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Top 5 Tuesday!

I'm beginning to think this is my favorite link-up! 

Just Peachy

This week is January favorites!

1. Soda water & Crystal Light
I am a Diet Coke addict and I think one huge reason is probably the carbonation. So when I heard about this little trick I was sold... it's so yummy!

2. Eggs & Bologna sandwiches 
I have pretty much eaten these every morning in January. Eggs are wonderful and when you add bologna and cheese they're even freakin better. Judge me now. 

3. Going natural
I have noticed that my normally great and voluminous hair is getting fine. Probably all of the heat I use on a daily basis, so I decided to only wash it every other day and once or twice a week wear it natural!

4. NARS Makeup
one word. OBSESSED. 
These are my new favorites!

5. Finally joining the iPhone world!
Yay go me. 
Any app suggestions? 

So there ya have it, my January favorites! Anyone else loving certain things this j


My Home!

I guess it's about time that I show y'all my new home! 

As I surf Pintrest on a daily basis I feel like all the work I've done is pathetic. I feel really proud of a room or decor piece and then I see others homes and whomppp I wanna change mine! But my style is my style so I need to stop comparing and wishing I had unlimited funds! For a 23 year old, I've done pretty well for myself! 

But I do love my new home and I am very proud of what we have done so far! 
So here goes, my home!

View from the front door: Kitchen to the right and "guest bedroom" to the left

 The guest room is actually supposed to be an office or "den" but we had an extra bed that we didn't want to throw away and we constantly have friends and family coming to stay so we turned it into a guest room. We hung the wire and curtains so people could have some privacy while staying with us! 

I love this bedding! I had it all through college and I LOVE the black & white! It is a little small but not too bad, its a cozy feeling in this room! 

On the other side of the of the room is my desk, oh lordy this thing is a mess, it is the one place in our apartment that has crap stuffed in the corner and inside the desk. I just don't know where to put it all! I'm a little embarrassed by this! 

The Kitchen is pretty simple, nothing fancy or to write home about! We have limited cabinet space but they are deep and the drawers to the right of the stove are LARGE! and they hold our entire pots and pan set plus some! 

My favorite part is our wine bar. Oh wine, my love. We have a great hanging wine rack, currently with no wine, oops. And I installed the wine glass rack under the counter. I just love this area! I would like to add a big round mirror on the wall but I haven't found the perfect one yet!

The Living Room! Probably my biggest headache so far! Remember a few weeks ago I didn't know what to do with this wall? Well I finally decided, a gallery wall it is! (ignore the missing picture! We're still searching for an old picture of J's puppy!)

I just love how open the entire kitchen/dining/living room is! I can cook and entertain while talking to everyone! The windows I die for, they bring in so much natural light, its wonderful! 

Our TV is sad but we don't ever watch TV. Like ever. We will maybe sit down and watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory or play some hardcore Mario Bros on the Wii but we just don't watch a lot so thats why its so small and the only TV we have!

Our Bedroom. I love it. We wanted simple, no pictures or massive pieces of art. just very simple and simple it is. Almost a little too simple... It looks a lot more inviting in person! J wants to add something over the bed but I just can't figure out what I want, and he has no idea so its staying this way. 

Our little Juliet balcony is so nice, I can't wait for permanent warm weather, these doors will never be shut!

Onto the bathroom! Now if you lived with me during college then you know that I am a bathroom re-doer. I own like 6 shower curtains, constantly changing them!! Got this one on super sale at Target last summer!
The big brown door is our closet!

My handy dandy lingerie drawers, Jeremy dominates the massive dresser we have so I had to ikea it up! 
And of course my FAVORITE saying "Keep Calm & Carry On"

My Pintrest creation, coffee beans with the brushes in them! Love smelling coffee while I put my makeup on!

And finally, the closet. We own WAY too many clothes, I'm pretty sure we could both wear a different shirt every day and never repeat an outfit! I color code everything. My shoes are the only thing I hate about the closet, they're everywhere! I need better organization for them but I just haven't found anything yet! Let me know if you have any ideas for small spaces!

So there you have it. My very cozy apartment in the city! We may have sacrificed a lot of storage and space but we love living downtown in the middle of it all! 

Any idea? Any improvements you would suggest?
Let me know!
I spend a lot of time at home right now so I will constantly be switching things up!


DIY infinity scarf

Hey Hey!
I did this DIY post on Emily's blog while I was a guest blogger but just to be sure every one of my readers gets to see, I figured I would also post it here!
The infinity scarf is a simple little craft and I am sure if you haven't already done one then you have seen the finished product! 

First start off with a large or XL t-shirt, I used a large mens Old Navy tee because they're super soft but any t-shirt will do! 

After laying the t-shirt out totally flat you need to cut off the bottom hem. The next cut you will make is straight across under the arm pits of the shirt. 
It should then look like this... (I rotated the shirt in the picture but the cut edges should be horizontal)

If you like the look of a whole piece of fabric you can stop here and wrap the scarf around twice, SUPER simple DIY scarf and ta-da its done! 

But for the second look you will continue cutting;
Next you will start cutting the shirt into 1-1.5 inch strips all the way across, little hint: if you fold the piece of fabric in half then you won't have to cut so much...

This is what the finished cut pieces should look like all together

To make the scarf wrap twice and look a little better you need to stretch the fabric, I just wrapped the end around my foot and pulled, a lot! 

Your scarf is done! 
Wrap the pieces around your neck twice and you can obviously style this many different ways, add pieces such as flowers or brooches!

Simple enough... like I said, sure you've already seen this little DIY but I'm always a little behind!

Good Luck! 


What I Wore Link-Up!

Rachel at Just Peachy is hosting an OOTD link-up today!
Just Peachy
This makes me very excited! I am constantly bugging Jeremy to take pictures of my outfits before we go out or either I am fiddling with my piece of crap camera to take one myself before class! 

F21 (can't find it online)/ Target / FossilTiffany & Co.DY
Monday date night
Francescas (bought it this summer)/ Target/ BCBG (about 4 yrs old!)/ MKTiffany & Co.DY, Express 
J. CrewGap/ Target/ MKTiffany & Co.DY
J Crew (can't find online)/ HudsonToms

And finally, remember this post?? Well I found some shoes and wore the pants... yay!
H&M/ Madewell/ Belt-Old Navy/ Fossil, Target

Ended up buying both of these to wear with the pants! I wore the black with the "Monday" blue pants above and I loved how they looked! I wore both of these out all night and my feet were comfy and easy to walk in! 

Whew, ok that was a serious post! 
Can't wait to see what everyone else was wearing this week, I am so into new trends and trying out new looks right now. When I am trying to fall asleep at night I literally think about outfits to put together for the next week! 
Call me crazy...


A tad late

Excuse the absence, school dominated my life till Wednesday and then I was just worn out, like slept all day today worn out. 

Last weekend my mom, step-dad and sister were supposed to come to town, due to Sisters booming high school social life they had to post pone the trip. So very last minute we decided to pack up and head to the mountains! 

Friday night we went out to a small bar and danced our hearts out, I mean seriously danced...

Don't know who all the lezzies were at the bar but they made for a good time!!

Overall it was one hell of a night! 

Saturday the boys went snowboarding and I met up with Emily and we enjoyed the new Starbucks in town and did a little shopping! (she's a tad more prompt than I am so she has already blogged about our fun day, go read!)

Saturday night was full of laughter and once again too many drinks with great friends! 

So there was my weekend, better late than never right?

Anyone else a snowboarder? I just couldn't bring myself to do it!


Are You Hungry?

... because I will be after writing this post! 

Hey y'all, Top 5 Tuesday link-up with Rachel, this week, recipes! ah yay! food!

1. Appetizer
Baked Chevre, aka goat cheese, with diced tomatoes

-Simply take a can or two of diced tomatoes, plop em in a baking dish. Throw in a log of Chevre cheese (my fav is Trader Joe's) and heat in the oven for about 15-20 min at 200 degrees. 
-Eat with bagel chips. 
You will LOVE!

2. Side Dish
 nothing fancy here... my daddy's green beans!

-Heat green beans in a frying pan full o' butter and Lawry's seasoned salt. 
-Simmer until soft and slightly crisp around the edges. If you're from the south you should seriously know when green beans are ready to eat! 
I think my dad may have thrown in a steak seasoning also but I have NO clue what it is, I just know I use the same jar he did and it has no label!

*for two people you probably want to cook two cans, just sayin', they're good! 

3. Main Dish
Four cheese ravioli with sun dried tomato sauce 

Feel free to stuff your own ravioli's but I like to go with the store bought ones, I don't know the brand but I know they're in the produce section at my grocery store! 
ps. You're going to need a HUGE frying pan! 

-coat the pan in some olive oil, turn on low-med heat
-cut up a garlic clove very teeny tiny and simmer the garlic in the olive oil (be careful not to burn the garlic, it will burn fast!)
-once garlic has simmer to a clear looking tint add a can of diced tomatoes with about half the juice from the can, not all of it! and turn heat up to med-high temp
-once some of the tomato juice has boiled away add a bottle of Classico Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo
-Let all of this heat up, be sure to keep stirring!
-While adding the tomatoes to pan boil the raviolis in a pot 
...done! and once again, you will love it. 

4. Dessert
I am not a dessert or sweets person, I would honestly rather skip it but if I must make something sweet it would be cookies! Homemade or ready to bake, I just love cookies when I'm craving a sweet!

5. Drink
 My go to drink with dinner would be some vino! 
My personal favorites...

Menage a Trois & La Crema Pinot Noir

Ok so now I wanna go cook a bad ass dinner for my man! If anyone would want a more detailed recipe about something, let me know, I can provide!

Anything you guys cook all the time? A go-to dish or recipe?