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Awkward & Awesome


- When Emily and I are photographing our outfit posts in public, sometimes were all alone, other times were not! The post from this week was in a pretty public place downtown! There were some women walking by, pointing and whispering "ohhh I wonder what they're doing that for!" Were doing it for ourselves, we just love pictures of ourselves!
(my seriously? this is weird face)

-I've been nannying some family friends kids all week while their parents are in the keys! I gave the nine year old a piece of paper with my name and number to give to her school in case of an emergency. She walks into school on Monday, hands her teacher the note and says "heres my nannys number, call her, I'm sick." So they call me. I have to then explain I am not her NANA, but nanny and she is not sick she is just trying to play hooky! The lady on the phone thought I was crazy!

-The car rider/ pick-up line. That whole process gives me anxiety and its awkward. Teachers with walkie talkies, freezing their buns off and awkwardly looking at you because you aren't the normal face picking up the kids. The whole process is like a major assembly line of cars and kids. Stressful!

-This dog. He is an awkward creature! He is only 4 months old and he is so un-coordinated and floppy its hilarious! He has fallen backwards many times off the couch, ran into multiple walls and has "star-fished" too many times to count on the hardwoods! Bless his heart...

-My sister got into all the schools she applied to and her number one pick! Which happens to be where I went to school! WHOOO! GO PACK! Today we are headed to Raleigh to do some snooping around campus and going to see her potential living quarters come fall! So proud of you Sister, I love you!

-Easter weekend! Jeremy is taking the day off tomorrow and coming into town with my mom and Paul since their plane lands in Charlotte! I am praying for some better weather on Saturday so we can spend some time out at the new lake place! Mom has seriously turned that place into something awesome, I can't wait for summer!

-Having 10 days off work, its been nice but I'm also ready to be back to my normal routine! I'm glad I've been off this week with everything going on but I really miss the (good) kids and my co-workers! I love my job so its been hard being away this week!

-This dress from H&M, not just awesome, amazing. However I am 5'8" and it is made for someone about 5'2". So I had to pass it up, but if you're a shorty then go buy it and rock it. I promise your life will be complete. I am feeling a serious void, I think I NEED it!

Whats been awkward or awesome about yall's week?


  1. What a bummer on the dress. I am 5'2 but I find lots of things that are made for taller people cause it is grandma length on me!!

  2. Your car line experience is dead on! I'm a teacher who does car duty and it's true, we walk really fast because it's freezing and we always look at the person picking them up if it's someone new like they may be committing a crime. I love how car line maneuvers are universal! We have it down to a science!

  3. when I was in college I use to nanny and the carpool line FREAKED me out..scary and other parents get crazy lol! okay so I'm 5'2 and I definitely might have to go check that dress out..think I could pull it off?


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