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2011 in Pictures

Thought I would join the bandwagon and show y'all 2011 in pictures!

Rang in the New Year with my best friend Leslie! 

Took a shot at a modeling career... #FAIL I'm just too awkward 

Partied the most I have ever in my life thanks to amazing friends and I had the time of my life!!
 Colored my hair brown
Met Jeremy- our 1st pic together, another #fail

Went to my very first beer festival, so much fun! 

Realized I had to quit my job with this amazing little one and go back to school 

Went to see Jimmy Buffett with my mom and Amanda! 

May & June
Went fishing for the first time, I caught a rock! 
Finally finished spreading my dads ashes at one of his favorite parks in the North Carolina mountains
Said goodbye to all my amazing friends and moved home to be with my family...

Celebrated my beautiful mothers 50th Birthday! 
Met Carlton Banks at the worlds largest 80's party in Buffalo, NY!
Went to Canada and saw Niagara Falls
Went to NYC again and shopped my little heart out

Jeremy turned 24!

Returned to the greatest school ever and watched the Wolfpack win!!

Passed my NACES exam!

Jeremy took my on a surprise trip to Asheville 

We found our perfect and amazing apartment!

Celebrated my daddy's birthday with my sister and mom and then we moved into our new apartment!

I turned 23! 

Hope this didn't bore you to death! I really enjoy looking back at the past year and how far I've come this year! Wishing everyone a happy a safe New Year! 


Confessional Friday

Since this link-up went over so well a few weeks ago I decided to link-up again! And who doesn't like 'fessing up to a few things?

1. I am still obsessed with the one glitter nail fad (excuse the messy nails, I am in no mood to "clean up")

2. I am wearing a black/fuchsia/blue sequined skirt out on NYE and I do not feel bad about this, I may look like a walking disco ball but I don't care! 

3. I ALWAYS have told myself that I would not partake in buying knock-off items. EVER. Until yesterday. For Christmas I asked for the black leather Tory Burch Reva flats. I sadly did not receive them. Understandable, my mom is paying for my car for the next 3 years. So I got a $50 DSW gift card for Christmas, I was browsing the aisles yesterday and spotted these... 
I purchased them, and paid a whole $8 for them! 
Whatever, I'm over it. Judge me if you want!

4. I am still not pumped about my new job, I keep hearing very negative things about the company and It keeps putting me in an awful mood about it. I don't start till January 3rd and I am kinda just bummed about it, needless to say I am still searching for "the perfect job" for me.

5. Ever since we moved to Charlotte and have great shopping and malls everywhere I have been itching to go shopping everyday, I will make any excuse to head to Southpark. Not good for my bank account but like I said earlier, whatever. 

6. I have already taken down all my Christmas decorations, notgonnalie I am OVER Christmas this year!


Top 5 Tuesday!

I am kind of at a loss for ideas to blog about lately! The hustle & bustle of the Holidays has had me worn out! I figured I would do a link up with Rachel @ Just Peachy  to get the creative juices flowing!

1) Movie
Bad Teacher 
I know this movie kind of got a few slams and bad reviews but I thought it was hilarious! I keep telling myself to buy the dang movie but I always forget when I'm out and about! 

2) TV Show 
The Big Bang Theory 
I've always been a huge fan of Kaley Cuoco and I love her in this show! Its hilarious! I can't get the episode I want uploaded so click the link and watch it! 

3) Song 
Lupe Fiasco- The Show Goes On

4)Thing that happened
Meeting Jeremy. 
I met Jeremy in February of this year and ever since then he has brought so much happiness and joy to my life! I am so thankful for everything he has done for me and I thank God every day for putting him in my life. I never thought I could be this content and happy with life, I finally see how a relationship should be and how a man should treat a woman! He is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing!

5) Christmas Present 
My Marley Lilly Crossbody I LOVE this purse! I seriously have been toting it everywhere since I got it! Its so me! Thanks mama!

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Love, Jeremy & Bre! 
(a tad late!) 

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and that everyone remembered the reason for the season! 


Rest & Relaxation

Hello Lovies!
Since I haven't really had much to do these past few days (thank God!) I have spent a good amount of time on Pintrest, watching trashy TV shows, crafting my litting heart out and kind of just "chillin"

As always I managed to snap a picture of everything...

Ornament wreath made from a wire hanger, SO simple and fun! 

Made this for my mama for Christmas, she has been looking for some artwork for her half bath and when I saw this I knew I had to make it! It's not done yet, I wanna smooth the words out and paint a border on it!

I am doing this with all of my new make up brushes I just purchased! They are still on their way via snail mail but I have bought the vase and coffee beans! 

I finally managed to find myself a coffee table tray that I LOVE! Thanks hob lob!

Other than that I have seriously been enjoying my time off school and just trying to make this apartment look perfect before Jeremy's parents and sisters arrive tomorrow! YAY! 

Hope y'all are having a great week!


My Glam

Hello dolls!
I recently signed up for a monthly subscription to My Glam, $10 a month and you get a little bag of goodies! I was a little worried the samples would be rejects of stuff but this is a great deal! for 10 bucks there is no way you could purchase all these products! Not all of it was full size but it was all travel or deluxe sample size, however the eyeshadow was full size, score!

This months bag was the holiday bag and included some items I was about to purchase anyways! 

Mai Couture blush paper, I actually received the lavender oil blotting paper, I am not an oil blotter so I don't know how much I will actually use these but they smell amazing!

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin, this is an awesome eyeshadow! I really don't need to say much about Urban Decay's eye shadows, they're great and I LOVE this color!

Urban Decay  eyeshadow primer potion in Original. I have been shopping around for a great primer and I am sold, this stuff is great! I wore my sisters for a few days in a row and after 10 hours my eyeshadow still looked amazing!

Tarte  Lights, Camera, Lashes! Macara, I am a mascara whore. I own about 8 or 10 at a time and I will be adding this to my collection after this travel size is gone! The bottle claims to increase lash volume by 424% and I'm gonna go with an increases of at least 300%, seriously? Who comes up with this stuff!?! But really it adds a ton of volume and is a great mascara! 

And my FAVORITE item that came in the bag...
NYX Soft matte lip cream, I got the Amsterdam color and I cannot get enough of this stuff! I have based my outfit the past 2 days on this lip color so I could wear it! It is a matte finish so its not shiny or sticky and feels like you have nothing on! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Also just so you guys can have a good laugh, I can't take pictures of myself, at all. But here is moi wearing all my new goodies! (yes I know, I need a good eye brow fixin!)

One more pic, promise its the last. I'll leave y'all with an OOTD!
Shoes Target (last year), Jeggings from Belk, I cut the tag out and have nooo clue who they're by! Top Target, Vest Free People