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This weekend...

Yay Friday! hope everyone made it through the week! I so luckily have a 5 day weekend and J has a 2 day weekend! Since I am still on loads of meds from the surgery I can't really hit the town like we usually do, so we planned a relaxing and extremely productive weekend to prepare for our upcoming move!

In honor of my little baby Mitzy I will tell ya what I'm doing this weekend with puggie pictures...

But first this is my baby and I miss her SO much! 

I will be doing tons of this

A lot of this... because I am not on a diet and I could care less!

Possibly spending some time outside, relaxing in this beautiful weather! 

We will be doing lots of organizing and packing for the up coming move

& just because this is adorable! "What iz yew looking at??"

Have a fabulous weekend dolls!


  1. This is too cute! My family used to have a pug! It passed away we were so sad. It had been my stepmoms when she was in college!

  2. Ahhh! Sooo cute. I love pugs so hard. Haha.


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