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Pardon the dust!

I'm making a few changes! I really didn't like how busy and loud my blog was! I wanted a more simplified look. 

Trying this out for now, hopefully making a few more changes! 

Let me know what you guys think! 


Awkward & Awesome Monday!

Hi Honey's! 
After an entire week of studying, studying and a little more studying, possibly some partying ;) I am back! Even though I am pretty sure today is the only day I can sit down and blog, I am going to do my best to schedule a few posts today! 

I saw this post about Awkward & Awesome days over at The Daybook, I loved the idea of it so I am going to start Awkward & Awesome Mondays! Because lets face it... Mondays can either be awfully awkward or amazingly awesome!

  • Trying to make an awesome drive away in my new bad-ass car getaway, but instead sitting there for all of 2 minutes trying to figure out if I started the spaceship car correctly
  • ...even more awkward, watching J from a window try to unlock and start my new spaceship car and literally crying from laughing so hard at him (ok so that was awkward for J, but hilarious for me & Forrest!)
  • Having a panic attack in the middle of a bar this weekend. Yes, thats right, panic attack. I am not at all in any way a touchy person, hate being touched and especially hate being touched by strangers. We were in this basement bar, a little crowded at first. Within five minutes it was so crowded and hot I was dying to get out of there, then everyone started touching me and rubbing on me and I freaked out. Call me crazy, or insane, but I literally started hyperventilating. I had to run outside and get a cab home. #fail
  • Finally getting my car, which I keep referring to as a spaceship because I haven't figured out the dang thing yet. It's push to start, really cool, but you have to have the brake pushed correctly and your seat belt on and the doors locked, etc. for it to start. geez! 

  • Being in Charlotte this weekend and getting to be in the ward where were living, so we walked from our new place to downtown and Church on Sunday! I am SO excited to move, I cannot wait!!!! 
  • Dressing up twice this weekend! Friday night I was a flapper and Saturday night I was an indian! So much fun! J was a hippie... cracked me up all weekend! 

  • My finds from shopping in Charlotte this weekend! Got lots of cute and fun items! Post later this week with OOTD's!
  • We begin the moving process this weekend! eeeekkk! This means my pretty blue desk and super comfy mattress will be MIA until December but I can deal with that! 
  • Church on Sunday was amazing! We had a guest Pastor speak since our Pastor was in London, lucky! Clayton King, he has written 3 books in the past 2 years and I have decided to start reading one! and again, post on that later this week! 
Have a fabulous week & Happy Halloween!!


knock, knock

who's there? 
Obviously not me, as I have been totally MIA the past week! 
Sorry loves, school has officially taken over my life!! I could scream, pull my hair out and cry all at the same time. I seriously thought I had energy to sit here and post but I just do not. It's right back to the psychology books as soon as I hit the "publish post" button :( 

However, before I part, I would like to say that God is amazing. I have been stressing over finances and my upcoming move and acceptance to nursing school and I am so happy to say that God has answered my prayers. He has once again shown me that worrying over things in life is not my job, I let him have it and he dealt with it. He is an amazing God and he is my God. 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
   and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
   and he will make your paths straight.
-Proverbs 3:5-6




Hey Yall!

This week I am loving that I get to start car shopping! Poor little Lucy was declared totaled yesterday so the check is on the way and I am in the market for a new ride! So far I am crazy over the Nissan Murano. The one I am eyeballing is 2007special edition, leather, sun roof, etc. I LOVE the color most of all! Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't go anywhere till I get my check!

I am also loving that exactly one month from now we will have our new apartment keys! AHH we can't move in until December with jobs and school but that isn't going to keep me from spending every Thur-Sun there!

I am loving that tonight is date night! Jeremy will be leaving for his new job on Sunday :( which means Sunday through Friday evenings for the next month I will be allll alone, boooo. So we have really been spending a lot of time together this week, trying new restaurants, hanging out and I've been doing a little cooking also! I have so much fun with him no matter what were doing that it really puts a smile on my face to know he's always there for me :)

And finally I am loving that this weekend we get to go to J's Alma Mater for the homecoming football game! I am soooo very excited to be with good friends and party the weekend away! I also am really excited to hopefully meet Miss. Emily from In the Life of Emily!! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!

be blessed


Random Monday thought...

Not a lot of time to blog today like I had planned, so I'm gonna do a real quick post/question...

How do yall feel about massive utensils in a kitchen??

Seen this done before at a little local bistro I go to all the time and I can't figure out if I like the idea or its just oddly tacky? haha oh and sorry for the poor picture quality, Pintrest was being whack tonight! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Updates on my life and more apartment decorating tomorrow! YAY! 

be blessed


Hey, its Wednesday

Ello puppett!
(ps. a few glasses of pinot girgio in while staring this post) explains the Pirates of the Caribbean greeting. So if you read my blog religiously then you know I love Wednesdays, currently in my life Wednesdays involve at least one bottle of pinot girgio shared with J and many friends company.
Well tonight J is seriously involved in introducing a roommate to hip-hop music, haha. yes. So I have been catching up on blogs and indulging in my own massive bottle of wine. Naturally.
Tonight I had dinner with a college friend, Leslie. This girl, I love her to death. She literally made college SO much better for me!

This blog post is dedicated to my very beloved friend, Leslie.
This would be Leslie on her 21st... I was still quite young, sad but oops I mean I was Megan from Florida and I was 26... duh. 

Tacky sweater party at another college around us sophomore year

Ummm... Spring Break? DUH. omg so awful but I just had to share, we actually thought a fashion show of all the clothes in out suitcases would be legit... really? (my hair... WAY too short!)

22nd birthday, lover her heart! 

This would be our summer hang out, I can't giveaway the location for I might be beaten to death... but it was SO fun. 

The last year we were together in the same apt and town :( omg so sad! But geez this was the BEST night ever! 

Another night downtown before Leslie graduated, I miss these days more than anything!!!!

PS. I for sure had a SERIOUS weave in the past three pics, I know, I miss it too. 

This was this past summer at my moms 50th birthday party! 

Leslie I love you so much and you are such a great friend! I know we don't get to hang out a lot and I know I don't tell you often how much I love/appreciate you being in my life but your such a good friend and I wish you the best in life and oh, um, (tell Will to take a job in Charlotte!!!)
Love you!!!

Did someone in you girls life really make a difference for you in college? Leslie was my bff and I don't know what I would have done without her some days!

Have a fab rest of the week dolls!


Why you shouldn't drink & drive

Hello lovies! Happy Tuesday to you all out there! I would love to report back and say that my supposed to be relaxing weekend was so relaxing but, it wasn't. In fact it was stress to the MAX come Saturday night! Friday night was ok, hung out with some friends and enjoyed a night in. Saturday was enjoyable, Jeremy and I picked out our new bedroom set and my step-dad so graciously purchased it for us! We are very excited! 
Saturday evening the man and I went out with one of his roomates to have a few pumpkin beers, I started not feeling well so drank one and drove everyone home. Well thank goodness we decided to go home because about 15 min after getting home we hear someone banging at the front door. In complete fear we start freaking out and ask her to calm down and come to the back door. Once she was calm and I could understand her I realize she was highly intoxicated and she has hit a car out front of the house. OK, so lets get this handled. but wait. The only car out front was my car. My beloved Jeep named Lucy... yes my fears were true, she murdered Lucy. 

 She ended up pushing my car about 15 ft. through my friends front yard and so far the word is my car is totaled :( 

 Her car was much worse than mine was, mine isn't worth much which is why I think they decided to total it. She drove a BRAND NEW Explorer, so sad to see such a pretty car banged up!

The girl was arrested for drunk driving and she sadly spent the night in jail, I am so glad no one was hurt and only car damage was the result of her drinking & driving! But please let this be a lesson to anyone who may have had one too many and gotten behind the wheel! Just think if someone would have been walking a dog or outside, she would have easily killed them. 
I am currently riding around in a pretty fly rental, its a Nissan Rouge, pretty sweet car! But looks like I will be purchasing a new ride this month! I want to keep the SUV feel but I like the crossover car perks. Any suggestions for a safe small SUV that is also about 20-25 mpg? 

Be safe out there dolls!


This weekend...

Yay Friday! hope everyone made it through the week! I so luckily have a 5 day weekend and J has a 2 day weekend! Since I am still on loads of meds from the surgery I can't really hit the town like we usually do, so we planned a relaxing and extremely productive weekend to prepare for our upcoming move!

In honor of my little baby Mitzy I will tell ya what I'm doing this weekend with puggie pictures...

But first this is my baby and I miss her SO much! 

I will be doing tons of this

A lot of this... because I am not on a diet and I could care less!

Possibly spending some time outside, relaxing in this beautiful weather! 

We will be doing lots of organizing and packing for the up coming move

& just because this is adorable! "What iz yew looking at??"

Have a fabulous weekend dolls!


Sylvia Benson & a fellow bloggers giveaway!

Hey Hey! Guess what? It's Thursday, whooooo! I always like Thursdays for some reason, don't really know why! But anywhoo lemme tell yall about this here lady Sylvia Benson and her beautiful jewelry. I have seen a few of her pieces before and have always loved everything, a little pricey for my current budget but oh so adorable! So naturally I was SUPER excited when fellow blogger Emily announced that she is doing a giveaway from Sylvia Benson!! She is so graciously giving away 3 awesome pieces! You should head on over to her bloggy blog and enter! 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Sylvia Benson

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!

be blessed!


Dry shampoo... yes I said that & daily essentials

Happy Wednesday 'yall! I have been needing to make a CVS run for the past 2 or 3 weeks, eeek! So finally today I stopped and dropped some moolah on all the essentials I needed. I figured I would share with you guys my daily little needs for beautifying myself! 

First off...showering: I am a freak about what goes on my hair or body. After having to have surgery due to stubborn clogged pores I have resorted to this Neutrogena body wash to open my pores all over! It is designed for acne but the acid in the wash keeps your pores open and unclogged, it's about $8.
I also wash my face in the shower everyday. I used to use Dove face wash that went with the moisturizer but a few months ago my sister got me some Aveeno foaming face wash and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling really clean, not dry or rubbery, it is all natural, fragrance-free and oil free! I swear that this stuff is awesome, it also removes all your makeup and doesn't burn your eyes! $8

Next up, moisturizing: Immediately after the shower I like to moisturize from head to toe! I use Dove deep moisturizer for my face, feels light and dries fast. Also it has spf 15 so I am protected from sun all day! $7
My body lotion was a long drawn out process, I am even picker about lotion! Anything too watery or oily drives me nuts! Jergens shea butter lotion is perfect!! Around $10 but the bottle is HUGE!

Other than those 4 little gems I don't have ridiculous pet peeves and favorites for getting ready! However today I was a little curious and I bought dry shampoo. uh yes, I did. My beauty guru sister was very curious about this since she is always playing tennis and icky. It was only $3!

So I tried it out... I wish I had taken some before and after pics because this stuff is actually pretty cool. I haven't washed my hair today so it was eh, kind flat and in some spots not so clean. After spraying the shampoo on my roots I had tons of volume and clean looking hair! I will try it again this weekend and try to take pics for yall! 

What do you guys use daily? Any routines or products you swear by, I wanna hear about them!

be blessed


Hair Bling

As I lay in bed here on this fine Sunday recovering from a serious post-church food coma, I am debating at what the heck to blog about?!? 
Since I am really trying to not get out of this bed I figured I would blog about something I am currently wearing... a headband! Or as my step-dad calls them, "hair bling!" I have always loved hair accessories, if your going out or just trying to spice up some day old hair a headband is a cute and effortless look.

 Exhibit A: woke up 25 min before I needed to leave for church, made it to church in time and my hair wasn't bugging me all morning!

I own one headband that I religiously wear! My favorite night sporting said headband was a Christmas cocktail and I was getting ready in a serious hurry after my mani/pedi ended up taking over 3 hours!! (yea I know I look ridiculous on Dec 23rd with a serious tan, I have since stopped fake baking for my health!)

I found these pics that I just adore of headbands! I love how I can roll out of bed and probably re-create these easy looks with one accessory! 

Effortless beauty!

Love this for an event or cocktail attire! 

Now for one headbands can be adorable, sassy and fun. On the other hand they can end up like this unfortunate night when I thought a big ass peacock feather looked wonderful in my hair...
Could possibly be cute if I had the right clothing choices with it, but I didn't. Side note: This was on spring break freshman year, a few cocktails were consumed while getting ready, I found feather at some girls apartment and decided it was a good idea. Please don't judge. I also had a swing bob haircut... no you will never see a picture of it because it was horrid. 

Now I am just not so sure about the peacock feather craze. Thanks spring break. haha

Does anyone else love headbands as much as I do? Also do any of 'yall know where I can find a few adorbs ones? Hope everyone is enjoying this chilly and relaxing Sunday! 

Be blessed!