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Trick or Treat!

I know I am swamped this week and as much as I want to blog I just don't have the time right now! 

So quickly, before I get sucked back into anatomy books I just wanted to say...

Leonardo & Donatello 

Just be safe and don't party too hard... 

Also please pray for Jeremy's dad! He lives in Jersey City and works at the hospital there! They are getting pounded pretty hard and he has to go into work everyday in this mess to save lives! Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!


Movin' On Up!

Monday again? ugh.
Last night I sat down and began the process of planning for our move. I'm a big planner, especially for something this big. I looked up moving companies, contacted the utilites company and decided when to switch over the eletcricity and what not.
blah, blah, blah, boring stuff.
So to make it a little more fun I started looking at moving announcements!
What are yall's opinions on moving announcements?
Are they cheesy? Are they even really needed at our age? This will be our permanent residence for years and years so I feel like it would be nice to at least send some out to family and really close friends!
These are some that I am really loving...

 This one is probably my favorite!

So I wanna hear from yall! Newlyweds- did yall send out moving announcements? Or anyone, is this a normal thing to do for two young kids like us?


Camera Help!

My birthday is slowly approaching, as is Christmas so without fail my mom is begging me for my birthday/christmas list! 
Ok, fine mom, I'll give you a list of really expensive stuff I can't buy myself...

So I want a camera for my birthday/christmas but I don't know where to begin. I am not a photographer and I know nothing about fancy cameras! 

All I know is that I want to stick with Canon, I've always had Canon cameras and I understand them and know how to use them for the most part! 
I will only be using it for everyday just fun/blogging picture taking!

Kinda like this one, but I know nothing about it or why I even like it 
Canon EOS Rebel T3

But I also don't know anything else about other cameras sooooo here is where I need y'all...

What cameras do you use? 
What camera do you wish you had? 
What do you love/not love about your camera?

I need to know it all, I want a camera of my own so badly! 

so go...


Trendy Tuesday

I am so happy that it finally feels like Fall outside!
I walked outside during my shift yesterday to get some air and was expecting heat... I was shivering! yay!
I do not want freezing temperatures but I am sure am loving the cooler and nicer temps!
One trend I saw coming out this fall was the ox blood color, aka burgundy.

At first I was hesitant, I wasn't loving the fact that a color (that I was kinda obsessed with) was called "ox blood." Personally I hate anything the color of blood. Reminds me of murder!?! I blame my obsession with Criminal Minds...

So yea, I was hating on this color hard.
Long story short, I'm now obsessed.

Ox Blood

Does that set not make you wanna go buy some ox blood?
I love!


Weekend Threads

Merry Monday y'all! 
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend like I did! I am absolutely crazy busy this week so I tried to schedule some posts last night! I was drawing a blank for today so I am relying on the ol' OOTD post! 

Dress- Old Navy
Boots- BCBG (similar here)

Friday night:
Necklace- Vestique
Bag- Arcadia

Jacket- Forever 21
Boots- BCBG

Saturday night:
Sweater- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Rack Room Shoes (last year)

Hope y'all had a great weekend, also thank y'all so much for all the congratulations and happy thoughts about our new home! 


Our Big News!

Anyways, I guess its time I tell y'all the news...
I mean, I can't really hold it in much longer!
I tried to wait until we closed but I just can't wait another month!
We bought a home! Town house to be exact!

The story to how we got here is nuts...

A few Sundays ago, September 30th, we started TALKING about looking to buy when our lease was up in February. We contacted a few realtors and told them the basics/needs and if they could put a few things together. A few people responded and one realtor, April, gave us an awesome response, made us feel comfortable and told us we could look at a few properties on that Thursday! 

We planned Thursday out with some properties that had been on the market for months/almost a year. (giving indication that we would have weeks/months to decide) that Tuesday night we browsed the internet again and found "the one." Just had been put on the market and was perfect. But we just figured we could lump it into Thursdays appointments and see if we even wanted a town home and all the extra space/up-keep that came with it. We really didn't want a home, were not yard work, back yard living type of people. We LOVE the city and all it has to offer so we never imagined we could find such an amazing town home in middle of the city!

Thursday rolls around, we see one property we thought we would love, it was eh, ok. Next property is awful, you couldn't have gotten me out of there any faster! Third was awesome, we wanted that condo BAD! It needed a few updates but for the price we would offer it would be so worth it! 
...then we saw "the one." We just knew it, we walked in and it felt like home. There wasn't a thing wrong with the place and we could picture ourselves there for awhile! 

We left that Thursday evening wanting it badly but with only two days on the market we said we could wait till later to decide.
Fast forward- Friday morning, I'm at work and I have multiple missed calls from Jeremy, something he has never done, he knows I usually can't answer or even look at my phone at work. 
I called him back and he is semi panicked, two offers were made on the town home, if we want it we have to make an offer, NOW! 

*insert panic* 
Like I said before we have only flirted with the thought of buying, this was supposed to be a trial period, see what's out there, maybe look some more, etc. 
We put in an offer Friday afternoon, along with two other people/couples. 

Friday night we headed up to Boone thinking "obviously we offered low, they won't accept this and it's ok, were not really prepared to buy right now since this all happened so quick." "If it's meant to be then God will let it be, if not then his plan is something else and that is also totally ok!"

Fast forward- Saturday evening. 
We get an email from our realtor, they have made two counter offers. 
They chose us. 
Holy crappppppppppppp.
We accepted one.
We own a home. 

Papers were signed and checks were written on Monday October 8th! 
Like I said, holy crapppppppppppp. 

This was my "OMG Emily & Crystal, I'm so excited I could pee myself face" 
Emily & Crystal-
 seriously y'all were awesome friends through all this! I was blowing their phones up with worry, excitement and fear for two straight days! I love y'all!

We are so excited and so ready for this new chapter in our lives but it just all happened so fast. We are ready to move on and move in! 

I will share more on the home and more pictures once the staging furniture is gone! I wan't to see my new home empty- so I can't make it my own! 

Happy Saturday dolls, smile! Because I know I am! 


Fill in the Blank Friday

1. One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is not traveling. We traveled somewhere almost every weekend this past month and it is going to be fabulous to just be at home, not pack and not put miles on my car! I also will just be enjoying time with Jeremy, relaxing in our small little apartment and drinking some wine!

2. A big pet peeve of mine is people getting into my personal space. BACK UP! I cannot stand when people are so close to me I can feel their warm breathe. gag. If I can feel the movement of your hands, you need to back up. If you touch my face I will probably go HAM on you. 

3. I am really loving my day off today! I was scheduled to work an education class all day today and I crammed the work into Wednesday and Thursdays classes! I am currently sitting at the Nissan dealership getting my car inspected but at least I'm not at that darn hospital!

4. The rain is very relaxing and calming. If I am indoors and don't have a lot to do, I love when it rains. I also love working when it is raining, the patients love the rain and I think it really calms some of the crazies down!

5. My favorite girly indulgence is painting my nails or getting a massage! I rarely get my nails done by someone because I just think spending money on something I can just as easily do at home is kinda silly! But I love spending some money on a full body massage! I would go once a week if I could afford it!

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is the little catchy tune from Finding Nemo when Dory sings "just keep swimming." Whenever I find myself down or in a bad mood (especially at work) I always catch myself singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" Always make me smile at least! 

7. The best cure for stress is a glass of wine and a bottle of nail polish. Seriously I don't need to explain why this is my stress reliever! I love painting my nails and I love just slowly sipping on some red wine! 

Now it's yall's turn! Go link-up or answer one of the questions in a comment! I love Q&A's!


Hana Pro Flat Iron Review

About a month ago I was contacted by Brian from Misikko Salon to review the HANA pro flat iron!

I was so excited because honestly I have been in the market for a new straightener for awhile! 

When I received the package it was filled with goodies! I got the 1" HANA pro flat iron, a case, a travel case, a rubber mat for the flat iron and tons of other fun stuff! 

Emily and I were contacted and received the flat iron around the same time, we both used them daily and fell in love! 

I noticed that my hair had more volume and body after the first time using the HANA. After awhile I really noticed that the ends of my hair looked so much more healthy and they stopped looking so frazzled! 
I liked that there were heat settings and after a few uses I found a heat setting that was right for my hair, which to my surprise wasn't nearly as high as my last flat iron! 
I have pretty curly and frizzy hair so for my hair to look this smooth and nice is a serious accomplishment! 

I was so impressed with this flat iron! My hair would normally look so frizzy and awful at the ends!

And since Emily and I were together last weekend we decided to do a little review photo shoot with our HANA's! 

If you are in the market for a new flat iron or just want one I would highly suggest the HANA pro from Misikko!

ps. that long hair of mine is now GONE! Don't know exactly how I feel about it yet...




 I have been obsessing over spikes lately! This weekend in Asheville I bought this ring stack and I can't take it off!
I got it at Urban Outfitters, sadly it's not online!

Are y'all loving this trend as much as I am?


Asheville, you did it again.

I don't know how its possible to have that much fun in a city, but we did it again. We successfully had a ridiculous, hilarious, amazing and beautiful weekend in Asheville! 

I am beyond exhausted so I am going to let the pictures do the talking!

Clearly this is a great picture of how much fun we had... 

 My goofy love! Emily brought her camera and took some really amazing photos of the J-man and I! I can't wait to share some with y'all! 

We once again ended up at the hippie, free expression dancing bar. I kid you not this is the best place ever. I LOVE it! 
Emily got down with a man, in a skirt. And the REALLY tall guy in the orange shirt, sweeettt moves he had!

Note to self: don't wear "fur" in Asheville unless you're ready to explain yourself. The first place we went some guy comes up to me saying "oh I know that better be fake fur girl" I just rolled my eyes and said of course, personally I wanted to say "uh no, I killed the animal and made the vest myself" but whatever, I kept my mouth shut. Don't worry about what I'm wearing, I really don't care what you're wearing! (it is fake though!)

 I don't know what it is but every time I get in this elevator I have to take pictures! 

We discovered during a bathroom visit that my hair matched my vest. I need to wear it up next time, It looked really weird!
Exhibit A:
 Exhibit B:

We ended Saturday night with champagne to celebrate something, I don't know why the champagne was bought but we just kept cheers-ing and celebrating! I think it was for the Tigers winning! 

Like I said earlier, Emily brought her nice camera up this weekend and we had some photo-shoots. Oh just y'all wait, you will die! We may or may not have put the self timer while consuming pumpkin beers and had a mini Bre & Emily photo shoot. Hilarious. 

How was y'alls weekend?


Fashion Friday: Faux Fur

I instagrammed a picture of what amazing friends Emily & I are last night and got a lot of questions about where my fur came from!

My "I'm way too excited face" from Monday when I wore it first... which I promise I will tell y'all about eventually! 

I actually bought the vest at a little store in Asheville that I have never heard of and I'm sure is just a local little place! 
I searched the internet for y'all and found the exact same vest HERE at Fab'rik! They also have locations in NC, SC, Georgia, Iowa, Virginia & Texas! See all their locations here!

And the shirt I'm wearing is from Old Navy, here!

It is a staple piece I just had to buy for this winter regardless of the price tag! And yes, if you follow me on IG you will be seeing this outfit a lot, probably this weekend. 

Have a great weekend dolls! 

Follow me on Instagram- basicallybreblog

ps... also just wanted to say I know y'all aren't dumb and can probably click on a link, however I always type here or HERE because my links show up the same color as everything else I type, annoying I know, still can't seem to get that fixed! 


Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-working on a new floor. Serious awkwardness, hate it. 
"hi where is EVERYTHING" 
"no sir I do not know where room 500, I really don't even know where my own rooms are"
*can't find time clock and I'm two minutes from being late* "WHERE IS THE FREAKING TIME CLOCK HERE?!?" *everyone just stares*

-The doctors office waiting room, everyone is staring at everyone. You just want to be called back, every minute gets more weird and the CNN news just isn't cutting it.

-Once again my elevator. Always awkward, never fails. People either stare at you and weirdly clear their throat or they want to know your job, which unit you live in, your status, your blood type. 

-Jeremy gets an awkward this week...
We were meeting up at a friends apartment for a little birthday dinner and he can't ever remember which apartment is Forrest's. So he just walks into the one he thinks is it. It wasn't Forrest's, he was met by a semi-naked girl walking out of her bathroom, he freaked, she freaked, he started yelling "I'm Sorry" and ran out. 

-It's Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and I'm only working 4 hours. heckkkk yes.

-Speaking of tomorrow we're heading to Asheville with Emily & Brian! I can't wait to be in beautiful Asheville with my best friends! Last time was just amazing so I have high hopes for this time!

-My hair lately. I don't know what is going on lately but I am seriously loving my hair, it feels healthy and voluminous. I am just lovvvvving it!

-This precious dress from Daily Chic!

Anything Awkward or Awesome about your week?


Livin' for the Weekend!

Happy Monday & Columbus day all! 

Thanks for coming to America Christopher, so glad you did or else I would be at work right now!

So the weekend came and went way too fast, as usual. 
Jeremy and I headed up to Boone this weekend to attend Appalachian homecoming! We had SO much fun! 

And obviously just a few pictures to document the weekend festivities! 

Friday we got up the mountain sooo late because of work so we headed to a family friends house, ate pizza and crashed!

The view from our family friends lake/mountain house!

My game day outfit! (which I had to change into boots and throw on a jacket within minutes of leaving the house!)
Shirt- Vestique
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Target

Forrest brought Oscar to the tailgate and the poor puppy couldn't hang. He just wanted to snuggle up and sleep! We all took turns letting him nap in our jackets!

 The game was against Elon, obviously App won! It was a cold and kinda rainy game but so much fun! 

We didn't want to drive back up the mountain to the house after the game due to rain, darkness and alcohol, duh. So we stayed at a hotel with Forrest and Erin... the honeymoon suite to be exact. 

It was a great weekend and we really enjoyed being with friends and family! 

We also got some SUPER exciting news Saturday evening, life changing to be exact. I won't be able to hold it in for long so I'm sure y'all will find out this week... 
any guesses?

Emily & Crystal, y'all cannot answer! haha! 


Friday Five

I'm here, I'm here! I actually had some downtime yesterday after class so I decided to schedule a simple little post for today! 

1. Pumpkin Spice Waffles 
I am a waffle nut so naturally when I saw that I kind of did a happy dance... in the middle of Target. 

2. Moccasin weather
 It's not totally here yet but I'm heading to the mountains the next two weekends so I scooped up a pair! Target has some cute options right now!

3. Target is the
Cute sweaters right now, colored pants, shoes galore, um- yoga pants & pretty much everything you could ever need. Target could always be on my Friday Five list

4. This keeps happening... I don't know what to do about it!?!

5. Spray Tans
So I admit I have never ever gotten one before. Until Wednesday night. I was always terrified I would end up orange and streaky so I just never got one, instead I would fake-bake. I know, slap me on the wrist now! 
My friend Rachel is in the process of opening up her own salon and she will be doing organic spray tans! I was her test subject last night and I am in LOVE! It looks so good and is natural looking! 
I will give you local gals some more details once she's up and running!

How is yall's Friday going? Any exciting weekend plans?


I'm Alive...


I am currently SWAMPED in work, transitioning hospitals and in the middle of midterms. 


bare with me, I'll be back next week!

Leaving ya with some nursing humor!

so. damn. true.