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Wedding Wednesday: Bachy Party!!

This weekend y'all, it's my bachelorette party! I have waited for this weekend for so, so long! I'm super excited for my wedding, but right behind that is my excitement for my bachelorette weekend! I love girl time, I love being with my best friends and just having a great time! 

Friday I am getting myself a massage and possibly a blowout then meeting some Charlotte ladies for dinner and drinks! I want to try a drink at Fahrenheit here in Charlotte and call the evening pretty early with my good friends! Saturday morning we are leaving for the big bang of a party! I still have no idea where we are going, I know it's beach-side but I don't even know where or what beach! I will be sure to Instagram, Tweet and FB about the weekend and blog about it next week! 

Until then-

Be sure to follow me (@brenicole88) and Emily (@enh410) for fun bachy bash pictures! 



a fabulous print & a good laugh

So something happens when you try to photograph yourself, on a bright sunny day, you fail. Miserably. Point is, I am obsessed with this dress and can't wait to have somewhere to wear it to, but maybe I should have someone photograph me in the dress at said party. I'll go ahead and leave you with a laugh on this Tuesday, and because I really have nothing else for you…



Five on Friday

1. If you're feeling like you need a dose of nature check out my friends blog, Trees and JDs. Him and his girlfriend just traveled the nation, hiking one national forrest at a time. Their travels sound incredible and pictures are just breathtaking! 

2. I am officially over summer, totally 100% over it. Yesterday got to 93 and felt like 103, o v e r i t. Bring me fall and some freakin' pumpkin everything. 

3. My Bachelorette weekend is exactly one week away, that's seven days between me and a wildly fun time with my bridesmaids! I still don't know anything that's happening or where I'm going. For once I actually am enjoying the surprise, I like kind of not knowing for now! 

4. I still haven't had my trial hair and makeup for the wedding. Am I panicked, yes. Do I have time, no. Can I just wing it? I also don't have a cake yet. So you could say I'm behind. 

5. I have been on a root beer kick lately. I haven't had a Diet Coke since May 30th, but I still have crazy cravings for root beer! So weird!



Carolina Lovin'

 Y'all know I am proud to be a Carolina girl! I was contacted by super sweet Stacey from Jewellbilee about showing off her amazing and unique Stately Collection. I was so in love with this bangle when it showed up and I love just how different it looks! This bangle will be sure to show your love for your state! 

℅ NC bangle from Jewellbilee | H&M dress, old | BaubleBar necklace, 1" antique gold | Candies booties, old | 



Cheers Y'all

I don't know about y'all but I am a sucker for good cup. Tervis tumblers, tumblers that sparkle, ones that hold your wine, yes wine. Last time I was in Atlanta I met a sweet rep from Slant Collections and instantly fell in love with pretty much everything from their entire line. 
Slant so graciously sent me a very large box full of fun to try out, and boy has it been fun! Probably my favorite thing they sent me where these amazing wine tumblers. I love a good wine glass and I preferably don't love those new wine cups in the shape of an actual cup! I love that these are still shaped like wine glasses but I can be sipping them in the pool! Pair them with some hummus and pita on my Cheer's Y'all napkins, day made!

℅ LOL wine cup from Slant Collections | ℅ confetti wine cup from Slant Collections | ℅ Cheers Y'all beverage napkins from Slant Collections

To shop the entire Slant Collections lines either find a store near you or simply place your own order!



Fall Booties

I don't know about y'all but I am so ready for fall! Here in Charlotte we got a little teaser with 70 temps a few weeks back and it's been torture ever since! I have maybe thrown on a sweater or two this week and just suffered through the heat! One thing I love about cooler temps are the shoes, I am such a sucker for a great bootie or closed toe anything. I made a few trips to the mall recently and eyed some oh-so-perfect booties for fall. Just click on each shoe below to shop!

What are y'alls favorites this season?




Happy Birthday Jeremy! I hope 27 treats you like I do! I love you more than anything and I can't wait to spend so many more birthdays together! 

Happy Birthday!

ps. we're really photogenic...



A Fringe Affair

I don't know about y'all but I am loving kimonos right now. Anything with that fun flowy feel, oh throw in some fringe?!? Sign me up. When I laid eyes on this one I was certain it would get its wear before Summer came to an end! 
ps. can we just take a moment to shop The Mint Julep Boutique and all of its glory? I mean, have you ever seen a store with so much to offer? You know where I'll be shopping for awhile...

c/o Mint Julep kimono | J Crew factory shorts | c/o Sylvia Benson necklace | 
DV by Dolce Vita sandals | Thrifted bangles 



Wedding Wednesday: Pre-Wedding Separation

Not really talking wedding on here today, more of what's happening pre-wedding and why. I moved out of our home for the remainder of the time before our wedding. That's 65 days if anyone is counting, because I sure am!

So why you ask- it's about our faith. We met with our pastor a few weeks back and one request of him and our church was to live in separate houses until we are married. At first we were dead set against it, we both have so much going on and we're so busy that it just wasn't possible. Which is exactly what made us realize maybe this would be for the best, to live separate. Take time to focus on ourselves as one before we go into a marriage where it's not longer just about you. We would be honoring our pastor, church and most importantly, God, that's all that mattered to us. We want to honor our Lord and have a blessed marriage, and we both strongly feel that by separating where we sleep will make a difference in our marriage. I am so glad we chose to do this, I know some nights will be hard to separate and not be together, but it's all for the better!

Out of respect for my family that I am living with I won't be sharing where I am in South Charlotte, but just know I am fine! I made myself comfortable Monday afternoon and added a few touches of home in my room! I mean this is my backyard, how can I be too upset?

So there ya have it, why I moved! I promise you I will be blogging about the after of not living together, I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about! Has anyone else done this or have to do this? I would love to hear others stories!



China Pattern

I moseyed on into Old Navy the other day and got two sale-scores of the season! For one, I had been eyeing this bag in brown all Summer, but couldn't find it anywhere! Well ladies, I found it, just one left, in brown, and twenty bucks. I did a happy dance as I was walking out with my new tassel tote and I spotted the china pattern scarf, I had to have it. I don't know what really drew me to it but I have worn it 3 times since I bought it, less than a week ago. I love blue and the pattern was so pretty, the tassels are a bonus! Oh, and it was five dolla, holla. 

Target tank, old | Thrifted jeans | Old Navy scarf | Tory Burch sandals | Ray-Ban sunnies | ULTA lips #206

I also wore it with my fav Gap jeans this weekend...



5 Minute Curls

So many of y'all have asked how I've achieved these curls, well my friends it is by far the easiest thing I've ever done to my hair! 

What you need:
-1.5-2" curling wand
-hair tie
-hair spray

 Step 1:
Put your hair in a super high ponytail, the higher, the more curls!

Step 2: 
Start curling, I only curl about 4-5 sections and then I'm done. Depending on your hair you should be able to judge how much curl you'll need. This seriously takes me about 3-4 minutes. 

Step 3:
Take down and run your fingers through the curls. This is where you can add a few more curls if needed or fix one that may be cray. Hairspray and bam, awesome hair!

5 minutes flat and you got yourself some curls for that Monday meeting! I wasn't kidding when I said this was the easiest thing I've ever done to my hair! I love doing this for day 2 or 3 hair, sometimes I'll add some dry shampoo to my roots while it's up in a pony tail to add volume! 

Be sure to tag me @brenicole88 if y'all try this out!