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Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

-Elevator encounters, I live in a building with two elevators so I run into this problem often. I absolutely HATE getting in the elevator with other people. Either they're super talkative and I don't care what they have to say or they just stare at you. a w k w a r d. 

-My school. People at my school are slack. Every time I go to school someone hasn't done their work and they steal mine off my desk to copy. Or they will ask to slap their name on the top of my paper since apparently its ok to submit group work at my school... NOT OK! I kind lost it on someone in class Tuesday, needless to say it will be awkward sitting next to them for the rest of the year!

-Business center encounters in my building. If you're in a "business center" you would think that people would act like normal human beings. nope. You're three year old drooling on my mouse pad and yelling Pinks newest song in my ear is NOT appropriate, neither is what I said to the three year olds mom but she had it coming for her. Also when you can clearly see I am watching a lecture video with headphones, don't talk to me, leave me freaking alone. 

-Car dealership commercials... does anyone else feel so weird when those come one? I seriously just sit there and stare at the TV like, what? seriously?

-Fall, it is here. Thank the Lord. 

-Because Fall is here, it's time to bust out the boots, and jackets and scarves. I'm in heaven!!!! I can't wait to throw on the sweaters and boots together! 

-Shopping for the new lake house! I love decorating and shopping so this is going to be too fun! I can't wait to finally get the place coming together and doing little projects here and there! 
I want to re-paint this to match the new color scheme of the place!

-October. We have plans every single weekend in October! While this kind of stresses me out it makes me so happy that we get to see family and friends and go on some amazing little trips around NC!

-My group texts with Emily and Crystal... seriously everyday I look forward to our group texts, I love these girls so much! They're AWESOME!

What is awkward or awesome about your Thursday? I wanna hear!!


le elbow patch

One tend this fall I am obsessing over is the elbow patch sweater. 
I love the look of a big comfy sweater with the statement of a leather elbow patch. 
I love & I will be purchasing a few this winter!

These are a few I am loving for fall, especially the middle one! 
(Click on the picture to take you to a listing of where to get each sweater!)

Elbow Patch Sweaters

Elbow Patch Sweaters by brenicole88 featuring an elbow patch sweater

Would y'all wear this trend?


As of lately...

I realize weekend updates are supposed to happen on Sunday/Monday but I was too excited about my glitter tumbler, had to show y'all that asap. 

So this past weekend my Papaw had a procedure done to his heart, I won't even begin to try and explain it but it was kinda scary. He lives about an hour away from me right now but since he is a veteran he goes to the VA hospital up in Asheville, about 2.5 hours away. Friday morning he was scheduled for his procedure and had some blood issues so he didn't actually go back for it until about 3pm. All went well and everything was successful and Jeremy and I headed to Asheville to see him and be with family for the weekend, to celebrate another day with the coolest papaw ever! duh.

Friday evening my mom decided to get a hotel up in Asheville so we didn't have to drive back and forth from his house to the hospital all weekend, best idea ever. 
You see, my mom is a master of persuasion, sweet talker, great convincer, etc. She talked her way into the hotel upgrading her to a penthouse suite, for the price of a regular room. They were brand new, not even finished. 
My mom is the shit. 

I was so in love with the decor of this hotel, I want to copy everything. 

Obviously Jeremy was loving it too... #danceparty

There was only a master suite so Jeremy kindly offered to sleep on the sleeper sofa, only thing was it that it was brand new, still in the plastic. The hotel staff couldn't figure out how to open the sleeper mattress part for anything. So mom and Jeremy took it upon themselves to figure it out...
They eventually did, had to remove wires holding all the parts together for shipping. um duh, we knew that. 

and this chair?!? OMG, get in my home. 

Mom & I the next morning after breakfast & mimosas on the porch!

Awesome glass shower with a serious view of Asheville...

...while you're showering off, or showing off?!?

My step-grandma can be a serious pain in the butt so she wouldn't let us come to the hospital the next morning, she wanted to be the one to take care of Papaw, not us. Whatever, we just decided to shop around Asheville!
So glad we did, I found some freaking cute stuff!

Papaw was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon and we headed back to Hickory to enjoy time with him and enjoy a little food! It was so nice to just spend time with family, I don't see Papaw enough and I need to make a point to do it more often! He was in great spirits and seems to be doing much better!
Thank you to all who prayed for him! 

 Sunday my mom kept pushing me to come back home because she had a "surprise" for us. As much as I just wanted to be back in Charlotte and relaxing I knew it really had to be important for how bad she was pushing us! 
And it was! 

Paul purchased a lake place Friday morning! It needs some serious updating and a good deep clean from our cleaning lady, but it also came with a boat so I could not be more excited! It's so cute and perfect, just down the road from their new house! Can't wait to fix it up and have our first big party next year! 

All in all it was slightly stressful but relaxing weekend! I am so thankful for my family and I could not be any more blessed! 

How was y'all's weekend?


DIY: Glitter Starbucks Tumbler

Glitter Starbucks tumbler y'all...

So after searching SEVEN Starbucks for the "make your own tumbler" I had given up! Until sweet Crystal told me that there were some at her work Starbucks! YAY! Apparently they have discontinued these tumblers so if you find some, buy them all. 

You Will Need:
-Starbucks tumbler (I got the "grande" size)
-Elmer's Adhesive Spray
-Glitter color of your choice, I bought a 4oz bottle and used MAYBE a quarter of it, so go smaller!
-painters tape to tape off the rim and top!

First I just gave them tumbler a good wash since once the glitter is applied I doubt I'll ever open it up and wash it again!

 This is the tumbler separated, you will only be using the inside part! 

 I used a paper towel and the painters tape to tape off the rubber part and where the grooves are to seal the cup, I didn't want glitter rubbing on the plastic, thats freaks me out! 

 Next just spray the cup in sections and add glitter! I dumped way too much glitter on and it was all clumpy so I just rolled the cup around in the glitter until it looked even all over! 
I also sprayed and glittered the bottom of mine!

After about 15 minutes remove the painters tape slowly! Shake off any excess glitter and then slide the inside back into the cup and seal it tight! No one wants to drink glitter!

The finished product:

This cute little project only took me about 15 minutes and I LOVE it! 
Such a simple little project, perfect for yourself or for a gift! 


Fashion Friday: Western Chic

I really don't know how I feel about this outfit but something about it makes me love it, I just don't know what yet. Possibly the fact that my favorite booties, top and lovely skirt are paired together?

Either way, I like the western chic look? (I am totally making this name up, I really have NO idea what is going on with this outfit!)

Shirt- Vestique
Skirt- Free Day
Shoes- Kohl's
Watch- Boyfriends!

Out of curiosity... Would y'all want me to possibly start a Friday link-up for Fashion Friday? It would be y'all snapping a shot of an outfit you love or wore that week? Just a thought, I would love to start a link-up someday! 

Have a great weekend dolls! I'll be relaxing with family this weekend :)


Recent OOTD's

So I realized this morning I forgot to schedule a post, then I came home and realized Blogger just decided to delete it. Thanks for that, I didn't want that post anyways! 
Decided I would post some recent outfits instead! 

Tunic- Nordstrom
Leggings- PINK by VS
Shoes- Kohl's

Top- Old Navy (recent but I can't find it online!)
Necklace- Jewel Box
Shorts- J. Crew

Shirt- Fabrik' (similar- Vestique)
Pants- Target (current)
Shoes- Old Navy

Shirt- Old Navy
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Target

Scarf- Target
Shirt- Polo Ralph Lauren
Belt- Target
Jeans- Martin & Osa
Boots- Juicy Couture


Darling Bows

I am so obsessed with bows, I have been for awhile now but after doing some snooping around online, I'm even more in love! I just think the girly and feminine touches a bow adds is wonderful! 

These are some items I have been lusting over, now if I only had the funds to acquire these beauties! 


bows by brenicole88 featuring platform pumps

are y'all loving these items?


Kirna Zabete for Target

The Shops at Target right now are wonderful! I am obsessing over the Kirna Zabete line! I have never been so impressed with one of the Target designers! 

The leather skirt I wore to Style Night Out was from this line!

These are just a few items I would love to purchase!

Have you guys seen this line yet? What are you loving from it?


Charlotte Style Night Out

A Saturday post from Bre? What?

Well I just had so much going on that I didn't know what else to do! 

 Anyways, Thursday evening Charlotte hosted its 3rd annual Style Night Out!
It was such a posh little event here in Charlotte, I was very impressed with the swanky and sophistication of the event! 

I have never stressed out over what to wear so much in my life!! I went to Target before the event to grab some cleaning supplies and stumbled upon this beauty...

Which lead to the most perfect outfit I could ever imagine!
Shirt- Old Navy
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

 I attended the event with Brooke from Daily Chic and her model Jess! 
Brookes Pants- Daily Chic (will be on the site soon!)
Jess' Dress- Daily Chic Buy Here!

I found a fellow leather buddy, don't you just love a gay guy in leather? 
He was fabulous!

 My crappy iPhone pictures don't do these outfits justice but here were just a few of my favorites!

Obviously leather!

I love a gorgeous maxi and this one made me drool! 

Apparently this color is called "ox blood," creepy if you ask me but I need this color in my closet soon!

The one store that showed menswear was spot on. This guy just had it all going on!

 My next purchase: ostrich feather skirt. 
to. die. for. 

During the show I ran into Jamie from A Southern Lady!

 It was such a lovely evening and I cannot wait for next year! 

Have a great Saturday Dolls! 


Friday Five

1. I need to make this ASAP! Holy Cute, going to buy a Starbucks tumbler now!

2. I have been thinking about doing the ombre thing or going back to dark hair, I just can't make up my mind! 

This is my favorite picture of the ombre look so far, I don't want it very drastic!

3. I reallllllyyyyyy want the iPhone 5, but I just got my 4 back in January. But it was used, not new, so it runs a little slow... good excuse to go ahead and upgrade to the 5, right??
I need to make a pro/con list. I do that a lot. 

4. I want a new job. As much as I love what I do and how fortunate I am for my job, I can't hang with the 12 hour shifts. I don't know if I just can't handle them or if my body doesn't like them but I am always dreading them. Being diabetic and having a crappy immune system doesn't help either! I always seem to be sick with something! I also gots back issues, and that sure isn't fun for 12 hours a day! 

5. I buy a birthday dress every year. Every year since I was 16. 
I found mine already for this year thanks to KiKi La'Rue!!
eeeeppp, should I show you?? Ok, fine...

It's so perfect!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!