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Confessional Friday

-I confess I am obsessed with this La Mer watch, I am finding every single thing possible to wear it with...

-I confess that I am officially addicted to OPIs gel polishes. Working at the hospital means I lysol every time I go in a room and every time I leave a room. Along with washing my hands about twice an hour. This literally strips regular polish right off my nails and OPI gel will stay on for at least two weeks. I LOVE IT! 
After two weeks. (I know my thumb is gross, its the lysol, it dries me out)

-I confess this is me, every single day.

-I confess I went and got my hair washed and blown out on Monday because I didn't want to do it myself. Rachel dragged me out of bed and into public and I was disgusting so I had to stop by a salon while she got a facial. Life is hard.

-I confess my house is a disaster and kind of disgusting, it's staying that way. That is all. 


  1. I'm obsessed with OPI gel polish too! I hate how it makes your nails feel when it comes off. but it def makes your nails strong and grow

  2. Oh my goodness that watch is ADORABLE!

  3. sadly I just stopped doing the gels, they stopped lasting the 2 weeks :(


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