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The Best Day of My Life!

Hello All! 
I am finally able to sit down, breathe and open my laptop for the first time in over a week! 
So where do I begin?!?

We closed on Tuesday and I headed to the new house ASAP!

Oh yea and then within minutes of walking into our new home together, we got ENGAGED in our new home! 
Right smack in that empty new kitchen of ours Jeremy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 
I obviously said YES!!!

He did quite an amazing job! I can't stop staring at my hand! 

The round center diamond is the diamond from my moms wedding ring from my dad. Which holds a very special place in my heart since she gave me the ring after my dad passed away. It is so beautiful and means so much to me since he asked my mom for her diamond, knowing that I would cherish this ring forever! 

So I guess I should tell y'all the story! 
We closed on the house and headed there directly after closing. I had thought that Jeremy hadn't been to the house and we were walking in together for the first time! We walked around the main level and he told me to go upstairs because he had to plug his phone in and would be up in a second?!? (because thats top priority when you first go into your new home?) He was acting so weird, Jeremy is a very energetic and outgoing person and he was just kind of distracted and wasn't nearly as excited as I was to be in our new home! Little did I know he said he was so nervous and just wanted to propose at the most perfect time! So I walk up and he pulled the ring out of wherever he had it hidden! I walked back downstairs and he opened the fridge, I noticed a bottle of champagne and asked it the realtor had left that there for us. He said no he put it there earlier, I was so mad! I thought he had came and lounged around in the new house without me!! Anyways, he said he put it there so we could celebrate something else, little un-knowing me kept asking what and as soon as I turned back around he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! He explained that this was the most perfect time to ask me since we were staring a new life and journey together and how he loved me so much he couldn't imagine being with me and not calling me his wife! Between tears and hyperventilating breaths I said yes! He has a very hysterical video of me crying and saying yes that my mom requested he take! 

I was SO shocked, I was not expecting for us to be engaged for at least another six months to a year! I am so happy and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! 
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect engagement, it was private and in a place that I will never forget and just so perfect! 

Wednesday we moved into the new house and my mom and sister came to town to spend Thanksgiving with us! 

 The first actual picture of us as an engaged couple!

We decorated for Christmas and are pretty much all moved in, thanks to the help of my family! 

I could write all night about everything thats been going on and I'm sure I even left some details out of this post but I am exhausted! Last night was the first night we have been alone since getting engaged and actually sitting down and relaxing on our new couch has been a serious achievement! 

I will catch y'all up on so much more later this week! And I promise once I paint and hang a few more pictures I will give y'all a house tour! 

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations on Instagram & Twitter this past week! Y'all are so sweet! 


  1. Such a sweet story- and that ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Lots and lots of congrats to you and your new fiance on both the engagement AND the new house!

  2. What a beautiful ring! Looks vintage Tiffanys~




  3. Such a great engagement story! He did a wonderful job making it special and that ring is going to be sentimental on so many levels now. Congratulations!!!!

  4. such a sweet story. Congrats the house is beautiful

  5. Even though I know the story, reading it still made me tear up a little bit! I am so happy for you and Jeremy and the new house...which I loveeee!!! :) love you both to pieces!

  6. awww so happy for you bre!! :) :) the story is perfect and I love how much meaning your new beautiful ring has!!!

  7. Such a cute story! CONGRATULATIONS! He did soo good on the ring I love it! Your townhouse is too cute too!

  8. Oh my goodness congratulations pretty girl! That is so cute and exciting. And what a pretty ring - he certainly did a good job

  9. Love this!!!!! Congratulations girl! Let the planning begin!!!

  10. So sweet! Beautiful ring...he did awesome! Congrats!

  11. Congrats! Your ring is SO gorgeous and the meaning behind it makes it even better. Plus the engagement makes your new home SO special!! So happy for you!

  12. Congratulations! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous - love the story behind your diamond! Your new house looks beautiful too!

  13. Congrats! Such a cute and meaningful story!

  14. Wwww! I can't wait to see the wedding plans unfold!

  15. OMG OMG OMG. Congrats! You'll be so Style Me Pretty in no time!

  16. aww... Congratulations lovely! The ring is beyond gorgeous!!!

  17. yay congrats girl! that ring is GORGEOUS!!

  18. I absolutely love your ring!!!!! Would you mind telling me where he got the setting??


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