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Dry shampoo... yes I said that & daily essentials

Happy Wednesday 'yall! I have been needing to make a CVS run for the past 2 or 3 weeks, eeek! So finally today I stopped and dropped some moolah on all the essentials I needed. I figured I would share with you guys my daily little needs for beautifying myself! 

First off...showering: I am a freak about what goes on my hair or body. After having to have surgery due to stubborn clogged pores I have resorted to this Neutrogena body wash to open my pores all over! It is designed for acne but the acid in the wash keeps your pores open and unclogged, it's about $8.
I also wash my face in the shower everyday. I used to use Dove face wash that went with the moisturizer but a few months ago my sister got me some Aveeno foaming face wash and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling really clean, not dry or rubbery, it is all natural, fragrance-free and oil free! I swear that this stuff is awesome, it also removes all your makeup and doesn't burn your eyes! $8

Next up, moisturizing: Immediately after the shower I like to moisturize from head to toe! I use Dove deep moisturizer for my face, feels light and dries fast. Also it has spf 15 so I am protected from sun all day! $7
My body lotion was a long drawn out process, I am even picker about lotion! Anything too watery or oily drives me nuts! Jergens shea butter lotion is perfect!! Around $10 but the bottle is HUGE!

Other than those 4 little gems I don't have ridiculous pet peeves and favorites for getting ready! However today I was a little curious and I bought dry shampoo. uh yes, I did. My beauty guru sister was very curious about this since she is always playing tennis and icky. It was only $3!

So I tried it out... I wish I had taken some before and after pics because this stuff is actually pretty cool. I haven't washed my hair today so it was eh, kind flat and in some spots not so clean. After spraying the shampoo on my roots I had tons of volume and clean looking hair! I will try it again this weekend and try to take pics for yall! 

What do you guys use daily? Any routines or products you swear by, I wanna hear about them!

be blessed


  1. I love the Dove moisturizing body washes. They are wonderful!

  2. I might need to try that aveeno face wash! I use the tresemme dry shampoo and absolutely love it! I have a giveaway going on at my blog if you want to check it out! There will be 3 winners!

  3. I completely agree with you about the process to pick out body products! I am so picky, so it takes literally forever on my runs to CVS. Thatnks for the great reccomendations!


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