me direct your attention to my URL... its changed and it is now! yay! So please update your reading lists or blog rolls or whatever you chicas do to get to my bloggy blog! 

Shirt- Francescas (similar)
Skirt- F21
Shoes- I have no clue! 
Clutch- Big Buddha 

Shirt- F21
Jeans- Makers of True Originals "Ballet" Jeans 
Shoes- Old Navy

Shirt- Francesca's 
Shorts- H&M

Shirt- H&M
Shorts- J. Crew
Belt- Target
Necklace- Jewel Box

Shirt- J. Crew
Skirt- F21
Shoes- Old Navy 

Top- H&M
Jeans- Joe's
Shoes- Old Navy

Dress- F21
Shoes- Sam & Libby from DSW
Dress- Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes- Nine West 

Dress- H&M
Necklace- Jewel Box


Dress Me!

I have a wedding to attend this coming Saturday and I currently have no idea what I want to wear, so this is where I recruit you guys! 

Help me choose what to wear! The wedding is at 5:30pm, I know this girl very well and we are really good friends, she has told me that whatever I wear will probably be better than most the people attending so I decided to ignore the optional black tie memo. She said they only put this so people didn't show up in jeans! Cracks me up! 

These are my choices! 

This is my top choice! Comfortable dress and shoes, I would dazzle this up with some gold jewelry and possibly a black blazer if its chilly!

 Not really wild about this one, I am kind of over the one shoulder trend! But the dress is very pretty on and is actually a good fit on me, hits me just above the knees! 

LOVE this dress but there is a small red wine stain front and center on it! I have tried once to get it out but no luck! If I can get the stain out then I would love to wear this dress, possibly with my round toe nude heels instead of the dark brown, less chunky! 

Which one would y'all suggest for me to wear? And any suggestions on how to get a red wine stain out of linen fabric? 

Also I have made a button for Basically Bre! Not sure if I love it but it was my first time making one so I'm pretty pleased! Feel free to add it anywhere you would like! 
<center><a href=""><img border="0" src=""/></a></center>


Sunday Talk

Hey Ladies!
I can't seem to kick this serious bug I have come down with, I am relaxing on the couch watching many, many movies until further notice! 

In the mean time y'all should head on over to Sarah's blog and check out my guest post all about summer staples that should be in every girls closet! 

Have a relaxing Sunday and I hope the sun is shining where y'all are! 


The Interview

Happy Friday Dolls! 

This morning I had an interview for an amazing position, I will supply details once the job is secured! 
I like to think of myself as a professional person, I know how to dress well and act in situation such as a first interview. BUT others don't... holy moly. My interview was at the HR headquarters for this hospital so there were many people in the waiting room interviewing for various jobs and I am really not trying to be rude but ladies, and one gent, lets not look like a hot mess. Got me?

I mean one woman was wearing a spaghetti strap dress with sandals, one woman had on 5" platform LEOPARD print heels oh and her tatas were saying hello!!! The one man waiting had a wrinkled blue shirt that was totally unbuttoned to his belly button and an awful jacket over said wrinkle shirt!

AH it just makes me so mad! Did these people never ever google interview clothing? I am ALL about adding a little flair or personality to your outfit to make yourself different but leopard print and spaghetti straps are not it! 

I put together an outfit, very similar to what I wore today of something that should be a staple outfit for a first interview!
Interview Outfit

-Black & White are a must, the blazer really adds the touch that says "I can be professional and look good" 
-I like to wear off-white, classic white is too much for me and I love some ruffle or bows on the chest area! I had a huge bow around my neckline today!
-The simple black, low, heel is classy and will keep you feet comfortable for whatever you may be doing or wherever you may be walking! I bought my heels from Target for $30 and they are so comfy and perfect! -My pencil skirt came with a brown belt, if you would like to add a simple and subtle color skinny belt I think that is a great way to add your style!
-Keep the jewelry simple, a gold watch with pearls or gold studs is perfect. I always say wear a watch, it shows you know what time it is and you were early, not late for the interview! 
-Black bag, large enough to hold your padfolio, planner and whatever else you may need for the interview! 
-And as for me, thats my little padfolio, Jeremy about died when he saw me carrying it out the door. But hey thats my style, if I gotta wear a boring blazer and skirt then lemme have my fun folder!!

Have you ladies ever seen what I'm talking about? Just totally unprofessional looking people at an interview? ah! It just kills me!!!


Birchbox vs. My Glam

This is my first ever vs. post! 
I really don't like declaring a "winner" on things such as this but after months of subscribing to both companies there is a clear winner here, its Birchbox, and here's why...

My Glam started back in December, for $10 a month you get a small cosmetic bag with 4-5 sample size or full size products! I signed up because December's bag looked amazing, and it was! I ranted and raved about the product here because it was a bag full of awesome stuff! 
Then January rolled around and I was charged for two bags, fine with me double the awesome products, Wen hair care was going to be in that bag! BUT both bags I was charged for NEVER showed up. Lost somewhere off in the mail claimed the company. They sent me two february bags for free to make up for January. Great, except February's bag sucked! It had two teeny tiny samples, ROLL ON FREAKING GLITTER and a coupon code for some bogus company that sells cheesy looking extensions and tacky zebra painted straighteners. not cool. 
I totally forgot to cancel my subscription for March and I ended up getting a March bag also, it was ok. The face mask was awesome and there was a lip cream that I kind of like but otherwise the bag sucked, again. Another coupon code and more teeny tiny samples. 
I could keep going but I won't, I cancelled my subscription and I doubt I will ever be subscribing to them again! Poor customer service and awful products made me write the bad rep for that company! 
If you would like to, you can subscribe to My Glam HERE!

Birchbox on the other hand is awesome, I've only gotten 3 boxes from them so far, but every month I have been impressed! Large samples or full size products and I've even gotten awesome nail polishes! They are also only $10 and I love how they present the products. The box is better for me because lets be honest I already have a million cosmetic bags, I don't need anymore. I love how they give you descriptions of each product and where to buy and how much full sizes are. There is just something about the professionalism of Birchbox and how they present their products! 
I know many of you probably already subscribe to Birchbox but if you don't them you should! 
You can subscribe to Birchbox HERE, they do have a waiting line but it only took a few days for me to get an invite! 

Pro to both: they have free shipping! 

Have you ladies ever tried either one? 

*In no way was I paid or compensated by these companies to write this, this is my honest opinion and my own words about both companies! 


Who's Your Doppelgänger?

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

Wonderful Wednesday Ladies! Linking-up today with Raven for who's your doppelgänger! 
I have never done this before and I really don't ever get told I look like anyone but I figured this would be fun!!
Oh and was it fun. Apparently I am a man. 

First website gave me these results...

Hayden I'm ok with!
Fashion model, I'll take it!!

then I tried another website and laughed my ass off...
I am a man. 
Tried it one more time with the older picture of me... 

Still no duplicate matches besides Ashanti, and I just don't see that...

So guys, I have no doppelgänger! I am just plain 'ol me! 

Who do y'all think I look like?


go ahead, bitch it out!

So I started writing this crappy-feel-sorry-for-me-i'm-sick post. 
But who wants to read that??
NO ONE! Not even I.  

Being honest here, I am having a crappy week so far. Sick, super tired, lacking inspiration, yada yada yada. 
Do you ever just need a day, or even just a moment to bitch, let things off your chest, just scream?
I need that moment. I need it now. 
I know there are other sista's out there that need it too, don't tell you don't! 

I am giving you that moment...
leave me an anonymous comment, just let it out, bitch me out, bitch out yo momma, your boyfriend. 
WHATEVER you need to get of your chest, do it here. 

Here is my bitch-sesh that I just desperately need to get off my chest:

I hate disease.
 As much as I put on an awesome face and advocate and raise money for a cure, I hate it. I hate diabetes for causing me a life full of crazy ups and downs and sickness. I struggled with it bad this past weekend, it ruined my Saturday night and I was honestly fearing for my life it got so bad. Now I'm sick again and will be sick for weeks because my immune system can't fight it off. I hate cancer for taking my father, it is a BITCH OF A FREAKING disease and if cancer were an object I would beat the shit out of it. Life isn't fair but I have learned to deal with it, but today, in this moment I don't understand it and I can't just deal with it. I wanna squash the crap out of it. 

That felt good, It's been lurking in my head all day and just to type it out felt amazing. 

Do it. I promise I won't try and find out who left what comment or why. I just feel like I need to let someone else type it out. Sometimes it is just what you need, say it without repercussions or punishment, get it off your chest!

Go ahead... bitch it out.

ps. to make your day a little better I have found a Lulu's discount code!!! WHOOO! Shop Lulu's and enter STYLEWATCH6 to get 20% off!! yay!



Merry Monday dolls!

So I am wild over this trend! I think it adds the perfect touch of girly and elegance to any skirt or dress! I am seriously just loving all of these! Next stop: anywhere I can buy some peplum!

Would you ladies rock this adorable look?


Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta... ok I'm done. 

But hey it's Friday and I am SO happy! It's fabulous because of about six reasons...

1. I got my Mac back! It is working flawlessly, new keyboard AND new trackpad, this baby has never looked so good (unless you count the day I bought it) 

2. I went to the doctor this morning, I do not have a double ear infection, I just have a nasty cold/allergies. Kinda not what I wanted to heart because that means my ears are going to continue to hurt all weekend but hey that means no medication! Thats always good? right?

3. I treated myself to a mani/pedi earlier. I don't ever do this, I am always one to do it myself but I just felt like I needed someone else to do it for me once. Also I had bright blue on my nails and I was in no mood to attempt to remove that color myself! haha This place was AWESOME! They had Essie polishes, free wine and beer and everyone was so sweet and fun! 
toes- OPI Cajun Shrimp
nails- Essie Navigate Her

4. Emily is on her way to my apartment as I type!!! AHHH haha I swear its like we were sisters separated at birth. Love this chick.

5. Our apartment building is throwing a huge rooftop opening party tonight! free beer, wine, food and a ice liquor luge... I CAN'T WAIT! It is a the meed party, doubt I will be dressing in the theme because I just would feel stupid but I can't wait to party on our roof! 

6. and I don't know a sixth one but I am going to go with its the freakin weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun! 

What are y'alls plans this weekend?? I wanna hear about 'em! 


Top 5 Tuesday!

Just Peachy

As always linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday! This week is hair products and this makes me VERY excited because I have been LOVING some hair products lately!!!
Top 5 Hair Products!
1. My everyday go-to hair product. Tresemme Hair Spray!
 This is the BEST (drugstore) hairspray I have ever used! I LOVE it and it’s such a great price, usually CVS does a buy one, get one free every month or so!

2. Moroccanoil Hydrating Style Cream
I have just recently started using this stuff and I am hooked! I put this ONLY on the very ends of my wet hair after showering, it makes then very smooth and have a "put together" look once I blow dry my hair!

3. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray
 HOLY MOLY I swear by this stuff! I do not wash my hair daily so this is my "2nd day look" go-to. I love the smell of it and this stuff really works for me! Makes my hair full of volume and fresh looking! It also works wonderfully as a pre-curling spray. Spray it lightly over your strand before curling and your curls will hold ALL DAY!!! YAY!

4. Miss. Jessie's Quick Curls
 I have only used this stuff twice but I can tell that it is a much better "gel" than anything else I have ever tried. My hair is natural quite cray-cray when it comes to the curls and this stuff works nicely to calm the frizz and out-of-control-ness!

5. Matrix Biolage Intensive Strengthening Mask
 I only use this once a week in the shower. It is a serious mask for your heat damaged or color treated hair. I put it about half way down my strands to the end and leave on for about 4-5 minutes in the shower then rinse out; you will notice a difference instantly in the shine and feel of your hair!

LAST but certainly not least I am LOVING taking Biotin! I take 1,000mg a day and I have seriously noticed a huge difference in the look, shine and strength of my hair! I went home on Friday and even my step-dad said my hair was looking amazing! Not only that, my nails are also looking great! They are much stronger and they do not break as easily! If you're not taking Biotin then I highly suggest you get on it, 5 minutes ago. 

OH and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Emily!!! Go show my girl some love! 


Happy Easter

Wishing all you lovely Ladies a Happy Easter! May God bless you & your family!