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{Guest Post} California Dreamin'

hiiiiii guys! I'm Kelly....i blog over at MessyDirtyHair - a fashion & lifestyle blog...i always enjoy reading Bre's blog so when  I saw the chance to guest blog i had to do it!
I live in Southern California, The OC to be exact....i know there are so many different perceptions of what The OC is like....but im here to show you how we, beach girls dress for summer in the OC....i bleed fashion, its my obsession....however I believe you can still look trendy & chic but still be natural at the same time....sooo lets take a look at my MUST HAVES for the perfect OC summer......
welcome to the beach! this is where we spend must of our time during the summer
we live in our bathing suits during the summer & this years hot item is the FRINGE top...the most popular one is by L*Spaced & you're lucky because you can buy them online - they're pretty true to size & SUPER comfortable. The bandeau ones tie in the back, that's the one I have, in Black...i got black because then i can  mix & match it with different color bottoms - another big thing in The OC, its very rare to see a girl with a matching top & bottom
PONCHOS are another must have for an OC summer - light weight ones..they're perfect to throw over your suit for a walk on the beach or a bonfire at night
the MAXI i know this is a trend that a lot of people do not like to try, but i highly suggest everyone owning a maxi just have to find the right one for your body...I'm 5'3 so i never thought maxi dresses would look good on me, but i tried them anyway & to my surprise i loved it! the key to the maxi is finding the right material, design & look that fits your body type....maxi dresses are a big must have in the OC because not only are they SO comfortable to wear, but you can dress them down with flip flops for the beach & then dress it up at night with some wedges...gotta love versatile items!
TOMS are another must have for the summer in the OC...they're the perfect light weight shoe that you can wear anywhere.....they're comfortable & cute &perfect for a casual day on the they come in so many fun colors & favorite are the red ones..i love wearing them with a blue & white stripped top

jean i need to say more? everyone no matter where you live should own a pair of jean shorts. they are SO versatile & the perfect go to item when running late because they literally go with favorite type are destroyed ones, they add more spice to the look!
another trend us OC girls like to do is loose tanks over our swim suits or if you dare a lacy will see girls in jean shorts, loose tanks over their suits everywhere in the OC....its literally our summer look
flip flops are a must have for everybody during the summer, however over here you will see a lot of us sporting Rainbow Sandals ......rainbows have been around since 1974 & located in the adorable Beach Town, San Clemente (my town) thing about rainbows that is different from most flip flops is they mold to your feet & literally last forever...not to mention they are so comfortable & don't give the sides of your feet blisters...

andddd lastly to finish off the OC summer must haves a pair of RayBans .....they're chic & cool and perfect for guys & girls...not to mention they come in a lot of fun colors...I'm a huge rayban lover, i have a few pairs...i love wearing my white ones during the summer
soooo there you have it, what most of our wardrobe consists of during the summer...& i know some of you are reading this & thinking that's not how The Real Housewives of Orange County would dress...well newsflash - they're not beach girls...I'm talking about the true OC beach girls who care more about getting a good spot on the sand then how their hair i hope you enjoyed a little look into my life & thank you miss. bre for letting me guest please go visit my blog & sign up to follow...i promise you won't be disappointed.....



I have an obsession, it has gotten bad. I have bought WAY too many lip colors. 

It stared out wanting the perfect red. 
Then the perfect pink. 
And I may have bought a few colors in between just because. 

I kind of have an obsession with the perfect lip color or lip moisturizer. Right now I am pretty sure that I love every color and lip nourisher I have now so I figure I should share my research with my readers!

1/2(true red)/3/4(cupcake)/5,6 & 7 (Milan, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo)/8/9 & 10
(Dolly Pink, African Queen)/11/12 is a Maybelline lip stain that they no longer make 

So I did find the perfect red. #1
Y'all know I have ranted and raved about this color! It is the perfect red color, matte finish and the color lasts for a long time! Slightly expensive but worth the money if you ask me!!

As far as the perfect pink, I am pretty sure I found it. #3
This is such a pretty pink and I have always been a fan of MAC's lip colors! The color is a matte also and I have been very pleased with it! 

The MAC lip conditioner pot in the picture above is by far my FAVORITE everyday go-to for moisture and just everyday wear! It is actually a lip conditioner and after a few days of use you can really tell a difference in the appearance and softness of your lips! It has SPF 15 and kind of tastes like confetti cake, YUM! 

My favorite clear gloss is C.O. Bigelow in Lemon Pomegranate. Nice clear gloss that smells good and is super soft, not sticky, on your lips! 

I just recently bought this Pur-Lisse Pur-Lip Comfort in hope to heal my super cracked lips! So far it is amazing, really softens them up BUT it taste AWFUL!!! Nasty, nasty taste! I usually only put this on at night since the taste is gross and its super glossy.

I have about 12 more glosses and colors in my make-up drawer that just don't make the cut! But thats for another day! 

I am headed off to the beach for a bachelorette weekend for my friend Rachel!! WHOOOO!! This will be my very first bachelorette weekend and I very nervous but very excited about the fun that is in store for us! While I am away I will have two guest bloggers for y'all! Very excited about that as well! 

Have a great weekend loves!!


Guest Bloggers!

Very last minute but is there anyone who would be willing to do a last minute guest post for me? 

I would need someone for Friday (3/30) and Saturday (3/31)

If you would like to do this please email me ASAP!

Sorry this is last minute! I will be out of town starting early tomorrow morning and I realized I had nothing scheduled :( oops. 

Lemme know if you would wanna do this! 


Sleep Creep

So I'm gonna do it...
I am so sorry.
 I am doing a post on my love for my man and something that seriously makes me wanna cry. 

There are some days when I can't stand the 10 hours I am away from him and there are some days I wanna freakin' smack him up-side the head and say "what in the hell are you thinking?!?" 

But then there are the nights, the nights where I don't sleep (which is 9 out of 10) and the nights where I look over and he is sound asleep, so content, so peaceful. 

I fall deeper in love.

It's just something about his face when he sleeps, he looks so content, so peaceful, like everything is good and wonderful. 
It's that face I love, I also love the little snoring noises he makes. 
He makes this slight snoring sound when he's ready for bed and just tired enough. 
It's almost like a whistle, it's odd but it's him. 
And I love it. 

I really noticed it the other night after a long conversation we had. About how he said he feels so comfortable, content and peaceful around me. About how he said even if he is with ten of his best friends, all he wants to do is be around me and know what I'm doing. And how no matter what he just wants me to be beside him, either sleeping or hanging out, he wants me beside him.
This makes me happy. This makes me know that I am him and he is mine, 

You can gag now, slap me for writing this and possibly even stop following me because I did such a post as this! But it's true, when I watch this man sleep, it makes me know that he loves me, and I love him. 
And it is perfect. 

Ehh lets be honest, it may be the fact that he wears pants such as this, and who wouldn't love a man in silk pj's like this?!?

He is happy, he is content, and if he were ever up past me, I am sure he would say the same! Although we all know that will NEVER happen! I am a serious night owl.

So I will stop now. Seriously sorry for the sappy post. 

What do y'all love about your significant others? Is it as seriously kinda gay as mine??

NO?? ok, fine. Maybe I'm just a creeper... 


Outfits from the past

I always like posting my OOTD on the blog just incase there are a select few who don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter! (I usually post my OOTD on instagram so if you don't follow me over there you should! brenicole88)

I tried posting this last week but with the blog construction and computer updates it somehow got completely deleted! So finally, here are some of my outfits over the past few weeks! 
Dress- Francesca's Collections
Necklace- Express 

Shirt- UO
Leggins- VS Pink
Shoes- Polo

Shirt- Old Navy
Skirt- F21 (similar)
Necklace- Express
Lips- MAC

Shirt- Old Navy
Leggings- VS Pink
Shoes- Target

Shirt- Nordstrom, HIP clothing I think? (similar)
Jeans- Joe's ($38 at Nordstrom Rack! WHOO0
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Maxi- Nordstrom (last summer)
Shoes- Miss. Trish for Target

Dress- J. Crew
Necklace- Jewel Box
Shoes- Michael Kors
(these wedges are my FAVORITE! I bought them last summer and I have certainly gotten my money out of them! Lucky for y'all they're on sale for this summer, I paid full price, whomp)

Shirt- Old Navy (similar)
Belt- Target
Shorts- J. Crew
Shoes- Old Navy
These sandals are identical to J. Crew's summer flop that runs about $30 higher! Cute sandal that I have in about 5 different colors! 
What are y'all wearing in this warm weather??


Rest & Relaxation

First off- Thank y'al for the sweet feedback about the new layout and design! There are still  a few things I want to fix up but for now I am SO happy! 

So Friday Jeremy and I headed to the beach so see his family, so lucky they live AT the beach!! It was such a relaxing weekend filled with way too much food, lots of family and plenty of laughs! And as always I will re-cap my week with pictures! 

OOTD on Friday!
Top- Nordstrom Rack
Skirt- F21

I was way excited about packing bathing suits!
You can get the striped one here!

J was tired from work and slept most of the way on the 4 hour drive! Lucky him! haha but he is kind of adorable sleeping! 

Saturday was pretty icky weather, on and off thunderstorms but I managed to sit on the beach for about 15 min!

I lived at this beach Freshman year and worked at a little burger/fry joint and I always have to go back when I'm in town! 

My little humble abode Freshman year, I loved this house and my roommates! Miss it so much! 

 Had a Target trip before I left town on Friday and scooped up this adorable dress! 
Find it here!

Saturday night after dinner Jeremy's cousin said something about the saltine cracker challenge- 10 saltines in less than a minute with nothing to drink. It is apparently almost impossible since they make your mouth so dry! His other cousin decided to take on this challenge... 
Its quite funny.

Sunday was perfect weather! Finally got some sun! 

Well, maybe a little too much sun... I hurt. 

How was y'alls weekend? Anything super fun?



Hey Dolls!
Notice something new?? I DO!!!

LOVING my new bloggy blog design, so simple and girly! Just like moi!

The fabulous Danielle over at Dandy Designs was my lovely choice and she did an awesome job!
Thanks girly! LOVE it!!!

I am singing off for this weekend, headed to the beach!
This beach to be exact...

Have a fabulous weekend loves!


Old Navy

I don't know about y'all but I will go ahead and say I am kind of a sucker for some Old Navy. Back in the day I would curse my mother for making me go there and buy school clothes but now-days they have stepped it up a notch! Sometimes I web browse/in-store shop and I find nothing, nada, in fact some seasons their stuff just sucks. However some season they hit the jackpot, my jackpot, and I buy way too much. This would be one of those seasons...
Old Navy Spring 2012

I mean come on! Y'all cannot tell me there isn't something in that set above you don't love and want?!? please still excuse the blog mess! I have picked out my design and just waiting on it to be installed!! WHOOO! ps. is anyone having SERIOUS issues with blogger? This post is probably all whacked out! But hey at least it let me post!


Face Lift in Progress!

Here goes! The blog face lift is now underway! 

Sugar & Spice will now be Basically Bre! 

Please excuse the changes and the constant new looks as I work my way through the process of changing le bloggy blog! 

Bear with me here, I am super excited but super nervous to do all of this!! AHHH

 over & out. 
Time to get to work! 

Question for My Readers

For awhile now I have been wanting to give the blog a face-lift! I love my design but since it is a free one I have stumbled upon SO many over blogs with the same design, this bothers me. I am not too savvy in the graphic design department so I am thinking of paying someone to design and do all the nitty gritty work for me! 

I kind of know what I want designed so this isn't my dilemma, I am wondering about my blog name. 
I originally picked Sugar & Spice because I have always loved the saying "Sugar and Spice and everything nice, thats what little girls are made of." But I never got around to incorporating the saying on my blog and so it just became Sugar & Spice. 

I do still love the name but I don't think it really fits what I write about. So I have been thinking of changing my blog name to Basically Bre. The Basically Bre comes from saying that the blog would be "A Blog about Fashion, Fun & Life... Basically Bre!"

I honestly do not want to make this decision on my own, I will probably, 98% sure regret whatever I pick. SO I want my readers to choose for me...

Sugar & Spice 


Basically Bre 

Y'all tell me! Leave a comment telling me which you would choose and why you would choose it! 
Even better if you're super creative, come up with a better name! If I love it then maybe I'll reward you! 

This would seriously help me a lot, thanks y'all! 


Top 5 Tuesday!

Just Peachy

This week- Books!
I am NO book worm but I have read a few books in my day and these are my favorites! Sorry for my lack of intelligent readings, I love a good laugh! And I never have and never will jump on the bandwagon of vampires, fictional crap and other "current awesome books," I just don't care!

1. The Kite Runner
Read it freshman year and was hooked!

2. @SororityProblem books
Sorry I'm Not Sorry
Sucks To Suck
Shit Show Part 1

3. Babe Walker's White Girl Problems

4. P.S I Love You 
Read this on vacation because my family HAD to see the movie so I wanted to read the book before the movie! 
(ps. the book is WAY better than the movie!)
5. 12 Questions To Ask Before You Marry 
Jeremy & I are reading this now and it is an incredible book. EVERY couple should read this book no matter what your status is, it is simply an incredible reality check of your relationship and it really makes you focus on what you need to fix or what is already perfect! 

Have any of y'all ever read these books?


HUGE Blog Sale!

If you would like to purchase an item please email me

Payment will be via PayPal, I will send you an invoice and once I receive payment I will ship out the item! 

If you have any questions or would like to see pictures of the items on me just email me or leave a comment below and I will respond ASAP! 

Shipping is included in the price listed


Coach tote bag
in great condition, no stains or markings 
Retail $198 $75

Givenchy Heels Size 39
Worn twice
Retail $560 $200

Juicy Couture Rain-boots & Matching bag
boots size 9 but I am a size 8 and they fit perfect with socks! 
Retail for both over $320 $150

Big Buddha Bag $35

Betsey Johnson evening bag $40

Lewis Choo Black Dress 
Size M $25 SOLD!!

Spense Dress (from Victoria's Secret)
NEVER WORN! Size S $25

Three Dot Dress
Worn once- Size S $30

Old Navy dress
Size S $20

Boutique 21 top (Forever21)
Size S $20

Forever 21 tank
Size S $10

Twelve by Twelve cardigan
Size S $20

Lush from Nordstrom
Size S $20
(looks weird on hanger, much cuter on!)

American Eagle button-up
Size 4 $15

H&M tunic
Size S $10
(super cute belted!)

Old Navy Cardigan
NEVER WORN! Size S $20 

Forever 21 Skirt
Still has tag! Size M $10

Old Navy 5" shorts 
Only worn once! Size 4 $20

Gap Jean Skirt
Size 1 $30

French Connection Denim Skirt
Never Worn! Size 6
Retail $190 $60