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Five on Friday

1. It snowed this week in Charlotte! North Carolina went into a "state of emergency," I'm not so sure we needed to go that far but hey, it was fun! We've never had snow in our current house so it was very pretty and exciting! 

2. I'm really trying to comb through my closet and wear things I've never worn or get rid of stuff I don't wear anymore. I found this skirt in the back of my closet that I got almost six years ago and never wore! I LOVE it, totally forgot just how awesome of a piece it is! 

Earrings: c/o The Jewel Box

3. Thursday night was the January Charlotte Social meet-up hosted by Pam from Yes it is, Kevin at Luciano's! it was such a successful event and I got to meet some amazing ladies!! 
Thank you Pam!

 We had our very first male attendee at a meet-up! Snaps to Jarvis who spent the evening with 20 women! 
Jarvis writes at Dusk Till Dawn & Grown People Talking!

Thanks to everyone who came out Thursday night!

Allison at In The Queen City
Alyssa at Lessons with A
Bri at Just Bri
Colleen at The Style Heist
Cortney at Cort In Session
Emily at A Doodle Dose
Kelly at Food Only Better
4. Petal Boutique is having a Super Bowl sale this weekend and if you're in the Charlotte area, you need to stop by! I went by there today and snagged a few items before everyone else's hands got on them! 

5. I received some goodies from sweet Molly over at Molly Suzanne last night and y'all, I am SO excited to style these pretties! 
Her new jewel collection is amazing, head over there now and spring up your collection!


Pinking of You

Who is ready for February!? I know I am! 
There are so many exciting things going on in February of us, Valentine's Day, our venue interview day (more on that later), our 3 year anniversary! When I think of the month I just automatically think of pink everything! I just love the color pink, one day I want to have a room full of pink, a bathroom or a closet or whatever! Whenever I see pink I smile, its a happy color and it makes people happy to see a smiling girl dressed in pink! 

Pinking of You
ScarfNecklaceDress (see styled here)/ Blush/
Lipstick (my other favs here)/ PumpsBoots/ WatchClutch

What pink items are y'all loving right now?


January Meet Up

Hey Y'all! So here is the first meet-up of 2014 for The Charlotte Social! Pam from Yes it is, Kevin will be hosting the meet-up at Luciano's on South Blvd! 

Hope to see some of y'all there!!


Current Beauty Crushes

I have found some new beauty products that I just can't keep to myself! If y'all aren't currently using any of these products then you need to make a trip honey, they are amazing!

Current Beauty Crushes

Watt's UpbareMineralsNYX 'Monte Carlo'Denman ClassicStroke of Light

I got a small sample of Benefit's Watt's Up for my birthday from Sephora and I am addicted. I didn't really know what to do with it at first so I just started playing around, however, my first instinct was to highlight my cheeks! I love the way it gives your cheek bones that "lifted" look, a defined line and a little shimmer! Has anyone else used this and if so, where?

 I used to use bareMinerals back when I had a good paying job and never realized how great it was until now. I picked up a small sample one day just to see if I still liked it and my heavens, I do! I've been caking my face with tons of drug store powders and never like any of them like I adore bareMinerals! Once I tried it on again I was hooked, it gives my face such an even and perfected look! Plus side, it has SPF in it!

As y'all should know by now, I love lip color! I got a ton of these little NYX matte lip creams a few years back and stuck to one color of them, throwing all the rest in a bag somewhere. Well I found that bag last week and pulled out Monte Carlo, A deep cranberry red that I just adore! I love how the matte look pairs so well with this deep color! Not to mention I can wear this for hours without having to re-apply and no smudging!

When I got my hair colored a few weeks back my hair-guru-godess, Rachel, used the Denman Classic brush on my nappy hair. I have never been one to even give a thought about what kind of brush I have been using until I met this beaut. When she used this brush my hair didn't pull or fall out in clumps when wet! I don't know what the brush does or why it does it but it ran straight though my freshly colored and wet hair! While ordering one online I also read that the rubber part on the brush reduces static and fly aways! Bonus!

I have come to the terms that my eyes will forever have dark circles under them, I'm talking real dark! I have always used a drug store brand of under eye canceler until now! I got the bareMinerals Stoke of Light canceler in my little birthday goody bag as well and I currently have 2-3 tubes on their way to my house as we speak. I have never, ever been able to cover my dark circles with anything else besides this stuff! It covers so well and last all day long! I didn't notice the dark creeping though at any point in the day when I used this! Simply amazing, you need some, like yesterday sister!

What are y'alls current beauty crushes?


5 On Friday

1. I have given up on my hair lately, like totally given up! Pretty much everyday I have resorted to a top knot of some sort, and I don't hate it

Would anyone like a tutorial? 

2. I finally gave in and bought some cookie butter from TJ's. I don't like sweet things so I wasn't too excited to try but now I understand the hype. AMAZING. I paired it with some pretzel chips for a salty-n-sweet taste, so incredible! 

3. Card obsession lately. I got some thank you cards from Target awhile back and then the collection grew! I gained a pen pal on Instagram last night, I'm kinda super excited about this!
Gold- Target/ Orange & Pink- Michael's 
Simple TY- Kate Spade/ Ikat- Nordstrom Rack

4. I found this tote on Etsy last night and I really want it! I am currently on a slight spending freeze, but once thats over this baby is mine! I wish I could buy about 15 of them for all my girls at my bachelorette party! How fun!

Yup, you heard me, shop your favorite bloggers closets, in one place.
I got approved for a closet of mine own, what what! Shop my closet here! I added some items last night and I plan on adding more this weekend! 

Happy Friday Y'all!


Gold Crush

I can't stay away from gold, shiny and sparkly, it is one color I will never grow tired of! Recently I have been wanting to re-do a few things in my life to sparkles things up! 

gold crush

Phone CaseNecklacePrintWallpaper/WatchNails

I recently cracked my gorgeous tortoise case so obviously I am in the market for a new one, this gorgeous Coach case will be mine soon enough!

Who wouldn't want that fabulous necklace around their neck, not to mention the gold & silver is another thing I am loving right now!

"Bless Your Heart" would probably be one of my favorite sayings, ever.

I found this adorable iPhone wallpaper yesterday and I'm wondering where it's been all my iPhone life, so perfect. It also comes in a desktop wallpaper!

Kate Spade, you did it again. Every girl needs that watch for every occasion.

Pinksational is the new gold, I bought this color a few months ago and I can't stop wearing it. It is such a muted perfect gold color for everyday wear!

What gold items are y'all crushing on lately?


3 Day Weekends

Three day weekends are the best, so much time to relax, enjoy life and be with the people you love! 

I did a little retail therapy before the weekend began with some Christmas money, I snagged up these cute Betsey Johnson sunnies and some much needed black Joe's Jeans! 

Friday night we kept it low key, just Jeremy and I and a movie! We went on a random whim and watched Don Jon, don't do it, just don't do it. 

Saturday I was up bright and early to enjoy a girls day with Rachel! We hit up a few vineyards in Yadkin Valley to start off our day! We went to Laurel Gray first and then to Dobbins Creek. At Dobbins Creek we enjoyed a little packed lunch and many laughs by the fire! Such a relaxing morning! 

We then headed to Rock Barn spa, vineyards and a spa, lord y'all, the best weekend ever!!! Our spa day was a gift from Jeremy, I think i'll keep him! We spent hours in saunas and pools and ended the day with massages! We may or may not have fallen asleep in a pool or two!

Sunday I slept in till about noon, yepp noon. One of Jeremy's good friends from college came into town with his girlfriend, we didn't have much planned besides beers, football and friends!

We were both off on Monday so Jeremy got us all tickets to see the Bobcats play! Before the game we went bowling, I haven't been bowling in years and we had so much fun!

Basically this weekend was amazing, I mean quite amazing. I am so thankful for Jeremy and everything he does for me! 

How was y'alls weekend?


Boom Boom Room

I've never done any "Tunes Tuesday" post or anything, I'm not huge on playlist for things and what not. Lately I have been really relying on music to get me through my days! Yesterday I had the entire day to myself, nothing planned, but lots to do! I decided the only way I was going to tackle housework, homework and general happiness was to create a playlist! I rightfully so titled it "boom boom room," I need something to get my living room bumping! 

What songs are super motivation for y'all right now? I know there has to be something I need to add to make a day a little better!


Breathe In, Breathe Out!

Basically what I've been telling myself for the past two weeks, deep breaths, in and out! Life has been 112% cray-cray! Just when I thought I had three days in a row off to blog, relax and do some homework, I remembered I am also planning a wedding. So that happened. 

Wedding planning is stressful, I find no joy and excitement in it, don't even try and tell me its fun. I could vomit from headache it gives me and the amount of wine I need to consume to even deal with it. 

In other news, I went blonde again, It's not where I want it but were getting there! Baby steps...

School is beyond stressful, I decided to take on two more classes than planned so that just sent me into a tizzy! I have mastered being a student at this point so I just have to cut back at work to focus, no biggie, who needs to work? Thank goodness for mass amounts of Starbucks and comfy clothes lately!

 If it weren't for this man right here I would have committed myself last week before it all began! He is my ROCK! He makes me laugh when I'm stressed or down and he always knows the right thing to say! He has really helped me get through the first two weeks of the next two years!
(you know you love me in a flat bill!)

After a much needed and lovely two weeks off I decided I want to continue to juggle work, school, wedding planning AND blogging! I have decided to keep blogging- why quit on something you love? I will not be blogging as much but I do not want to quit, I can do this!

 I have a few things coming up for y'all in the next week but my question is- what do y'all wanna see on Baubles & Bubbly??




Lets play catch-up, not ketchup! or whatever you want. 

I have been really obsessed with my wide-leg jeans lately, Like every outfit is centered around them! This was my Christmas eve eve dinner outfit with friends..

Christmas Eve Jerms and I went to Christmas Eve service at Elevation then wandered around uptown Charlotte looking for trees and lights! We ended up at Aria for an amazing Christmas Eve dinner, he didn't want me to cook so he to me out, awwww.

The next week of my life was a blur, I worked Christmas day, the day after and then we headed to Wilmington for Christmas with Jeremy's family! Once that short trip was over I once again had to work the 30th and 31st! New Years Eve we went to a friends and I barely made it to midnight! 
Since I worked a crazy day I decided to throw on my Neiman Marcus for Target shirt and poof the hair a little!

The boys enjoyed some southern classics, peach moonshine. 

Between my delirium and many FireFly drinks later I decided that my toes were cold and I needed socks, even with heels. Klassy, we are such an awesome couple!

New years day came and went, we had an amazing dinner at a friends house and smoked some turkeys! Screw black eyed peas and collard greens, what does that even mean?

Even more work days come and gone...

Saturday morning I was feeling the effects of white wine, hard. My good friend Rachel coaxed me out of bed and to brunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. There is one in Asheville that I have been to many times, but they recently opened one here in Charlotte. I was hesitant to go because I've heard the wait can be up to 2 hours! Good news- we went around 10am and sat instantly in the "first come, first serve" area! By noon when we left the wait was well over an hour! My word of advice for Charlotte peeps, go early!

You ask how the food was. O. M. G. The food was knock-out, hangover curing, simply amazing, just delicious food. Try the bacon, you will not be disappointed and you will also never enjoy bacon like this bacon. 

After a much needed 3 hour nap on Saturday I gussied myself up for a dinner in our home that night with Rachel and her husband Taylor! I made pineapple and salsa shrimp tacos, so amazing!

Saturday late night we decided to play some old school Mario! The Wii Jeremy bought me a few years back came with classic Mario! We had so much fun all weekend playing Mario, and obviously this cutie made the night even better!

Basically my life has been go, go, go the past few weeks and its about to be go, go, go even more starting tomorrow! I want to continue this little bloggy of mine but between work and school and getting married, I am not so sure how this will happen! I may take off the rest of this week but lets see how things go!

 How have y'all been the last two weeks? What have y'all been up to?