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{Guest Post} California Dreamin'

hiiiiii guys! I'm Kelly....i blog over at MessyDirtyHair - a fashion & lifestyle blog...i always enjoy reading Bre's blog so when  I saw the chance to guest blog i had to do it!
I live in Southern California, The OC to be exact....i know there are so many different perceptions of what The OC is like....but im here to show you how we, beach girls dress for summer in the OC....i bleed fashion, its my obsession....however I believe you can still look trendy & chic but still be natural at the same time....sooo lets take a look at my MUST HAVES for the perfect OC summer......
welcome to the beach! this is where we spend must of our time during the summer
we live in our bathing suits during the summer & this years hot item is the FRINGE top...the most popular one is by L*Spaced & you're lucky because you can buy them online - they're pretty true to size & SUPER comfortable. The bandeau ones tie in the back, that's the one I have, in Black...i got black because then i can  mix & match it with different color bottoms - another big thing in The OC, its very rare to see a girl with a matching top & bottom
PONCHOS are another must have for an OC summer - light weight ones..they're perfect to throw over your suit for a walk on the beach or a bonfire at night
the MAXI i know this is a trend that a lot of people do not like to try, but i highly suggest everyone owning a maxi just have to find the right one for your body...I'm 5'3 so i never thought maxi dresses would look good on me, but i tried them anyway & to my surprise i loved it! the key to the maxi is finding the right material, design & look that fits your body type....maxi dresses are a big must have in the OC because not only are they SO comfortable to wear, but you can dress them down with flip flops for the beach & then dress it up at night with some wedges...gotta love versatile items!
TOMS are another must have for the summer in the OC...they're the perfect light weight shoe that you can wear anywhere.....they're comfortable & cute &perfect for a casual day on the they come in so many fun colors & favorite are the red ones..i love wearing them with a blue & white stripped top

jean i need to say more? everyone no matter where you live should own a pair of jean shorts. they are SO versatile & the perfect go to item when running late because they literally go with favorite type are destroyed ones, they add more spice to the look!
another trend us OC girls like to do is loose tanks over our swim suits or if you dare a lacy will see girls in jean shorts, loose tanks over their suits everywhere in the OC....its literally our summer look
flip flops are a must have for everybody during the summer, however over here you will see a lot of us sporting Rainbow Sandals ......rainbows have been around since 1974 & located in the adorable Beach Town, San Clemente (my town) thing about rainbows that is different from most flip flops is they mold to your feet & literally last forever...not to mention they are so comfortable & don't give the sides of your feet blisters...

andddd lastly to finish off the OC summer must haves a pair of RayBans .....they're chic & cool and perfect for guys & girls...not to mention they come in a lot of fun colors...I'm a huge rayban lover, i have a few pairs...i love wearing my white ones during the summer
soooo there you have it, what most of our wardrobe consists of during the summer...& i know some of you are reading this & thinking that's not how The Real Housewives of Orange County would dress...well newsflash - they're not beach girls...I'm talking about the true OC beach girls who care more about getting a good spot on the sand then how their hair i hope you enjoyed a little look into my life & thank you miss. bre for letting me guest please go visit my blog & sign up to follow...i promise you won't be disappointed.....


  1. Nice work! I have the opposite problem...I'm 5'10" and maxi dresses don't look good on me because they're never long enough. Apparently they only fit people within a 3-4" height bracket. :p Ok, now get yer keister over to my blog to guest post!


  2. Btw, Bre...I'm following your blog now! It's fab!


  3. So those are what they are! Rainbow slipper! Must get them soon!


  4. Love all of this! Very cute. Wish I lived near a beach.

  5. So true it's perfect! I can't wait to be back home on the west coast!

  6. love this post! i was born & raised in NC, but i must be a cali girl at heart! my daily attire in the summer is denim shorts, an oversized tank, my raybans & rainbow flipflops! haha and i just got my first pair of TOMS for christmas :)


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