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Hey, its Wednesday

Ello puppett!
(ps. a few glasses of pinot girgio in while staring this post) explains the Pirates of the Caribbean greeting. So if you read my blog religiously then you know I love Wednesdays, currently in my life Wednesdays involve at least one bottle of pinot girgio shared with J and many friends company.
Well tonight J is seriously involved in introducing a roommate to hip-hop music, haha. yes. So I have been catching up on blogs and indulging in my own massive bottle of wine. Naturally.
Tonight I had dinner with a college friend, Leslie. This girl, I love her to death. She literally made college SO much better for me!

This blog post is dedicated to my very beloved friend, Leslie.
This would be Leslie on her 21st... I was still quite young, sad but oops I mean I was Megan from Florida and I was 26... duh. 

Tacky sweater party at another college around us sophomore year

Ummm... Spring Break? DUH. omg so awful but I just had to share, we actually thought a fashion show of all the clothes in out suitcases would be legit... really? (my hair... WAY too short!)

22nd birthday, lover her heart! 

This would be our summer hang out, I can't giveaway the location for I might be beaten to death... but it was SO fun. 

The last year we were together in the same apt and town :( omg so sad! But geez this was the BEST night ever! 

Another night downtown before Leslie graduated, I miss these days more than anything!!!!

PS. I for sure had a SERIOUS weave in the past three pics, I know, I miss it too. 

This was this past summer at my moms 50th birthday party! 

Leslie I love you so much and you are such a great friend! I know we don't get to hang out a lot and I know I don't tell you often how much I love/appreciate you being in my life but your such a good friend and I wish you the best in life and oh, um, (tell Will to take a job in Charlotte!!!)
Love you!!!

Did someone in you girls life really make a difference for you in college? Leslie was my bff and I don't know what I would have done without her some days!

Have a fab rest of the week dolls!


  1. OK miss Bre! How effing cute are you? You are gorgeous and you look like so much fun! Can I come hang out with you and your besties please???? And can I have your tan while I'm at it???

  2. Aw thanks girl! Your comment made my day! You can totally come hang out any day! And I wish I could say I still had that nice tan but too many hours of studying indoors has sadly taken that tan away!


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