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After the Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner

As promised… starting to share the wedding! We got our professional pictures back earlier last week, those will be up eventually! For now I wanted to share the Rehearsal Dinner & the Bridesmaids Dinner I held! (excuse the lack of pictures, I was having too much fun!)

I've never been one for tradition, so obviously a bridesmaids luncheon sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me, I went with a bridesmaid dinner, at a nail salon! My mom had her favorite local restaurants cater the event and we rented out the nail salon for my 15 guests! the wine flowed, the food was fabulous and the nails were perfectly done! It was such a fabulous little evening, exactly what I had in mind!

Earlier that day I gave Jeremy his wedding present, he obviously LOVED it! I just had to share!

Our rehearsal dinner was at Carolina Marina on Belews Lake in Stokesdale, we rented the event center at the marina and invited more than half of our wedding guests. We really felt like since all of our family had traveled so far that we had to invite them! It wash't even a question, we wanted all of our family and friends there. We ended up having about 90 people at the rehearsal dinner. 
We set up and decorated everything ourselves, it was fun to be so involved in everything going on, huge thanks to my bridesmaids for the help!

This was obviously earlier in the day before all the alcohol was delivered! I had my aunt and uncle bartend the event and we had a local church guy cook the pig all day! We had amazing chopped BBQ, asparagus, salad, cheesy potatoes and of course, banana pudding! My mom surprised Jeremy with a steel drum guy out on the patio, he loves the sound of a beautifully played steel drum! 

And because my dress was SO fabulous, I never got a picture of the best part, the back of it! We can thank Morgan for this classy grocery store picture, the Bride needed some (more) wine, duh. 

My dress was from KK Bloom & my shoes from J. Crew Factory!

Everything was PERFECT! I couldn't have asked for a better two nights leading up to the big day! Next Wednesday I'll share the "getting ready" pics with y'all! 


Thanksgiving & Homemade Peanut Brittle

 Like I said yesterday, I'm playing serious catch-up! Jeremy and I spent our first married Thanksgiving here in Charlotte with another couple, Rachel and Taylor! We started the morning with some gorgeous picture taking in Romare Bearden Park!

Then the cooking of the feast began! Well, after we realized the turkey was being cooked with the oven off… oops. #rookieprobs

While we waited for the dinner to cook we had dessert first! I brought some Homemade Peanut Brittle from Polka Dot Bake Shop!

Oh my was it delicious! This little tin has 3 of their soft peanut brittle in it and it is so perfect for a holiday gathering or host gift! The flavors are white chocolate macadam nut, sweet & spicy and sweet & salty! My favorite was the sweet & spicy! Be sure to drop by Polka Dot Bake Shop if you're in the Charlotte area and grab some delicious holiday goodies!

Almost ready for the feast! We had turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, pineapple casserole, buttered rolls and homemade Oreo fudge!

…and post feast. Yes, I brought a change of clothes to their home. I was THAT full!



Pinterest Party

Hi dolls! So I know it's been awhile, like a long while. I want to play catch up to show y'all all the fun and yummy stuff that's been happening! So I decided we will just starts re-capping, lets throwback to a whole month ago for my Pinterest Party! 
I wanted to host a fun crafting night for me and some friends to make some holiday crafts. I had about 14 crafts in mind and why craft alone when you can drink wine and laugh with others? 

I decided to make some yummy treats that I had been pinning! 
-Red & green mexican roll-ups

I had everyone bring their own craft to make, but I set out ribbon, glue sticks, glass balls for homemade ornaments and some fun little extras!

The most popular craft was the ornament ball wreath, they are so pretty! Most of us made some personalized Christmas ornaments, and I squeezed in a wreath and some mugs for my nursing friends!

The evening was so fun and I think it may be a reoccurring little party for many seasons to come! What have y'all been pinning lately? Be sure to check out my Pinterest!




But really, that's all I want this year!
…So cheers to 26 and another amazing year of my beautiful, wonderful life!



HELP! School has me hostage...

Well guys, I've said it one and i'll say it again… I went rouge on the blog. I really do love this blog, it just takes the back burner at this point in my life. I really want to continue writing to update y'all on the wedding photos, details, little life events and what not, so I won't stop now! For this week I am SWAMPED in finals and papers, so a little Instagram round-up is all you'll get!

I finally framed our wedding invites and a bridal portrait, I hung them over our bedside tables and I love it! Our room still has do far to go in the decorating department...

I pulled out these comfy Christmas leggings and decorated the tree long before Thanksgiving… oops!

Finally ordered a cape for the winter and my first red cup! #basicwhitegirl

I hosted a Pinterest party, yepp, Pinterest party! More on that next week…

I took an evening off of studying and had a large beer with my soul sister, Morgan. I love this girl so much! 

We had our first married Thanksgiving in Charlotte and it was wonderful, more on that next week as well! 

I officially dubbed December the best month, my birthday, Christmas, end of semester, Leslie's bachelorette and tons of relaxation and family time= BEST MONTH EVER! So naturally I had to dub that with a #selfie...



Dear Santa,

Have y'all made your Christmas list for this year yet? Obviously, I have, and I'm pretty sure 3 gifts are already on my door-step as I type. #sorrynotsorry This year was hard for me, I really didn't have anything I really wanted besides some clothing and a new bag, most years I have trouble narrowing down the items! We got so much for our home for the wedding I decided that I could be semi-selfish this Christmas and just ask for what I really wanted! 

Yes, I did ask for almost identical Rebecca Minkoff bags, I will probably trade one in for a different color, I just needed options y'all! I am really loving those adorable booties from Sole Society, I like that there isn't much heel to them since I'm so tall! The coat situation is scary in my household, I have about 10 10+ year old coats and they just look awful. I really am in need of some warmth for this record low winter we're about to have!

My linking skills are lacking this week so I have my Christmas List 2014 Pinterest board linked here and you can access all the items from there to purchase! 

Dear Santa 2014

What are y'all asking for this Christmas? Link up your Pinterest below and I'll follow!



After The Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Portraits

I'm still waiting on the professional pictures from our wedding, it's killing me y'all! Apparently the wait is about two months from your wedding day, two months far too long! Two weeks before our wedding I had Emily snap some bridal portraits of me. I never planned on having pictures of myself hung up all over our house or anywhere for that matter, so having Emily snap some pics of me was perfect! I wanted the pictures very laid back, very simple, nothing too elaborate or posed. 
We shoved my huge dress in my car and drove around my moms little town, I spotted someone's driveway and made them stop, so we did a little trespassing, so what? I think they turned out perfect and even though I only hung one up in our house I'm so happy with them!

Of course my mom was telling me what to do and had no idea what I really wanted, so I quickly reminded her who the bride was...