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Let it burn, let it burn, gotta let it burnnn

I have been wanting to do a post about music I am loving and thanks to my current insomnia I downloaded about 30 songs just now! Here are a few I am really into!
Now I will admit to one thing. I may be a southern girl but I am NO country music fan!! I'm into hip hop/ R&B and some old school slow jams, excuse the more interesting music choices!

  • Out of my Head- Lupe Fiasco
  • Sure Thing- Miguel
  • Unusual- Trey Songz
  • Love Faces- Trey Songz
  • Fantasy- Mariah Carey
  • Burn- Usher
  • Super Bass- Nicki Manaj
  • Return of Simba- J. Cole
  • Dreams Money can Buy- Drake
  • All about You- Jeremih
  • Best love song- T-Pain

knock knock! Is anyone home??

Well the answer to that is nope! Please forgive my absence from my blog but I have been so busy between moving and traveling that I feel like I don't even have time to breathe! It has been great getting to see family and spending time with the people whom I love a ton, but once again I am missing having a job! Who would have thought?!? 

The most exciting thing so far has been the move to the new house! A little stressful but the official move day is this Thursday! I will post a few pictures of the finished product sometime next week once things are in order! I'll give yall a little laugh...
This has been me the past two weeks working hard to get this house finished! 

I also was able to attend my uncles wedding at my grandfathers house last week. He is in the Marines and he found himself a beautiful fellow Marine to say "I do!" They had a precious little wedding and I was so thankful to spend that time with all my family! Oh and if you can't tell from all the blonde in my family... I am a natural blonde! Hoping to be one again very soon! 
My aunt, mom and sister!
Sister, me, mom, uncle & bride, Linda, papaw and aunt

So my only biological sister is Brooke, I do however have two girls that I consider my sisters, Jenna & Sydney. They have been a huge part of my life and I would do anything for them just as I would my own sister! Jenna graduated high school on Friday and it was a great day! I am so proud of you Jen Jen and I love you so very much!! 

Other than running around getting a household put together and seeing friends and family I have been very blessed to be spending a lot of time with my boyfriend Jeremy. He is a really amazing guy and its been so nice living just 30 minutes down the road instead of two hours! We spent Memorial day on the boat with my mom and Paul and it was wonderful! I am a little toasty from the 95 degree sun beating down on us but it was a great day! 

I REALLY do promise to get back to some normal blogging soon! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and an even better start to summer! 
 much love!



Life with no job... SO boring!

So I moved home on Sunday I have been doing more than I ever thought I would... In a bad way. I thought I would never say this but dang, I WANT A JOB! This whole stay at home "mom" thing (aka following my mom around all day) is awful! I wanna be doing work so bad! Enough complaining, I need to enjoy this time off while I can! I have been helping my mom with finishing the new house mostly but I have also been able to spend a lot of time with my little sister and my amazing boyfriend! I have really enjoyed all the time I have been able to spend with Jeremy, he really makes me smile from ear to ear! 
Back to ranting and raving about our new house I am in love with it, I cannot wait to move in and be settled! We have dealt with so much into making this house perfect I am so excited to see the finished product! Here are some "in between," the not before and not after pictures!
more kitchen! It's so pretty!
Living room/great room
living room/ formal dining room
Master bath- my FAVORITE part! 
amazing walk in shower! so jealous this isn't mine :(

So besides slaving over the new house and EVERY little detail that goes into it I have been spending tons of quality time with my younger sister! We went to dinner Tuesday night to Mimi's Cafe. We had this amazing bruschetta that was to die for!!!

I have also been loving that my little baby is enjoying being back at mama's house! She thinks she owns this place...

& last but not least... I want this adorable little blue desk for my new room! Could someone front me $600 real quick?? 

I realize this was a very random and all over the place post but this has been my life/brain the past week! I promise to get back to a normal schedule and blogging soon! 
 Hope everyone is having a great week!



Thank God it's Friday night and I just-just-just-just-juuuuuuust got paid

Throwback to some Nsync for that blog title! Happy Friday everyone! I am currently counting down the minutes to see who arrives first, my best friend Leslie or the boyfriend. hmmm. So today was my last day of work and It was rough! I cried early this morning and then cried a little again once I left :( buttttt I get to work for a few hours tomorrow and see my little booger again so even though its a Saturday I am very willing to work! 

This weekend will be filled with delicious drinks and good friends and I couldn't be more excited! Graduation is tomorrow for many of my friends and I am so happy for them all! Congratulations Hayley, Lindsey, Lauren, Liz, Ashley, Camry, Paige, Allison, Marshall, Jenny, Peter and I'm sure I forgot a few people but congrats to you all! Also today just happens to be my bestie Amanda's 22nd birthday, Happy Birthday lover! I miss you! AND It is my friend Jordan's 21st birthday, Happy Birthday Jordo, hope you remember nothing! 

Lotsss going on this weekend and I am so excited for it all! Sunday will be my last day here in raleigh and as sad as I am I'm very excited to move and start a new chapter in my life! 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



Stop the world! I'm getting off!

Ever feel like hitting the pause button, taking a deep breath, counting to ten and then hitting play again? Yea I so wish I could do that right about now! I have been a little down on myself and kinda bummish lately, I am such a vivacious and outgoing girl that this has been a little weird for me. I'm going through a lot of life changes and making some big life decisions and I feel like its all happening so fast! 

I was reading this months Cosmo and a tiny little picture was in the corner of one of the pages, it said to stare at the picture for ten seconds and picture yourself in the far off tropical place pictured. Proven by Dr. so and so, doing this while stressed and or just temporarily having a freak out moment is proven to calm you down and relieve a little stress! Alright, done, I can do that! 

I sat down for a little and did some googling (my favorite tool) and found the most perfect picture that I could picture myself enjoying! 

& just because... 
this puts the biggest smile on my face and I giggle a little when I look at it! Precious! 

Where would you like to picture yourself when your stressin'? My daddy always said- "There is a whole lot to think about but nothing to worry about."




Hello my lovely friends! I have had a wonderful Wednesday and I cannot wait to see whats in store for me the rest of this beautiful week! 

-First off I am living that this week is my last week of work, don't get me wrong, I love my job! But I am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life! 

-Secondly I went on a small and cheap shopping spree today! I am loving the amazing deal I got on these adorable Jessica Simpson shoes! They are the perfect black pump, not too flashy (well, besides the 4.5" heel!) and very comfy! I got them for 65% off, wonderfullll! 
& I got this adorable bathing suit from H & M, I decided to mix and match a solid top and printed bottom, at $10 for the entire suit I'll take one in every color!  
-I am also loving that one of my best friends Leslie and my amazing boyfriend are both coming to visit me Friday night for my last weekend in this amazing city! I can't wait to have one last amazing weekend with all my incredible friends!

What else is everyone loving this week?


Happy Mommy Day!

Happy Mothers Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day with the wonderful women who raised them! Due to the rising gas prices and the fact that I have not packed one dang thing and I move in a week I unfortunately don't get to be with my mommy today. My mom has taught me so much and even though we may not always get along I have learned that momma knows best! Happy mothers day mommy and I can't wait to spend the summer with you! 


A time of reflection

After 3 amazing years in this city It has come time for me to move on and move up in the world! After sitting down and reflecting on my time here I realized that these past three years have made me who I am, have taught me so much and given me so many memories! I will be so sad to leave this place but I am so happy to start a new chapter in my life, nursing school, my relationship with J and finally spending the quality time needed with my mom and little sister. Yes, yes that does me I am giving up my freedom and moving in with my mom and sister but it will be so worth it all in the end! 

Here are a few pictures that really stand out to me when I think of the amazing time I've had here! 

Best college party by far! Slackers & Shackers! September 2008

Tailgating with the crew! August 2009 

My 21st Birthday! December 2009

Triangle Beach Music Festival- April 2010

One of many nights with great friends! August 2010

Best memory of all is spending the past 3 years with my two best friends! I'm gonna miss them so much! :( 



It's a sad, sad day

This isn't something I ever dreamed I would have to do but the time has come and I am completely heartbroken. I need to find a home for my precious little pug, Mitzy. I am moving in about 3-4 weeks and I can't take my little baby with me :( I need a good, loving and caring person to take care of her. Someone who has some patience and a huge heart for a pug! Mitzy is 11 years old and will be 12 on July 4th. She has some health issues and is on 2-3 medications daily but she is so full of life and puppy like you would never know there was anything wrong with her! 

She is a very sweet little dog! 
A little on the lazy side but a great lap dog! 
She loves to be wherever you are, I often call her my little shadow! 
She's a little goofy! Loves to chase her tail! 

Please tell everyone you know I am looking for a home for her!



Summer Beach Must Haves!

So on my down time at work I did some online shopping and came up with a few summer beach must haves!

1. First off I've already purchased and worn these a few times but they go with almost everything and are comfortable enough to wear out on the town or to a Sunday brunch! I purchased them in the gold color, its almost a nice platinum color that goes with everything!
Michael Kors  Juniper Espadrille in Gold

2. Next would be the essential beach/pool cover up
This adorable pink and neutral sheer maxi dress is perfect from H & M
3. Now that you have the perfect cover up you need something to keep that sun off your face! I stumbled upon Marley Lilly and found these adorable monogrammed hats!

attention all! Head on over to Preppy Pink Princess blog and she's currently doing a giveaway for any hat off Marley Lilly's website!! 

4. One thing on my list that is a very important thing on my list is a summer drink I can enjoy by the pool. Now I am a total Wine-O and on a hot summer day that doesn't always sound the best so why not make a wine slushie! 
The Frozen Slushie Company  makes wine mixes that turn your favorite bottle of wine into a cool frozen slushie! Sold!!

5. And what better to put those wine slushies in than these plastic and adorable Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses from Lifeguard Press

Now that you have a few summer beach essentials I expect you to look amazing and enjoy a drink or two out in the sun! ;)



Yay for hump day or as the rest of the world calls it, Wednesday! So far today has been freezing cold and rainy but hey its only 9am, today will get better! 
Here are a few things I am loving today...

- First of all I am looking forward to moving and getting my new bedroom set from Paula Deen Home! 

- Secondly, My bestie Amanda over at College Girl and two other friends are cooking a mexican feast tonight and having a few margaritas! mmm!

- Third off I am more than excited for cinco de mayo on Thursday and that I don't have to work Friday so I can actually go out and celebrate without the fear of oversleeping and being late to work! (happens too often!) 

- Last but certainly not least I get to see my amazing boyfriend on Friday! This long distance thing is rough, only 2 more weeks of it! 

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!

My one true love, FOOD!

Its no secret and I won't try to hide it but I am in love with food. I love me some good food, I always down to try anything and everything! I can't narrow it down to a specific food I love but I will say I am a sucker for mexican, all foods mexican. I eat it at least once a week, huge no no but I can't stay away! 

My favorite quick and cheap mexican meal at home is cheese and jalapeno quesidillas! Thanks to my bff George Foreman, we whip these babies up in a matter of minutes! 

4 Simple ingredients: (yes its all Target, I live walking distance from one)

Add your desired amount of cheese and jalapenos, fold in half and cook for about 2 minutes! 

End result, so delish!
side note: I realize that is enough sour creme for 3 people but I got distracted while spooning it out, oopsie! 

Easy meal, or for me just now, late night snack! 

Now I am not a big sweets gal, I don't love chocolate and you will never find me indulging in a gallon of ice cream but I do love frozen yogurt or as I say, Froyo! 

My fav new spot in my area is called Yopop!
I personally enjoy the strawberry froyo with a little butterfinger crumbles! yum yum!  

off to enjoy my late night snack!


Welcome to the world of...

...Blogging! So I gave in, I started a blog. Bare with me here since I am a little lacking in the technology/ creativity department, I'm hoping fellow bloggers and some good friends will lend me a hand!

 I guess I'll give ya a little background about me- I'm 22 years old and should be graduating college in about a week. However, I took one step forward and about four back! After 2 different colleges and about a bazillion ideas to change majors I decided to quit the current university I was attending and applying to nursing school. Its something I have always had a little itch for and its about time I scratch it! (ps. I'm a little cheesy!) I have completed my CNA class and am awaiting my official date to pas my CNA board exam! From there I will work my butt off to make them A's and get into nursing school!

A few other things I guess I could say about myself Is I absolutely love to have fun, if you want a friend to laugh with, call me! I am a very laid back and easy going girl. My friends are my life and I can't hold back bragging about my amazing boyfriend, I won't go into to sappy details but he does put quite the smile on my face! :)

Hopefully I can fulfill my dream of everything a blog should be and not scare too many people away in the process!