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Awkward & Awesome


- When Emily and I are photographing our outfit posts in public, sometimes were all alone, other times were not! The post from this week was in a pretty public place downtown! There were some women walking by, pointing and whispering "ohhh I wonder what they're doing that for!" Were doing it for ourselves, we just love pictures of ourselves!
(my seriously? this is weird face)

-I've been nannying some family friends kids all week while their parents are in the keys! I gave the nine year old a piece of paper with my name and number to give to her school in case of an emergency. She walks into school on Monday, hands her teacher the note and says "heres my nannys number, call her, I'm sick." So they call me. I have to then explain I am not her NANA, but nanny and she is not sick she is just trying to play hooky! The lady on the phone thought I was crazy!

-The car rider/ pick-up line. That whole process gives me anxiety and its awkward. Teachers with walkie talkies, freezing their buns off and awkwardly looking at you because you aren't the normal face picking up the kids. The whole process is like a major assembly line of cars and kids. Stressful!

-This dog. He is an awkward creature! He is only 4 months old and he is so un-coordinated and floppy its hilarious! He has fallen backwards many times off the couch, ran into multiple walls and has "star-fished" too many times to count on the hardwoods! Bless his heart...

-My sister got into all the schools she applied to and her number one pick! Which happens to be where I went to school! WHOOO! GO PACK! Today we are headed to Raleigh to do some snooping around campus and going to see her potential living quarters come fall! So proud of you Sister, I love you!

-Easter weekend! Jeremy is taking the day off tomorrow and coming into town with my mom and Paul since their plane lands in Charlotte! I am praying for some better weather on Saturday so we can spend some time out at the new lake place! Mom has seriously turned that place into something awesome, I can't wait for summer!

-Having 10 days off work, its been nice but I'm also ready to be back to my normal routine! I'm glad I've been off this week with everything going on but I really miss the (good) kids and my co-workers! I love my job so its been hard being away this week!

-This dress from H&M, not just awesome, amazing. However I am 5'8" and it is made for someone about 5'2". So I had to pass it up, but if you're a shorty then go buy it and rock it. I promise your life will be complete. I am feeling a serious void, I think I NEED it!

Whats been awkward or awesome about yall's week?



One trend I have always been hesitant to try has been the monochromatic look. 

Monochromatic: adj.
 1. having or consisting of one color or hue
2. lacking variety, creativity, or excitement. COLORLESS

The definition alone scares me, lacking creativity or excitement? Not I!

I think Merriam-Webster could have been a little nicer about that last one! I personally want to try it out, and what better color to stick with than some earth tones? You can't go wrong with tan, nude, gold or beige for this trend. Now to find that perfect balance, and those shoes! Y'all know I am a sucker for some flats! 

Monochromatic: Tan & Gold

Would y'all give this look a shot or have you?


Tutorial: 2 Braid Headband

Sorry it took me so long but I finally sat down and made the video! I promise this is so easy and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes! I got so many compliments on it the night I wore this hairstyle to dinner, I love it! 

2 Braid Headband Tutorial from Breanne Stoll on Vimeo.


Candy Striper

 When I saw this dress for some reason I just had to have it! I love the red and white stripes and the back is completely cut out into a V, so cute! When I thought about this outfit I was really lost with what shoes to wear. Enter the cutest booties EVER! I found them a few weeks ago at 70% off so obviously they had to come home with me! Throw a cute little jacket over it for spring and you have a perfect Saturday-around-the-city outfit!

Dress: Vestique/ Jacket: Forever 21/ Booties: DSW/ Anchor & Bangle: Style, Love, Living


Awkward & Awesome

-My work day on Monday. 
I don't know if the madness or awkwardness of things that kept happening that made me wanna cry, but either way it was one hell of a day! 
Example: a 13 year old SCREAMING, crying at the top of her lungs because I needed an accurate weight on her, her mother also crying, "I'll just tell you her weight, just please give her some tylenol!" "No mam, I cannot accept a stated weight and we cannot give her jack crap until she stops screaming like a 4 year old and gets on the scale." They continued to both scream and cry until I had to pick her up and put her on the scale. I later found them spooning each other.  

-Jeremy left his credit card at a restaurant this past weekend so I went on Tuesday to pick it up. I tell him the name on the card and the guy says "well you're not Jeremy so why should I give you this card?" My response: "oh, its my fiancés, but I can describe the card to you and probably tell you the last 4 digits!" Waiter: "huh fiancé? Don't you need a ring on your hand to be engaged?" me: "just give me the freaking card." 
My ring was being sized and yes, I felt dumb. 

-Last week Jeremy and I tried out a new restaurant uptown, which meant a new building to find our way around. Upon leaving there was a revolving glass door, Jeremy really wanted to go through it. So he tried, except it was all very clean glass and he ran smack into the side of the door, literally smashing his face and bouncing back off the glass. There were two security guards watching and I , along with them, lost it. Pee my pants lost it. 

-I was walking in the stairwell at school last night, thinking I was alone, and farted. Everyone farts, don't even try to tell me you don't. But I wasn't alone, and some old guy chuckled and yelled "GOOD ONE!" I applaud myself. 

-Getting my ring back after two weeks! I was having panic attacks every time I didn't feel it there, so glad it fits now! 

-Being off work for 10 days! I have to go back to my hometown to babysit some family friends while their parents are in Florida! They're both older kids and in school so it will be a nice little vacay for me!

-Having a spring-cleaned house! Tuesday I scrubbed this house top-to-bottom for about 6 hours. I am SO happy now! However my thighs are sore, too much cleaning?

-This cup.
I got it from Bed, Bath & Beyond but I heard they have colored ones at Walmart! Etsy also has some cute monogrammed ones!


Spring Leather

Spring was in full effect here in Charlotte the past weekend! What better way to bring in spring than leather and peplum? I think its a perfect transitional look for those sometimes chilly afternoons or early evenings out! Leather, a sexy peplum and add a blazer for the evening out! 

Top: Target/ Pants: Vestique/ Shoes: Target/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


St. Patty's 2013

Charlotte host the largest bar crawl in America every year, last year there were over 15,000 people in uptown Charlotte! I don't know the count for this year, but it sure was a heck of a lot of fun! 

Emily & Brian joined in this year and it was so fun being with a friend for the fun day!

The weather was GORGEOUS! Sun shining and a cool breeze, shorts (& shots) it was!

Being the Sons Of Anarchy freaks we are, Jeremy and I just had to have a few drinks at the Belfast Mill!

We ended the day with some serious dancing and far too many pictures...

TOO much fun! Love me some spring time fun with Emily!

Be sure to follow Emily & I on Instagram! 


Luck Of The Irish!

I love St. Patty's Day! Such a fun holiday! Wishing I was wearing something like this...

Lucky Lady

Too bad I'll be wearing something like this, taking on Charlotte with 15,000 other people. HECK YES!

Happy St. Patty's Day Y'all!


Five Things & Three Pictures

...I'll let you sit on those for a minute. 
ps. one of these was taken in 2006

one. Thanks to most of you for the kind words on yesterdays post! I guess some people thought it didn't need to be written? I don't care what you think, its my blog, i'll write what I want. It also wasn't to justify anything, it was simply just me putting my thoughts out there, which I'm also allowed to do. 

two. I once got really drunk freshman year of college and slept on someones bathroom floor, my mom called, I told her I was at the grocery store. Next time I was drunk I told my mom I was at the grocery store. She eventually caught on and still asks me to this day if I'm "going to the grocery store" on Friday night. 

three. Speaking of my mom, I talk to her at least once a day. If I have the day off I talk to her about 9 times a day. If I don't answer or call back she will call Jeremy, or a friend she knows I'm with. She often thinks I'm lying dead somewhere. She's a worrier. Read number two again and she has every reason to worry. 

four. Ive broken my right foot three times and I've broken four fingers on my right hand. The foot was from 1. playing kickball, 2. doing a cart-wheel in my bedroom and hitting my dresser and 3. attempting to cut my cast off, succeeding and then falling down the stairs. Fingers- all happened from punching walls, I had an anger issue in high school. Come at me bro.

five. Almost four years ago I was in the hospital, admitted with a severe kidney infection, caught swine flu, then got pneumonia from being in bed for so many days. I was in the hospital for a total of 9 days. I didn't shower for 7 of them and I refused bed baths because everyday there was some creepy high schooler in CNA clinicals trying to bathe my ass. My mom finally drug me out of bed and sat me in the shower and just poured soap on me. I was narsty but I didn't feel good, so I didn't care. Still don't. 

six. Figured I would give y'all six since one didn't really count. 
The first picture above was taken in 2006 and since my dad was cheap, he decided to send it out to over 400 people, as my high school graduation announcements. The middle picture was from vacation, wearing a paleo man shirt (as in paleo diet) very sunburnt and drunk off seersucker drinks in Charleston. #winning The third picture is from Thanksgiving three years ago, I was making fun of my drunk mom. I was not drunk. for once.

Happy Thursday, its almosttttt time to drink green beer!


Wedding Wednesday: The Long Engagement

"WHAT, why? Why would you wait that long?" 

That's the number one response I get when I tell people when we will possibly get married. 

 An engagement is a promise, and thats exactly what Jeremy wanted when he proposed, a promise. A promise that one day we will get married and one day we will be husband and wife. But with that promise that I gave Jeremy, he also made a promise to me. That he could be the husband and other half he has always wanted to be. Support and love me not only emotionally, but financially. Right now in my life I am a serious financial burden, my medical bills are astronomical, my school debt is also racking up. As a future wife I can't imagine to burden Jeremy with all of that right away. I have a job and I love my job but with the medical bills and school debt, it doesn't cover much else. On top of it all, I want a wedding, a beautiful wedding. I want something that we can pay for and not burden my mother with. I cannot imagine making my mother write check after check for a wedding that I want and she can't afford. 
I love Jeremy with everything in me and I want nothing more than to say I do, right now! But in this moment, we can't afford a wedding, we can't afford for me to be off my step-dads insurance right now. 
We have decided that we won't set a date until its financially responsible. Until my end in school is closer and we can feel comfortable taking on everything together. (Including those medical bills) 

This decision used to make me so angry, I didn't want that, I wanted a wedding, yesterday. ha! But the more I thought about the more it made sense, I can't be 25 years old, married and asking my step-dad to pay for my insurance and medical bills. Once I am married, I am on my own, I can't ask mom and "dad" for anything. I am so grateful that they let me be on their insurance for now and until I can have these current medical bills settled, then thats the way it will stay. 
I want to be able to pay for my own wedding and really love every single detail of it because we paid for it, and it is ours!

So that's that. I don't care what anyone says, were gonna have one long ass engagement and I am totally ok with it!! (Long as in within the next year and a half, I can't wait forever!)


Tee-rific Tuesday

Now that the warmer days are around I have an itch for some short sleeves that I can pair with just about anything. Any beach trip or vacation I go on I am notorious for packing about 10 t-shirts and some bottoms. Shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, you name and I will try to pair a tee with it. Blazers, scarves, anything!
I also am picky with my tees, I don't want a Target or Forever 21 shirt thats going to look crappy and fit weird after a wash. I would much rather pay $30 for a shirt I can wash and throw around all summer if it will last! 

These are a few I am considering for this spring/summer!

A classic stripe, heavy but cool enough for a hot NC summer...

Another stripe, of course. This one a little more girly/could be sexy and paired with tons of outfit options, in the checkout cart it goes!

Cute simple tee, paired with some skinny jeans and heels, night out!

I'm just gonna need this one for fun! Best movie ever!

I love the look of a baseball tee but hate the fit of them, this one looks cute and like it fits well!

And it never fails, my number one go-to for t-shirts would be American Apparel. They are THE best, I've had a few for years and they're still my favorite!

Do y'all have a t-shirt obsession too? 


Spring Forward!

This past weekend the weather here in Charlotte was gorgeous! Mid 60's and clear skies! I love warmer weather but my feet do not, they are used to being in some boots and chunky wedges, aka. not ready for cute spring shoes. I need a serious pedi and a foot tan! I have a flat addiction, I seriously own way more flats than anything else, I'm not a sandal/flip flop girl!
I am lusting over these spring-y flats!

Spring Flats

What flats are y'all lusting over for spring? I want them!


Confessional Friday

-I confess I am obsessed with this La Mer watch, I am finding every single thing possible to wear it with...

-I confess that I am officially addicted to OPIs gel polishes. Working at the hospital means I lysol every time I go in a room and every time I leave a room. Along with washing my hands about twice an hour. This literally strips regular polish right off my nails and OPI gel will stay on for at least two weeks. I LOVE IT! 
After two weeks. (I know my thumb is gross, its the lysol, it dries me out)

-I confess this is me, every single day.

-I confess I went and got my hair washed and blown out on Monday because I didn't want to do it myself. Rachel dragged me out of bed and into public and I was disgusting so I had to stop by a salon while she got a facial. Life is hard.

-I confess my house is a disaster and kind of disgusting, it's staying that way. That is all. 


My Magazine "Debut"

About a month ago I was contacted by Charlotte Magazine to do a photo shoot for their March issue on fashion bloggers. I was very flattered and instantly accepted and was so excited for that Saturday! 

They pulled 22 staple spring pieces and had 7 Charlotte bloggers put a look together! 

1- Me!
2&3- Kelly & Kate/ Baubles & Cocktails
4- Amanda/ The Amanda G 
6-Michelle/ Pinque
7- Whitley/ The Queen City Style

It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the day and meeting some awesome new Charlotte bloggers!

When I saw those floral pants I just had to, this isn't exactly my thought of a spring outfit but I was dying over these pants!!!

Unfortunately my hair was out of control so the hair dresser pulled it back, wahhhh. Kind of something that makes me cringe, and I REALLY wish I would have spoken up and said no because I really don't like the pictures they chose because of my hair. Like really don't like them- don't even look at the magazine- so mad- don't like them. 
Theory rodiana silk tee in black, $75, Neiman Marcus; Sylvia Benson spears on gold chain necklace, $130, Sloan; Charles Albert fossil shark tooth cuff, $145, Sloan; Breckenridge floral jeans, $385, Sloan.

Regardless of the pictures I really did enjoy the opportunity and being able to meet new friends! Thanks to Laurel for all her handwork the day and for picking out some awesome pieces!  

So if you happen to pick up the magazine or vote online please just ignore the odd looking girl in floral pants. The "natural" hair back look just isn't for me!!

If you click HERE you can vote for the look you like the best (hopefully mine!) and be entered to win a $200 Visa gift card for a new spring look for yourself! 


Styling: Anniversary Outfit

Last week was our two year anniversary, we decided to actually go out to a very nice dinner and exchange gifts. Normally for occasions or holidays we just don't do anything big, its unnecessary to us. We enjoy life every day and splurge on each other when we feel like it, I don't need a holiday or occasion to buy my fiancé something. 
But anyways, so we went to 5 Church here in Charlotte and decided we would just enjoy dinner with no limitations on how much we could spend, or what bottle of wine we could get! 

I really wanted to dress up nice and go out, all but it was a lovely 28 degrees here in CLT and that just sucks for outfit planning. I stared at my closet for a good 30 minutes and decided on this
The maxi is actually a dress, its the long sleeve black maxi from Old Navy everyone was lusting over a few months back!
I threw the sweater over it since it was so cold, and belted it so I didn't look like a boxy creature. The scarf is a new purchase and I just had to wear some leopard, as I do in almost every outfit! 
I wore my black high heel booties to feel sexy and viola! One of my favorite outfits I've ever thrown together!

Anniversary Outfit


Ball Gowns & Bow-Ties 2013

Happy Monday Y'all! 
Sorry I've been a little social media MIA lately, sometimes your fiancé and home just need some TLC. I have been trying to not tweet, blog, Instagram from the bedroom or after 8-9 anymore! I need to simplify some things in my life right now!

But anyways, on to my post for today! 
This past weekend was the JDRF Hope Gala, you may remember last year & what the gala is all about. 

Well this year was even better! This year was a little more formal than the last and was it was a really important year, the CEO of Jeremy's company spoke and we had a record setting attendance! 

This year we raised $1.8 MILLION! SERIOUSLY? ONE POINT EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS! I was so shocked! That is by far the most money we have ever raised since I've been involved with JDRF for the past 16 years! 
Amazing, and I want to thank every single person who donated and helped raise that money! 

So my dress... I looked, I tried to find something but found nothing. My mom stopped by some small store out in the middle of nowhere and found both of our dresses! She sent me a really crappy phone pic and I said sure, I was desperate at this point! 
I saw and tried on my dress for the first time less than 24 hours before the event, it was perfect! 
I LOVED it! 

Precious Mommy & Paul, love them!

The evening was so amazing & I am so proud to be a part of JDRF!