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Life Lately

Oh hey, I'm alive! 
Geez this week has been crazy, finals, work, moving, settling in, etc. Too much going on! 
But I figured I could catch y'all up on a few things that have been happening!

Every spare moment we have been putting the house together and decorating! We went mirror shopping last Sunday... um why is it so difficult to choose a mirror? And why are they so expensive? 

We FINALLY decided on one and just a sneak peek... our living room!

Oh and those pretty wooden floor... DANGEROUS! 
Fresh socks and wooden floors are an awful mix! I hit the top stair and felt myself slipping and couldn't do much from there! I have many pulled muscles, a massive bruise on my ass and a swollen, possibly sprained wrist?! 
Stairs-1 Bre -0

So obviously slip-resistant socks are a necessity in this house now!

My friend Rachel got an adorable pomeranian from a friend in NYC that was displaced after Sandy. The dog is precious, seriously such a well behaved and awesome dog! I am officially a fur-God-mom! yay! haha
But the dogs name... is pancake. 

So my neighbors aren't too bad after all! Some of y'all may have seen my Tweet last weekend about my crazy, loud, super odd partying neighbors... I met them Wednesday night and they're just two young guys, pretty nice! They claim they had no idea the music was so loud I could Shazam the song! I guess I should get to know all my close neighbors before I go all crazy on them at 3am! 
I was tired... ok.

So thats all I have for y'all today! I am once again, exhausted and have way too much to do! I am having a minor surgery on Monday to fix a long term problem that has hospitalized me quite a few times! I should be home Monday night and just have to rest for a few days but they prayers would be appreciated! 

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


The Best Day of My Life!

Hello All! 
I am finally able to sit down, breathe and open my laptop for the first time in over a week! 
So where do I begin?!?

We closed on Tuesday and I headed to the new house ASAP!

Oh yea and then within minutes of walking into our new home together, we got ENGAGED in our new home! 
Right smack in that empty new kitchen of ours Jeremy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 
I obviously said YES!!!

He did quite an amazing job! I can't stop staring at my hand! 

The round center diamond is the diamond from my moms wedding ring from my dad. Which holds a very special place in my heart since she gave me the ring after my dad passed away. It is so beautiful and means so much to me since he asked my mom for her diamond, knowing that I would cherish this ring forever! 

So I guess I should tell y'all the story! 
We closed on the house and headed there directly after closing. I had thought that Jeremy hadn't been to the house and we were walking in together for the first time! We walked around the main level and he told me to go upstairs because he had to plug his phone in and would be up in a second?!? (because thats top priority when you first go into your new home?) He was acting so weird, Jeremy is a very energetic and outgoing person and he was just kind of distracted and wasn't nearly as excited as I was to be in our new home! Little did I know he said he was so nervous and just wanted to propose at the most perfect time! So I walk up and he pulled the ring out of wherever he had it hidden! I walked back downstairs and he opened the fridge, I noticed a bottle of champagne and asked it the realtor had left that there for us. He said no he put it there earlier, I was so mad! I thought he had came and lounged around in the new house without me!! Anyways, he said he put it there so we could celebrate something else, little un-knowing me kept asking what and as soon as I turned back around he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! He explained that this was the most perfect time to ask me since we were staring a new life and journey together and how he loved me so much he couldn't imagine being with me and not calling me his wife! Between tears and hyperventilating breaths I said yes! He has a very hysterical video of me crying and saying yes that my mom requested he take! 

I was SO shocked, I was not expecting for us to be engaged for at least another six months to a year! I am so happy and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! 
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect engagement, it was private and in a place that I will never forget and just so perfect! 

Wednesday we moved into the new house and my mom and sister came to town to spend Thanksgiving with us! 

 The first actual picture of us as an engaged couple!

We decorated for Christmas and are pretty much all moved in, thanks to the help of my family! 

I could write all night about everything thats been going on and I'm sure I even left some details out of this post but I am exhausted! Last night was the first night we have been alone since getting engaged and actually sitting down and relaxing on our new couch has been a serious achievement! 

I will catch y'all up on so much more later this week! And I promise once I paint and hang a few more pictures I will give y'all a house tour! 

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations on Instagram & Twitter this past week! Y'all are so sweet! 


Holiday Outfits!

Hey all you Basically Bre followers!
I'm Angela and I blog over at A Pinch of Sugar. I'm pretty new at this whole blog thing so bare with me! One of the reasons that I continue to read Bre's blog is because I love her style and the way that she puts outfits together. I'm here to share with you some of my favorite holiday finds, all of which can be perfect for Christmas parties, a family get together or even New Years Eve!

1.              2.
3.              4. 

Absolutely love all four of these dresses. 
You can find them here: 

1.                                   2.
3.                             4.

Hopefully these outfits give y'all some ideas for Holiday-ware.
The best part about most of these items? They're reasonably prices & afordable since the Holidays are a time when lots of money gets spent on others gifts and family gathering it's hard to put together an affordable outfit for yourself.

- Angela 


Angela is new to this blogging world so we all need to go show this adorable girl some love! I love her blog thus far and she is such a sweetheart! Not to mention she has great style too! Happy Wednesday loves, this is our OFFICIAL moving day, wish us some luck!


30 for 30

Hello, to all of you fellow readers of Basically Bre!
I've been reading her blog for a while now and I absolutely love it.  She has such great style and not only do I take inspiration from her, but I often buy some of the same items she has! I'm just so excited to be guest blogging for her while she and her beau move into their new home.  (Congratulations to them!)

I should introduce myself though.  My name is Hannah and I blog over at TFATO.  It started as a way to chronicle my adventures while I took a "time out" from college and it has turned into so much more. These days, I'm on my second bout of a closet challenge called 30 for 30, first started by Kendi at Kendi Everyday. The idea is to take 30 items from your closet--shoes included--and make 30 different outfits!

Through this challenge, I've learned so much about myself and my style. I've branched out and put together some outfits that I wouldn't have normally thought to wear. Some worked out, some didn't. You can't win 'em all though, right? Throughout this process, I'm not allowed to shop. The idea is to shop your own closet and appreciate the versatility of the pieces you already own. I highly recommend it to any girl that loves fashion and loves a challenge.

This time around, it's been a lot harder than the first time I did it. I live in Colorado, so as you can imagine, it's getting pretty cold over here. Mostly mid-40's recently. Since it's getting so chilly, I'm using 3 to 4 items from my 30 to layer and keep warm. It's hard to come up with ideas for my next outfit. Right now, I'm about halfway through my 30 outfits. I have a lot of creativity ahead of me if I'm going to finish in a timely manner.

If you feel like you're stuck in a fashion rut, give this challenge a try. I promise you'll see your closet with brand new eyes. It's also a lot of fun! I've had a blast chronicling my journey with 30 for 30 on my blog, but you can just do it for yourself, just for fun. I highly recommend it.

I hope all of you lovely readers of Basically Bre have a wonderful week and enjoy your Thanksgiving. And if you eat too much turkey, I hope you find time to take a nap!


Isn't she adorable? I seriously need to try this 30 for 30 once I am all settled in and moved! 
Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday, I know I am! We close on the house today! AHHHHHH


Stupid Freakin' Blogger...

So Blogger SUCKS and didn't post this, this morning... oh well.

Happy Monday all! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Jeremy & I drove to Greensboro Friday night and had dinner with my two good friend from childhood/college, Hayley & Amanda! We ate plenty of mexican and drank delicious margaritas!
via Amanda's IG- @amandabrook13

Saturday morning we dining room table shopped. ugh. Makes my head hurt! Everything I dream and want, we can't afford! We found a table and chairs for an amazing deal and I am very much in love with what we bought! 
That morning at moms house I looked in the coat closet and found an adorable French Connection coat... little did I know that it was one of my Christmas presents. oops. Thanks mom!

Saturday night we came back to Charlotte to finish the packing process! We needed up going to bed around 7pm...
Yes, two twenty-something year olds went to bed at 7pm on a Saturday night. It was amazing. 

Sunday we were up bright and early and went to early service at church! It was such a great sermon! We finished packing all day Sunday and we are so ready to move!!! 
and I am a little crazy about my Fiestaware...

I started my new job today with the pediatrics floor and the peds intensive care unit! I am SO happy and so excited to have my dream job at such an amazing time in my life! I could not be any more blessed!

As of later today I will be without internet, I will be leaving y'all with some fabulous guest bloggers for the rest of the week! 
Have a great week y'all! I will update everyone on the move sometime next week! 
You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram too, I'm sure I will be updating my moving process all week! 
Twitter: brenicole88
IG: basicallybreblog


Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!

I am so excited to link up with Katie & Steph for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!

I was browsing Pinterest way over a year ago and found a pin with an adorable ornament wreath! I wasn't a "pinner" then so I just followed the tutorial and made a very teeny tiny ornament wreath. So small it looked ridiculous on my door and I ended up dropping it one night and breaking the whole thing! #fail

So this year I decide to do it right, I found one of the original pins and crafted away!

Original Pin:

How I did it...
You need:
-wire clothes hanger
-hot glue gun
-large pack of christmas ornaments 
-wine what? wine? no, not me!

1. Take the wire hanger and make a circle! Once its all circle-y undo the top!

2. Hot glue the tops of the ornaments so when they are on the wire they tops don't pop off!

I used a ton of ornaments, in all different sizes! I got them from hobby lobby and spent a total of about $6!

3. At this point just start stringing the ornaments on the wire! Try and use a pattern but then again anything will look good!
There isn't much skill to this, just put 'em on!

4. Once you have used all the ornaments or reached the end of the circle, re-twist the hanger back together. You can leave the rounded hanger part at the top to hang it from a door hanger or to attach the ribbon to!

Did it. 
Some of them fall weird once they're back in the circle, if something doesn't look right you can always add a a little hot glue here and there to hold certain ones into place!

I am so in love with this and I am serious when I say it will be the first thing I hang up in our new home! 

Happy Pinning and crafting dolls!


Currently, I Am

Reading: Anatomy books and biology notes upon biology notes. JOY! End of semester in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Watching: The Big Bang Theory, this show never ever gets old! It's my nightly laugh!! 

Thinking About: Work. I am struggling to find the love and passion in my job lately. I only have two days left in the float pool at work and then I will be on a floor permanently. I don't know which floor yet, I have a current bidding war between the women's floor and the children's hospital, whoever can come back with the best offer by today at 3pm gets me! (I'm praying for our children's hospital!) I think once I am committed to a specialty I will find the love and passion in my job that was once there! Anyone else feel this way or felt this way in nursing?

Loving: That my birthday is in less than a month! I am still at the age of 20-something that I wanna wear a special dress, I want a cupcake, I want a present with a big pink bow and I want the day to myself! This year I am planning a fun house party along with a fun night on the town with anyone who wants to celebrate with me! I have one dress picked out and a few present in mind! Birthdays are great! 

Looking Forward To: This time exactly a week from now we will be sitting on the floor in our new home! AHHHH OMG!!!!

Cooking/Baking: Chili! My goodness I have cooked 2 massive pots of chili this week and I'm thinking about cooking a third...

Wondering: Why can't I stay away from fast food? I really have been thinking about stopping eating on the go and grabbing some chicken fingers here or there but I can't do it!!! I just feel like I never have time to make breakfast or pack a healthy lunch, I always try to cook dinner but some evenings I am just way too darn tired! So mexican or pizza it is! 
It's gotten bad... anyone else struggled/struggling with this? Tell me I'm not alone!

Disliking: That I have to work a 12 hour shift on Friday! BOOOOO, I have been spoiled with these 8 hour shifts recently and a 12 on a Friday when I'm heading out of town... sucks! 

Making me Happy: Thinking about moving into our new home! I really can't describe my excitement! I am beyond happy and overjoyed and I can't wait to start a new chapter in our lives! I promise I will be posting pictures once we are all settled in! 

But since I'm so excited... just a sneak peak!! (thats not our stuff, it was a staged home when we looked at it!)

Wishing: Everyone a fabulous Wednesday! I'm only working an 8 today, then it's studying for about 8 hours but still, everyone should have a fabulous Wednesday! We've made it halfway through the week!!!


Tuesday Tunes

Who is ready for Christmas? I AM!
The one thing I absolutely love about the Holidays is the music! I adore me some Christmas music!
I found this playlist on Pinterest the other week and am currently in the process of finding and downloading all these songs!

I also am seriously loving these two albums... lemme tell ya, these albums have been on repeat for days, possibly weeks.

ohhh this man and how he sings, heavenly!

What are y'alls favorite Christmas songs or albums! I want to add to this years playlist so let me know!


Sweaters & A Winner!

Happy Monday dolls!
Lately I have been on a sweater kick, the chunky, the comfy, the cute... I want them all! I recently went to H&M and Target and found some serious sweaters that I just could not live this winter without! 

Here are a few I have found lately and currently own!

simple sweaters

Are y'all obsessing over that black & white sweater as much as I am? Oh and how about that ampersand one, yea I'm wearing it as I type- the comfiest!

Also I have a winner to announce for the Shop Crystal Faye giveaway!!
Congrats Linny! Email me so I can ship the necklace out to you!!! 

For everyone else there is still the code BasicBre10 for a discount on!
have fun shopping loves! 


Friday's Fancies

I am loving this week's Friday's Fancies! I think a cute but cozy outfit by the bonfire makes for a perfect evening! Now I just need to find a bonfire to sip some cider by! 

Bonfire Beauties

Don't forget to enter my giveaway here to win a bauble necklace from Shop Crystal Faye!


One Nation

One Nation, Under God.

All the hate and horrible trash talking that has happened today has to stop. We are one nation, under God. Not an earthly man. 
No matter who you voted for you will always have your opinions, maybe just think about what you're saying before your fingers start typing!

Be calm my friends, we still live in the greatest country ever! 

Peace & Love!


Recent Finds & Discounts!

We made it to Tuesday! hallelujah! 

So since I am on a three-month-and-counting bloggers block I'm gonna tell y'all about some stuff I may or may not have bought lately, and y'all should buy too!

First off... 
oh yes, stacking chevron rings in bomb colors. Not sure why the word "bomb" came to mind but I always type as it comes, so there ya go.
Not only are these rings so much more amazing in person but they're part of Atlantic-Pacific's collection for Bauble Bar! And since I can only ever dream of a wardrobe like hers, I'll settle for some of her accessories. 
OH- and if you aren't already signed up for Bauble Bar, do it now! You get $10 off your first purchase + free shipping so this lovely stack comes to a whopping $16!!

Old Navy did it again. Darn you ON! 
This piece of heaven sweater arrived at my door step last night and I seriously contemplated sleeping in it. They are not in any way lying when they titled it "Women's Softest Crew-Neck Sweater" 
Fits perfect, so soft, so thick & warm.

AND if you order it today or tomorrow you can use the code ONTAKE25 for 25% off!

Last on my list isn't a recent find but I recently realized that I can't live without this Tervis water bottle tumbler! I have always been a huge fan of Tervis but thought there was no need for a Tervis water bottle. Oh was I wrong. 
Crystal sent me this tumbler about a month back and not a day has gone by that it hasn't been in my hand. Water, coffee, soda, tea, whatever it is, works. Keeps drinks hot or cold and with the sealing lid I can throw it in my bag and go! 
All you nurses need one, I HATED brining a Tervis on the floor or at the desk with the open lid or straw, now the mouth piece is covered all while keeping my drink hot or cold! 
Um, and it's monogrammed. 
Need I say more?
And since Crystal is just that awesome, she has provided all my lovely readers a coupon code! Use BasicBre10 for a discount on your purchase from!!

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Shop Crystal Faye!

Hey Dolls! 
I am more than excited to announce that my good friend Crystal has opened up her very own online store, Shop Crystal Faye!

I am seriously in LOVE with everything in her store! She carries everything from accessories to adorable home decor and to die for stationary items! 

Crystal so kindly decided to giveaway a Blaire Bauble Necklace to one of my readers! I am giving away the pink Blair Bauble which isn't even listed on her site, so lucky you! 
This will be the exact necklace you will be receiving if you win!

Crystal let Emily and I model some other necklaces and I am just dying over the Blaire Bauble in Coral!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
God luck dolls and remember to Shop Crystal Faye Today!
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